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  1. Mario stomp no damage (Bug)
  2. Detpack detection/defuse (Feature)
  3. Colored Text of User names (Feature)
  4. Laser Grenade penetrates walls (Bug)
  5. Alternate Friendly Fire (Feature)
  6. First Person Visual Effects for Movement (Feature)
  7. Team switch prevention if it would cause the team to become uneven (Feature)
  8. Add a Fortress Option to change the VOX announcers. (Feature)
  9. Class Balancing ideas (Feature)
  10. Make players splash when jumping in water (Feature)
  11. HL2.exe stopped working (Bug)
  12. Creating CVars using Lua? (Feature)
  13. ff_palermo lua (Feature)
  14. SourceTV demo bugs (Bug)
  15. Can't connect (Bug)
  16. filesystem_steam.dll error (Bug)
  17. Locked server fps (Feature)
  18. Schtop changes (Feature)
  19. locked game mode (Feature)
  20. Deployable jumppads (cheat) (Feature)
  21. Last Disguise does not work properly after backstabbing someone while disguised (Bug)
  22. Solly nail gren? (Bug)
  23. Problems when giving the Incendiary Cannon with Lua. (Bug)
  24. Physics are broke when running map off server. (Bug)
  25. not enuf gibs (Feature)
  26. When you lose % of health or low on armor, automatically call for medic/engineer (Feature)
  27. Give Sniper my Electrical Grenade (Feature)
  28. Map view to spectator switch bug (Bug)
  29. Server crashes from SG sabatoge (Bug)
  30. Griefing (Bug)
  31. Disable the ability for enemy players to see a flag carryer behind walls (Feature)
  32. Visual indicator when using vehicles in game (Feature)
  33. Visual indicator that shows how long you have until you can recloak as a spy (Feature)
  34. Mario Stomp SG's (Feature)
  35. Grenade audio timer lag issue (visual timer okay) (Bug)
  36. Ready Up option to replace Prematch for pickups (Feature)
  37. New Sniper Grenade (Feature)
  38. +attack2 function does not work properly (Bug)
  39. Spec: Gibbed player forces next target (Bug)
  40. Holding flag while disguised (Bug)
  41. 10th Class Concept (Feature)
  42. invalid characters in on buttons (Bug)
  43. Default gren timers broke on fresh installs (Bug)
  44. Schtop grate near security possible changes? (Feature)
  45. Twitch TV Stream Intergration (Feature)
  46. Crash on projectile weapon fire (Bug)
  47. keeps freezing! (Bug)
  48. Nailgun/Super Nailgun emits nails from behind the weapons (Bug)
  49. Dustbowl is laggy (Bug)
  50. Killed by certain weapons delays respawn time (Bug)
  51. Disappearing concs (when in air) (VIDEO) (Bug)
  52. NEW Revolutionary Grenade for the Spy (Feature)
  53. Indicator for class select screen that shows class limits (Feature)
  54. Include a game updater within the FF install.exe (Feature)
  55. Round timer issue for map extensions (Feature)
  56. building animations (Feature)
  57. Lastinv makes SG/Dispensers disappear before building (Bug)
  58. Round (1,2,3) indicator for maps that have multiple rounds (Feature)
  59. New Pyro Grenade (Feature)
  60. Auto-selecting a team always puts you on Blue team (Bug)
  61. Location not correct when walking between triggers and back again (Bug)
  62. ragdoll_sleepaftertime 0 - Ragdolls get stuck in the air. (Bug)
  63. Visibility Bugs (Bug)
  64. Cannot Connect (Bug)
  65. Scoreboard Bug (Bug)
  66. Slowfield nade holds up security door on ff_schtop (Bug)
  67. Unable to go back into FF after minimizing (Bug)
  68. Engineer's Railgun (Feature)
  69. Updated Team Selection screen? (Feature)
  70. Failed to Identify SteamId Ticket! (Bug)
  71. Frequent Crashes when Viewing Demos (Bug)
  72. ff_palermo - boats (Bug)
  73. Flag text indicator does not update after capping until flag is available on AvD maps (Bug)
  74. Single Shotgun Cock Sound (Bug)
  75. Stuck in trimp pit in training (Bug)
  76. Players who are on fire issues (Bug)
  77. Make physics affect gibs more (Feature)
  78. Cell amount on the Engineer HUD (Feature)
