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We played b1 in a couple of pickups, and everything was way to big. So I scaled everything down and condensed a lot for b2.

I kinda wanted to make a map, but I didn't really have any ideas. Though I had a theory that FF mapping had to be as easy as opening hammer and making a ramp. So I did that and I got this. It's still pretty ugly and messy, but I want to play test the geometry a lot before I decide to settle and make it look pretty.

Not much done in yard yet. At the moment it really only features a curve surf ramp from one base to the other:

Here is foyar, with button ramp on the left, main on the right, and spawn in between:

Here's button. It's pretty wide open and features another surf ramp. I tried to add some props to cluster it up a bit. I also moved it much closer to foyar and the flag. I think it should be playable:

My map also features a connector. It connects button and main. It also has a surf ramp in it, that wraps around into FR:

I scaled the FR down a lot from the last beta, although it still looks a little big in the picture. I think it's nice and cozy now:

Currently it's just the red base with O spawns and a cap point for the blue team.

Anyways I guess the unique thing about my map would be the incorporation of surf ramps into a competitively aimed ctf map.

Surf ramps are ramps at such an angle so that you can not climb it, and so long as you're strafing into it you won't fall down it. It provides a frictionless environment that allows you to maintain all speed without loosing height, or to trade some of your speed for extra height. They're kind of tricky to get the hang of, but it basicly lets maintain the speed from your concs while traveling farther.

For instance if you conc main ramp from foyer, you can either go directly into the flag room, or through the connector, on the surf ramp and into the FR from the opposite end. Both paths will get you into the FR around the same speed, but the surf route is longer and there for takes you longer to get into the FR. So it's 2 equal opportunity routes from one conc, just with different arrival times.

Like wise in yard. You can make a jpad chain in yard. Or you can set up your first jpad in front of the ramp and just ride that. Because if you do it correctly you should maintain all your speed from the first jpad, and won't need the second. Then it's your choice to either conc through yard, or surf through yard and have an extra conc from inside the base.

Anyways hopefully we can playtest b2, I think this map has lots of potential.

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Looks interesting... definitely different.

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Yay, keep mapping.
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