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3d Printed lvl 3 SG

Ok so a week ago i put together a reprap prusa i3 3d printer from a kit i bought online. Im still working on fine tuning all the settings so the print is still a little messy, ill make a better one in future.

I thought some of you might be interested in my latest test piece, a lvl 3 sg from FF! I took the .mdl file from the game and ran it through a program called crowbar to decompile it to a .smd file. From there i used BlenderSourceTools to import the file into blender which allows me to export as a .stl file.

I loaded the .stl up in a print control and slicing program called MatterControl which i have found to make the best prints for this sort of situation.

After 3 hours of melting plastic i had a big mess which took a bit of filing and sanding to get to the product you see before you.

I drilled out all the pivot points and glued in 3mm neodymium magnets so it can move around as it does in game. (the dish on top is too fragile to have moving).

If anyone is interested in the stl file to print your own pm me, or with the dev's permission ill post it.

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No but seriously... How much?
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That is so awesome.
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That is kick ass, man. Can we get a video or a gif of it moving around???
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Now to make it actually functional, but non-lethally. I've had the idea that I'd like a life-sized SG to shoot water-based ammo, for example high-powered squirt guns for the cannons and either snowballs or water balloons for the rocket launcher part.
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