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Haha, everyone hates me...Im like the fastest texter in the east coast. haha joking. Everyone i know says I write books when i text and i text real fast on my phone. Id rather text than talk lol. Ill already have a long ass paragraph done and ask a bunch of questions before they even finish texting a simple response. I really shouldnt text that much....because whatever you say that is self incriminating or if you say somethimg that you dont want anyone else to know about.....its already too late. Its in the cloud, its been sent to the other person, GOD knows whos monitoring ur sms. is like the JamesBond of secret messages......u go the website and you weite your private message with the option of a password, you have the option of changing time they have to read the message before it self destructs. After you create the message, it will give you an URL to copy and paste to the person you want. So instead of texting someone something important.....ill jist text them that URL. Once it is read once, it self destructs and cant be read again by anyone...if noone reads it by the timeframe u self destructs..James Bond text shit there lol.
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Gametype: 1v1 dm , capture the flag , fps shooter
Affiliations: Flawles$styles #styles irc east gamesnet or gamesurge. Who remembers?? Lol
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Alot of good questions here, I can see you took the time to carefully pock the questions you needed all the answers to.
If i was president - id say ", but do you have any grey poupon?"

I do wash my hair with all natural shampoo, made by the hands of Indian woman in heart of the rain forest"

I dont wrap my hair like a woman....but I wrap my ass with a towel.

I believe half of what I see...and nothing of what I hear. (Words of wisdom) I believe I was mentioned in the bible somewhere. (Jk) *Truth*> Did you know alot Muslims in jail or in the hood dont even know that the Quaran is the addition to the old testament? Did you know that they believe Jesus was just a prophet? They just dont believe he is the Son of God but the Son of Jesus said himself in the New Testament ....but none of them barely read the New Testament in the BiBle. They are suppose to read and use the old testament as a guide along with quaran. Did you know prophet Muhammad (supposedly the prophet after jesus) was completely illiterate? HE could NOT read or write so his FOLLOWERS WROTE his prophetic words that Allah supposedly spoke through him, which became the Quaran/Karan.
Did you know I was raised Roman Catholic and was taught to pray to Saints for help in different areas? While in the bible it specifically says that we are not supposed to pray to another man/woman, we are not supposed to idolize a man over God. Idolatry is a Sin (i believe it was said by Jesus, could be wrong..its been a while) But we have all these saints to Pray to and NEVER seen anywhere in the Bible where it said to pray to Saint Joseph or Saint Jude or any other Saint. Wasnt it the Romans who killed Jesus in the first place? *Non Catholic Christianity has flaws also. Alot of verses are completely different im every version of the Bible, that they completely have different meaning. Especially comparing a Catholic Bible to a Christian Bible. I forget the verses but can look them up. Jesus said "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through me" (John 14:6). Didnt Jesus always pray to the Father in secret...sometimes with Disciples? So why do they just praise/pray to Jesus (who is a man and i believe was the Son of God) and never praise/pray to the father? All I hear is them praying to Jesus...not praying to Jesus and the God asking them both to forgive their sins.
*Mormans- Book of the Mormans - Do you know that their prophet Joseph Smith supposedly got directions from God to hidden teachings of Christ that were written and buried on golden plates of nephi. Supposedly, Joseph Smith dug up these golden plates with the lost teachings and translated them without being able to show anyone of the plates existence....I think they were returned to the earth and noone ever seen them but John Smith. And the Morman religion was born.
*Krshna and their book the Gita - very interesting book which is one of the oldest like the Egyptian religion and the "Book of The Dead". The bhagavad-gita by a.c. bhaktivedanta swami prabhupada is like the "gospel of Hinduism" it speaks about everything...Karma , reincarnation depending on your previous life, that we all have a particle of God's soul...all living things because we were once ONE. We came from the Divine One so we all have a God consciousness and our conciousness. Earth, if born in Human form, is your chance to become one with God. To live by the Gods Consciousness(will) and come to Him fully by mind, body, and soul....then you will no longer be reborn, but be with God in internal bliss.....its amazing how in depth and believable these writings are...supposedly buddha was a reincarnate of the krshna or Lord Viznu in human form.......(THERE MAY BE SOME ERRORS IN HERE BECAUSE ITS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I READ THIS BOOK...I would read this yourself..i dont want to give u false info) If you apply the teachings of the Gita to the God and religion of your understanding....Guarantee it will help you become 100x more spirtual then you were before. Okay, I am done now and didnt get a chance to go into the egyptian religion. This is what you do while in state everything.