  79. Rocket Launcher delay (Feature)
  80. Engineer Hud Addition (Feature)
  81. Jumppad damage crosshair bug (Bug)
  82. Reload Bug (Bug)
  83. Demo naming and Autodemo support (Feature)
  84. LUA Request: Player's friction (Feature)
  85. SetClassName() (Feature)
  86. Moveable Grenade Timer Bar + other options (Feature)
  87. Volume control for other players mic (Feature)
  88. Voice chat feature (Feature)
  89. ff_schtop security button nobuild zone (Feature)
  90. Burning bodies (Feature)
  91. No fire visible on people in Crossover (Bug)
  92. Spy Tranq Zz over head even when cloaked (Bug)
  93. Sprays don't appear in game (Bug)
  94. Client.dll differs from server (Bug)
  95. Bulletproof Ropes and Freezing Fog (Feature)
  96. Super nailgun nails stop me dead in my tracks & some blue pipes bounce off me without blowing up (Bug)
  97. Fixing the Jump Pad (Feature)
  98. Looping sound bug STILL exists (Bug)
  99. Derogatory message when using friendly dispenser (Bug)
  100. footsteps (Feature)
  101. Class Select Screen - Class Descriptions (Feature)
  102. Training Mode requirement before able to do online play and class specific training (Feature)
  103. i can see disguised enemy spies. (Bug)
  104. Enemy team health shows up when I aim at them (Bug)
  105. Pure vital function error (Bug)
  106. HTML/CSS Server MOTD (Feature)
  107. Engineer railgun animation issue (Bug)
  108. 1-5 weapon switch keys added to keyboard config. (Feature)
  109. Slowfield effects (Feature)
  110. Heavy feels faster and was moved by pipes (Bug)
  111. 2.42 Crash on join (Bug)
  112. Make overpressure only affect enemies (Feature)
  113. "Getting new server list" (Bug)
  114. Grenade priming sound plays twice for slowfield (Bug)
  115. Slowfield recurring sound added to the collection. (Bug)
  116. Field of view stuck (Bug)
  117. Grenade priming (Bug)
  118. Walk + Crouch speed change (Feature)
  119. On map change, Dispenser build bar still appears. (Bug)
  120. Map Name Changes (Feature)
  121. Idea for secondary spy grenade. (Feature)
  122. Snipers (Feature)
  123. Fortress Forever launch error (Bug)
  124. Aardvark bug (Bug)
  125. ff_destroy bug (Bug)
  126. Character freezes when I try to record a demo (Bug)
  127. Change some weapons that you begin with when Respaw (Feature)
  128. Pick up Nades (Feature)
  129. Demoman Detpack/Voice Addition (Feature)
  130. Partly corrupt demo files (Bug)
  131. Pyro rebalancing (Feature)
  132. Spare ammo dropping mechanic (Feature)
  133. ff_epicenter flag (Bug)
  134. Windowed Mode Video Display Fails (Bug)
  135. Nailgun and Traq not shooting at center of crosshair. (Bug)
  136. AvD Re-vamp (Feature)
  137. Wall hoping (Feature)
  138. HWGuy Conc Push Immunity (Feature)
  139. Show det of SG/dispenser (Feature)
  140. Latest installer has a small error. Version 2.41 (Bug)
  141. hwguy firing mechanic (Feature)
  142. SG Shield (Feature)
  143. Sg detection time mechanic (Feature)
  144. autoreload (Feature)
  145. SG/Dispenser disappears while using lastinv key (Bug)
  146. Radial Menu Flakes / Randomly self cancels. (Bug)
  147. player spray back D: (Bug)
  148. ff_dustbowl not finishing when 3rd cp is capped (Feature)
  149. Pipes laid on flag on Openfire causes metal grate to stick (Bug)
  150. add more logs specific actions (Bug)
  151. Radar Grenade for Sniper (Feature)
  152. ff_roasted spawn stuck (Bug)
  153. ff_schtop spawn bug (Bug)
  154. Infinite Ammunition Reserves (Feature)
  155. Hit sound (Feature)
  156. ff_destroy flag in respawn (Bug)
  157. AC Slowdown (Feature)
  158. Passing through teammates (Feature)
  159. Miniturrent bug (Bug)
  160. Sentry View + Spah Control. (Feature)
  161. pipe limit (Bug)
  162. waterpolo fix (Feature)
  163. Infection persists after class change (Bug)
  164. FF Miniturrets that are pitch-yaw-rollable (Feature)
