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Rocket League

With all the Fortress e-jocks out there I know some of you must be as balls-deep into Rocket League as I am.

I'd love to reconnect with some of you FF jerks over Rocket League and get back into some FF too.

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If anyone isnt already playing this highly enjoyable hilarious movement based trick jumping car-football game, this weekend it's free to play on steam.

Takes 5 minutes to learn... a lifetime to master! Ingame ranking system. Highly recommend playing with friends on voice!


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OOoooohhhhhh! Free weekend! Hot damn! Downloading it now.

Thanks for that heads up!
Originally Posted by zSilver_Fox
See kids? Only Iggy and FT are good enough to post when high.
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Its good, games are short and addictive, easy to play and pick up with generally a free something after each match. It's a cross between trackmania and football (soccer to the American's) with hats, flags, colored trails and paint jobs.

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