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Design inspiration thread.

I'd like to make a thread dedicated to pictures or even videos with neat patterns or architecture. The idea is that maybe if you see something neat it will inspire you to make something new and original, or incorporate it into any current projects you're working on.

I'll start off with one:


I forget how I came across this, but I particularly like the pattern in the street. It'd be pretty easy to make a floor pattern like that in hammer. Simple but pleasing.

You might also notice how this street almost looks like a hallway. For a while now I've wanted to make a ctf base that consisted of boundaries made out of tightly packed store fronts and buildings rather than regular walls. But I have other projects to finish up before I could commit to something like that.

Here's another example:

I think it's good to look at this kind of stuff too when thinking about how to detail your map and give it some visual depth so that it's not all flat and static.

Edit: I don't know how pictures, resizing things, or the internet works.
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It's a convection generator that runs off of heat from hyper-conductive warp core coolant gas.

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Originally Posted by FDA_Approved View Post
dedicated to pictures or even videos
thread already ruined by cake

gg thread
you had a good life

rip thread
gg ff not ded
ff very much alive
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That alleyway uses hdr street lights
Compile error:
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Weird how HDR now makes real life look like video games. It was supposed to be the other way around when it was introduced as a real time effect.

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