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EA is backing down... sort of:
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"Without the ability to protect our work from piracy, developers across the entire game industry will eventually stop investing time and money in PC titles."

This is the biggest load of crap on the planet. The assumption that everyone who pirates a game is a lost sale is absolute bullshit. No, I never ever would have bought Bioshock on any platform. Did I play it? Yes. Was I ever going to buy it even if I couldn't play it? Nope, not at all. Why? Your game isn't good enough and only interests me enough to play it for four hours. If, by chance, your game strikes my interest, guess what, I'll buy it. I've done it with World in Conflict, Age of Empires 3, Company of Heroes, you get the idea. Mostly RTS because most FPS are very poorly done and not worth the money, especially on console.

This is such a cop out for the industry. "We can get away with making poor games because people have the ability to pirate them and then blame them for how poor our games are!" This is exactly what they are screaming and it's poor. Guess what guys, the ones killing the industry are the ones making the games. The worse your game is, the fewer sales you get. If you want to stop piracy, do what valve does.

One company which I buy every game from is Stardock. There are two reasons for this:

1. The stance they hold on DRM.

2. They make quality games.

Do these companies really think that everyone that pirates the game is a lost sale? Do they not see that they probably gain just as many sales from piracy that they lose? They should really stop making excuses and make games that are worth buying.
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