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  1. O_o
  2. Unintentional Skewing of Temperature Data
  3. B or B or MP.... and why.
  4. Beliefs on God, the Universe, and Everything
  5. Senator Reid and the Negro Comment
  6. Baltimore City
  7. The Disposable Worker
  8. Integrity
  9. Split Topic: uBeR's discussion of Negro used in the Census
  11. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  12. torrening =/= pirating
  13. Because I know this will end up here anyway...
  14. Insanity...
  15. 6th graders
  16. What do you call yourself politically?
  17. State of the national socialist goverment labor union
  18. Man Made Global Warming
  19. NSFW Slut spill
  20. ACTA
  21. 7th graders
  22. Obama: If you're not with me, you're with Al Qaeda
  23. Socialized Healthcare
  24. Do we exist?
  25. Obama's Patriot Act
  26. Obama the Crybaby Liberal
  27. My Ass Hurts (Healthcare Passes)
  28. Tax Day
  29. Possession of anabolic steroid (for personal use) should be punished harshly
  30. Atheism...
  31. When socialists go wrong?
  32. Phillies Spectator Tasered when he runs out on the field and evades Police
  33. Big oil spillz
  34. Control (And a profound realization)
  35. Economic Discussion (Taken from 'Control' thread)
  36. Character and integrity lead a person to success, but with good appearance.
  37. A funny video for the Conservatives (Flotilla & Israel)
  38. Possible Legalization of Weed in California
  39. TFC vs FF
  40. Gun ownership is a right
  41. G20 Summit in downtown Toronto
  42. Beware of militant, bed-ridden grandmas
  43. Recession
  44. Suck my balls proposition 8
  45. The Mosque
  46. Illegal Immigration is a net boon to the economy, despite what the bigots say
  47. ze cosmos
  48. ...and then there's THIS idiot...
  49. Did the terorrists win on 9/11?
  50. lol
  51. Take out sniper class
  52. In before Julian Assange...
  53. How to make people pay for their failures?
  54. It breaks my heart..
  55. Reading of US Constitution in US Senate
  56. Reason why we shouldn't be donating to WikiLeaks
  57. Strong Message to all teenage gangsta wanna-be's
  58. Are *YOU* a Statist?
  59. State of the Union
  60. are we ever
  61. Should the world just take over Suez Canel?
  62. Shining a laser at a moving car warrants 3 year prison term!
  63. Know where to hide your money
  64. Americans aboard hijacked yacht killed by pirates
  65. Elected Representatives crossing state lines as a stalling tactic
  66. Regulations on nuclear power plants bunch of BS?
  67. Bully get's owned
  69. Before bombarding a city...
  70. The Arena
  71. Speculation: Fort Knox is empty!
  73. Radioactive tritium leaks found at 48 US nuke sites
  74. To betray or not betray. That's the question.
  75. Hey, Ricey....
  76. Hey Iggy...
  77. United States 2012 Presidential Election
  78. Ron Paul Was Right
  79. Pub play.
  80. Politics of the US Update
  81. So, post-election discussion!
  82. Sandy Hook Elementary School
  83. Spy Discussion (NOT TROLLING)
  84. Muslims.............
  85. New debate.
  86. early education of guilt
  87. soap isn't meant to kill germs
  88. Feminism
  89. Talk about fortress forever noobs
  90. Wildfires and weather
  91. Domestic Violence
  92. Religion in schools
  93. DEA admits to ignoring fourth admendment..
  94. Euthanasia
  95. Apple removes games containing the Confederate flag
  96. Teen makes digital clock out of hobby, gets arrested