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Comrade Tiki
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TFC scoring entity question

Hi! I'm trying to create a game-mode which uses point-based entities only.

The plan is to reward a flagcarrier and his team with 1 point every 5 seconds, like Murderball but without bases. I am able to reward the player, the flagcarrier, using an info_tfgoal_timer which only applies to players carrying the flag.

HOWEVER, I am incapable of rewarding the player's team when one of its members is the flagcarrier. I can't use the info_tfgoal_timer because it ticks every 5 seconds, rewarding a team regardless of whether or not their man has the flag. I can't seem to find a point-based entity which will continuously reward a player and his team regardless of his location.

Any logic suggestions of how to accomplish this using TFC entities?
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