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View Poll Results: Should the League Restructure into 3 Divisions?
Yes (I want 3 Divisions: Platinum, Gold, and Silver) 20 66.67%
No (I like the 2 Division setup we have now) 10 33.33%
Voters: 30. You may not vote on this poll

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Fortress Forever League - Suggestions & Criticisms

Hi friends,

So, this thread is all about improving the current FF League. I'm going to start it off by making a list of suggestions I've received. I'd really appreciate any and all feedback about the league. I am open to any ideas you may have. I'm not saying anything you suggest will happen, but I will listen to you.

Also, it will really help if you explain why you think your suggestion would be good to implement. I'm open to being convinced in most cases.

As you can see, there is a poll attached to this thread. The poll is about a big issue that will be explained in the first two items in the list: restructuring the league so it has three divisions instead of just two.

--The List--

+Expanding the league to three divisions: This could be implemented to stablize the divisions and help games be more competitive by reducing the amount of 'blowouts'.

+If the league was expanded, and the amount of teams in each division reduced, should the # of wins to reach a title match be reduced as well?

+What maps you would like added or removed to the map pool.

+How would you like the title matches to work? Challenger picks the map? Multiple maps played?

+Specific rules you would like verified, removed, added, etc..

+Expanded roster slots. A limit to the amount of team members changed during the week.

+How matches are scheduled between teams. Do they need to go through an admin to make sure everything is verified?

+Do you think you would be a good admin? Would you like to be an admin? Do you think I'm shit, and I should be removed as 'the commish'?

--The List--

Alright, so that's a few of the points I remember being brought up to me. Feel free to mention some that I didn't list here. I'd really like everyone's feedback on how they think the league is going so far, and what they would like changed so it could become a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

I really appreciate everyone's participation, feedback, and just fucking playing the game. This is a community league and I want everyone to have the opportunity to help shape it into something fun.

[This message brought to you by DONG ENERGY: Make DONG a priority.]

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