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I played overwatch, once, while very drunk. So, take my opinion with a grain(metric fuck ton) of salt.

Wat? Like what?

I didn't really understand a bit of it. It kind of confirms my belief that the game is a messy cluster fucker. And it kind of made me just want to go and play TF2. It made the physical and technical skills seems insanely simple. Aiming was not at all a problem, if you have someone in your sights and you know what to do, then killing them is no problem. The technical aspects, such as movement are so dumbed down it's just a simple button press. Easy peasy lame shit.

Basically it's a casual market blockbuster, and will dominate the scene for years to come.

Now, some might think that since it's such a simplistic game in terms of technical and physical aspects, that it would lay way for a more brain-game style of play. But I have severe doubts about even that. Even though it's such a cluster fuck of way too many different kinds of things happening at once, I think, very obviously, certain play styles will find a strong holding in very specific parts of maps. Besides that, I think a certain amount of aim-play (read technical/physical aspects) goes into making brain plays interesting in the first place. After all that is the whole interaction. Wether or not you can out smart someone elses aim. With all the physical mechanics being so simplistic, this will become a very stale interaction.

Idk, I can't quite, given my levels of inebriation, properly put it into words, however; I think this game is going to be the lowest level of casual garbage. And I think any of us, suckling on the supremely sagging tit that is "skilled gaming" will see it as such.

My name is FDA, I'm drunk, and Overwatch is poop.
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