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Current directory set up for SDK

I have tried multiple work arounds to try and get hammer under the old version to work. This would not be an issue if I had my old folder directory to work with, but the hard drive that had my old version died on me. After reinstalling steam and getting back up to speed with the current version of FF, I found the file system has now changed for the SDK.

Prior to this update the common folder had 3 folders that were associated with the SDK. These folders were the sourcesdk_base, sourcesdk_content and SourceSDK. Currently there are two directories associated with the SDK, the SourceSDK and the sourcesdk_content. The sourcesdk_base is no longer there. The hl2.exe usually is found in the content folder, and using the current one found in the Fortress Forever folder fields an error which causes Hammer not to load.

Headzy has linked me to a prior fix that allowed you to copy the steam.dll from the sourcesdk_base folder, and place it in the SourceSDK/bin/ep1/bin to fix Hammer. I believe this is no longer an option because Valve has changed the directory layout. Does anyone have any idea how to correct this? I can get Hammer to load under the old install, but the grids are missing. I have tried deleting the content with a fresh install to see if it was a dowload issue that failed to install the sourcesdk_base folder. This is not the case and am wondering if anyone else has seen this change.

Edit: One more thing. Your current GameConfig.txt has Version 3 at the bottom. Oaties fix for Hammer has Version 2. I have tried replace 3 with 2 with all of his fixes, but the same thing is occurring, no grids.

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