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View Poll Results: Should FF keep or get rid of BHOP?
KEEP BHOP CUZ it is the l337 61 83.56%
GET rid of BHOP CUZ it's not fair against nubs. 12 16.44%
Voters: 73. You may not vote on this poll

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u scared ff_matt? ME 2!
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I would join the server that didnt have it enabled. I could never figure out how to bhop regardless of how many times I tried. Rocket Jumping I figured out just fine... emp jumping I would get sometimes but that would be my limit in skills.

And before someone asks, No black mesa isnt out and yes I am pissed about it but there isnt a damn thing I can do about it so meh!
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When is BMS coming out?
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Have you tried training mode?
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Originally Posted by FF_MATT View Post
bhop goes i go
I remember a Matt I use to play late night TFC and CS with along with a bunch of IRC friends...would you be he?
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I almost busted a nut when I finally figured out how to get up beyond max running speed on level ground from a standing start by bhopping. It is just part of the learning curve and to change it would be ludicrous. Wanna run slow? Play TF2.
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