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Official Releast: ff_twistedfort_small

I really hope there is no problems with this, as I am making this the final official release of the map. So far the servers running it have had no complaints, so I hope all is well.

Map Type: CTF
Paths to Flag: 3
Number of Teams: 2

Download Map Here

The Yard (zoom tube primary exit via vent in center of yard)

From the yard through the water to the zoom tube alternative exit

Back through the water to the enemy base, and zoom tube entrance

Going up that ladder in previous picture takes you through zoom tube. Zoom tubes can only be used by the team who owns the base, and is for defensive purposes only (to cut your enemy off) If you do not hit the switch you exit in the yard, if you do hit switch you exit in the water.

If you follow the hall after you get out of water, it will bring you to the flag room (you will come out of the entrance on the left)

Leaving the flagroom, if you take the bottom exit, you will come to a room with a bunch of boxes (respawn not shown, but it is right behind this picture)

If you follow that room out, you will come to the entrance of the lower level.

From there you can either go back into the yard, or go up to the top level via a ramp.

If you take the ramp up, you will be able to access the flag room, respawn area, or the battlements.

Some hallways/area's not shown*
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Sweet I'll get the final put up after work tomorrow. Oh and uh Nice work bro.
I Love GenghisTron . I miss you sooooo Much. LOL.
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Kind of irrelevant now, but just in case you make another map in the future.

The purpose of exploding barrels is to use them to kill your enemy. Where you have yours--except for maybe one of them--there is no reason for an enemy to go near the explosive damage radius of the barrels. There is a way to increase the amount of damage the barrels will do and the radius of the explosion, but you are probably using the default settings. A sniper with 50 armor can be super close to a barrel and won't die when it explodes in this game.

If you are just using them for design, then you ought to use the normal barrels found in Hammer. I think you can filter for "oil" or even "barrel" and to find the others. The light blue ones would have looked better with your textures, since people are pretty much just going to be shooting the current barrels for fun instead of defensive purposes. Of course, you can also get prefabs of barrels and then just make your own custom textures for barrels too.

I haven't looked at the map since you put in the props, but based on the screen shot where that ladder and crate-platform is, I'd say that platform looks like something made for a rats map Maybe should have made a combination of several crates for that ladder instead of just one?

But of course these are just eye candy comments. People are going to play this map because its fun.
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All the barrels have custom radius and damage. They were actually put where they are (except the yard) for strategic places. I have tested in game and believe it or not they have more use then you might think. You wouldnt be able to tell this from the screenshots though.

There is actually 4 seperate crates at the ladder for the zoom tube. One may be stretched a bit, but the lighting and quality of the screenshot make it look worse then it actually is.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Ok since you replied..... I went and checked it out Also, since the map is done we can talk about the small things in case you go on to another map in the future.

The barrel by the ammo bag is good, but wish you had put just a little health in it. The enemy would have more reason to go for that ammo bag on the wall if there were health in it.

Look at my screen shot. You see how close I was to those barrels I mentioned previously? I only lost 21 armor and just 5 health. I was closer, but the blast blew me back a bit in the screenshot. But really I had no reason to go that close to them.

I would have left space behind those crates so a player could run behind them or use them for a type of enemy fire cover. You can do that in the original 2fort actually. Also, they are so tall that I cannot jump or crouch-jump to get on top of them. So even though there is space behind one of them, it doesnt matter because I cant get on top of it to take advantage of that space.

Are your doors and bridge set for "World" or did you "func_detail" them? The lights are boucing off their textures wrong so they go light or dark really quick as though they are flashing when you look away from them. With the bridge though, I think it is just because this texture won't work well with Source or maybe it's because it is stretched bigger than was intended.

I like how you have the barrels on the bottom ramparts where engies like to build sg's outside when server is not full and also where demos like to camp. But the thing is you use so many of them that an enemy just has to point in the general direction and hit one of them to blow all of them up. It would take more skill and be more challenging if there were only one barrel to shoot out. Also, with so many barrels, the snipers dont even have to charge their gun but a fraction of time to blow them up. As it is now, it's almost impossible to miss the barrel because there are so many in the corner.

EDIT: oh I forgot...i love the barrels by the flags, but I would have just used one to make it more difficult to shoot and explode it instead of using several.

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