Oh, one last thing. If I had the ability To go into the internet like the retarded guy from the movie "The Lawn Mower Man' , i would open hand slap some of these sarcastic google chrome gangstas.....just cause I can.

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I know why you prefer texting over talking..... so you don't have to stop to take a breath once in a while.
Originally Posted by zSilver_Fox
See kids? Only Iggy and FT are good enough to post when high.
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When did you become an allstar?
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I just have to stop in and say hi to an old fellow TTK member.



(Don't worry I don't expect you to remember me lol).
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Gametype: 1v1 dm , capture the flag , fps shooter
Affiliations: Flawles$styles #styles irc east gamesnet or gamesurge. Who remembers?? Lol
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Any of you guys ever played LoadOut???? It's on steam I think and ps4 and it's free. It's almost like tfc and you can build all your weapons to heal,pyro,tesla,or regular slug....every weapon , pulse,rifle shotty,beam, rocket launcher ( chose of 1,2,3,4,5,6 barrel rocket launchers) and u can make any weapon heal, burn, electrocute, or regular bullet damage....there's turrets sg...that whatever weapon u shave equipped...that's what the turret is...u get grenades..pyro grenades, health , grenades, and tesla...
I have been talking to rob@edgeofreality. He created the LoadOut game. Based off of TF2 and his twist.....IF ONLY HE WAS A FF OR TFC PLAYER....THIS GAME WOULD BE THE NEXT BEST THING....ITS GOOD NOW,. YOU JIST HAVE TO LEVEL UP TO 20...AND PAY TO UPGRADE WEAPONS......THERES A SOLUTIOn FOR THAT CALLED BLUTE FARMING.....YOU JUST LEAVE THE GAME RUNNING WHILE YOUR ASLEEP OR WHATEVER AND HAVE SOMETHING ON YOUR KEYBOARD OR CONTROLLER TOBMAKE U MOVE CONSTANTLY so the A.F.K KICKER CANT KICK YOU. YOU WILLBHAVE TONS OF BLUTES TO UPGRADE WEAPONS.....I THINK YOU CAN BUNNYHOP ON PC VERSION....PS4 ITS IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE U CANT StraFE LEFT OR RIGHT UNLESS ZOOMEd on weapon....PC I Think u CAN strafE and roll and BUNNYHOP. I'm trying to see if he would be interested in working with FF community to create a new TFC with the LoadOut weapons.....the game is I'm third person also,. But that can be changed.
I tried to see if he would share the source code if I can get all TFC and FF lovers to create a new FF with LoadOut weaponry.......but I didn't get the response I wanted lol,. He is working on a LoadOut 2 in the future.....I told him to play FF or TFC and base it off of them instead of shitty TF2.
LoadOut is fun, check it out.
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Hello biohaz i was teamfail.ari, i remember that match, we went undefeated for so long.
One of my best ff memories was team europe vs team usa, where gator was trash talking for months how they were going to smash us then losing quite badly and blaming it on a new update that allowed you to slide the flag point on monkey (lol)
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Yea, I missed most the gator days(I'm pretty sure he's the only one that blamed it on the update, but I wasn't around then)and most of the "prime" USA vs. EU matchups I think.

I remember, you guys being defeated for over 2+ years. I dug up some logs and parsed them. There might have been 2 rounds on your server too? I can't remember. I think I have the demo's too, but I don't think they are viewable anymore? no idea

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