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Linux Dedicated Server Install Guide

Installing a Linux Server for Fortress Forever 2.0

This guide assumes you have basic knowledge of using a shell in Linux.

I will comment on each command so those new to Linux or are unfamiliar with certain commands understand what each one does. Remember that all commands in Linux are CAPS SENSITIVE! Okay, once you are logged into your server you need to type the following -:

This creates a folder called ff_1
mkdir ff_1

This enters the folder called ff_1
cd ff_1

This downloads the (old) Steam server installer which is needed to update to the latest version

This makes the hldsupdatetool.bin file able to run as a program
chmod +x hldsupdatetool.bin

This runs the hldsupdatetool.bin program to update to the latest version of the server installer

Type in yes to the prompt

Type in the following to update the newer Steam installer to the latest version


Next type in the following to download the
./steam –command update –game hl2mp

Now go play Fortress Forever for about 15mins while the server downloads all the necessary files.

Eventually you’ll get the message

100.00% .\srcds_run

HLDS installation up to date

Now download the 1.1 server installer

And extract it

Now you have a folder called FortressForever! However, we need to update the server twice more to get it to 1.11 and then 2.0. So lets type the following

cd FortressForever

Lets download the 1.11 server patch

Unzip the patch

It should ask you if you want to replace like ten files, type in A then press enter

Type the following to go up one directory
cd ../

Okay, now to upgrade from 1.11 to 2.0


Again it will ask you about overwriting files so simply type A then hit enter to continue

Okay, you now have everything in position to start a server. If you can ftp in, this will be a lot easier to edit the server config in the cfg folder under FortressForever. If not, to edit your server config from the shell try the following -:

cd FortressForever
cd cfg

vi server.cfg

Or try this one

nano server.cfg

Nano is a hell of a lot easier to use, so if your host has that installed use that!

Once you’ve edited the server config, type the following to get back into the ff_1 folder

cd ../../

Now simply type

screen -dms ff_27015 ./srcds_run -game FortressForever +ip YOURSERVERIPHERE -port 27015 -tickrate 33 -autoupdate +exec server.cfg +map ff_dustbowl +log on


Now you have a lean mean frag-enabling server machine!

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Some one add this to the wiki

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Originally Posted by GeoKill----->
Some one add this to the wiki
I plan to...just need to set aside the time! Probably won't get to it until Friday night, but I'll get it added.
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