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Uh oh

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lol, let me post really quiccly before some lame admin close this D . Eh but fun video
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Please do not attack members of the Dev team. Just stop this silly bullshit.

Edit: On further thinking, I have something to say:

You shits can't seem to differentiate between what Scuzzy does for this Mod, from how he and his clan run THIER server(s). I don't see any of the complainers contributing jack shit to this Mod. If you don't like Scuzzy(or O-T), that's fine... it's your right to like and not like who you see fit. If you don't like their rules, don't fucking play there. It's not rocket science! Populate another server and play how you like.

But attacking him(especially on these forums), is the same as attacking the Mod itself.

Grow the fuck up, and be a positive contributer to the Mod, or just go the fuck away!
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