  165. Detdispenser command causing buffer overflow in some situations (Bug)
  166. Destroy is lacking grenads flag on noannoyances (Bug)
  167. Ksour has no locations (Bug)
  168. Sentry Gun destruction from trigger_hurt (Bug)
  169. Messages not appearing (Bug)
  170. When 1 first join a team for the 1st time keeps spaming J (Bug)
  171. Bring back 3D skybox to dustbowl (Feature)
  172. Auto reload (Bug)
  173. NOTOUCH hud icon (Feature)
  174. Red Engi fixed gen on dropdown before it stopped burning (Bug)
  175. sourcetv relay not working since 1984 (Bug)
  176. Detpack went off 26 seconds early (Bug)
  177. Spectator Engy Holographs (Bug)
  178. Some LUA stuff (Feature)
  179. Medic Aura (Feature)
  180. Half ff servers not showing in steam list (Bug)
  181. New Grenade Mechanics (Feature)
  182. Custom achievement/milestone creator (Feature)
  183. Remove Bunny Hopping. (Feature)
  184. (re)implement the flag weapon (Feature)
  185. Re: Implement Changes...(Grenades/Spam) (Feature)
  186. Respawn Times (Feature)
  187. Sentry kills displayed in the HUD (Feature)
  188. Losing conc grenades when concing/priming quickly (Bug)
  189. Default Lua File? (Feature)
  190. Lethal injection (Medic class) (Feature)
  191. Smoke Grenade (Spy class) (Feature)
  192. Sabotage "Quantum state" bug. (Bug)
  193. Suggestions 4 Spy (Feature)
  194. Re: Implement Changes...(Speed) (Feature)
  195. Implement Changes to Improve upon FF (Feature)
  196. sv_maxcaps and win incentive (Feature)
  197. Demoman Grenade Physics. (Feature)
  198. Sniper shot blows pyro fuel backpack (Feature)
  199. a bug & a feature (Bug)
  200. Suggestions for core maps. (Feature)
  201. Aspect Ratio for Loading Screen (Material) (Feature)
  202. UniNstall Fortressforever (Bug)
  203. ff_shutdown with error message in console (Bug)
  204. Sentry gun damage problem (Bug)
  205. Jump pads don't allow for pyro push. (Bug)
  206. Server crashes a lot more often (Bug)
  207. messed up textures (Bug)
  208. The dropped conc bug: (some video included) (Bug)
  209. Change how conc explosions look (Feature)
  210. color codes aren't getting parsed, not parsed correctly (Bug)
  211. Infection. (Feature)
  212. Random Suggestions (Feature)
  213. Medic and armor with same voice actor (Feature)
  214. regenerating concs (Feature)
  215. Bring back hallucination grenades, not gas grenades (Feature)
  216. Zero Friction Ramp Sliding (Feature)
  217. reloading issue (Bug)
  218. Dispenser that dispenses grenades. (Feature)
  219. Auto Record (Feature)
  220. Official Concmap (Feature)
  221. HUD Flashing (Bug)
  222. Give spies concs. (Feature)
  223. some ideas for ff... (Feature)
  224. Bunnyhopping speed cap should be removed (Feature)
  225. Remove #class_helps (Bug)
  226. Scoring on Dustbowl inconsistent with loading screen (Bug)
  227. Spectating teammates (Bug)
  228. Status Sounds + Enhanced Visuals (Feature)
  229. ff_ksour detpack (Bug)
  230. O-fire lua messed up (Bug)
  231. Pressing "jump" while climbing out of water (Bug)
  232. Bug/Suggestion (Bug)
  233. Some Suggestions (Feature)
  234. Menu that shows after installing FF have buggy links (Bug)
  235. sentry_dismantled -> sentrygun_dismantled (Bug)
  236. Give teleports back!!! or a server cvar that allows them (Feature)
  237. Game Optimization (Feature)
  238. Logging of sentry sabotages (Feature)
  239. More logging actions for flag (Feature)
  240. Auto-bhop trimp suggestion (Feature)
  241. Level 1 Burning and Lua-Based Resupply bags (Feature)
  242. Increase Scout's Shotgun speed? (Feature)
  243. Ideas (Feature)
  244. sabotaged dispensors don't kill teammates? (Bug)
  245. Player Names while spectate (Bug)
  246. 0% Sentry Gun (Bug)
  247. Lag-causing events make HUD lose team color (Bug)
  248. Scoreboard in offline mode says FF 2.1 (Bug)
  249. FortressForever_2.2_Full .Exe installer Error (Bug)
  250. Change class, logging twice (Bug)