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Scout Help?

I've had FF for a while now but never really took it seriously, but now I want to start doing pickups and I really want to improve my game.
I'm pretty much only interested in scout/medic but I dont understand them as much as i should. Im decent at concing and bhopping, but im sortve confused on what i should be doing when theyre flag is locked down and stuff like that, its sortve hard to explain. I just need some pointers i guess :/
sorry for sloppy post, gotta go soon
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As a scout, you should be making attempts on the flag. Also, informing your teammates about the enemy's defense is a big help to break up a sg nest. Make sure that you have a jump pad out at all times.

As a medic, you are to be taking out SGs or heavy defenders to clear the way for your scouts.
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Originally Posted by MonoXideAtWork View Post
Make sure that you have a jump pad out at all times.
And don't take no shit from anyone when you don't build one cause god knows very few people actually do keep one up.
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