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Originally Posted by Innoc View Post
The general trend for media/law/conspiracy is always in the direction that gives the Govt more control over our lives and less freedom for us. I don't know that I can read conspiracy into what the daily mail was citing. I am not at all familiar with where you live Bully but I have to believe that the densely populated areas are where the majority of the incidents occur. If you don't live in a place like that then you might not see as much.

The violent crime rates in the US have been trending down for quite some time. I am certain that will be ignored in this new power grab push that the idiots in DC will push for. They will continue to villianize assault-style weapons despite them being used in only a tiny fraction of firearms deaths. A pity that reason will be ignored.
Dated article from 2010 going over the gun homicide in the US. Take into account these numbers come from the CDC, which includes justifiable homicide in the homide data. This is to bloat the numbers to try and make people believe that guns are responsible for the homicide rate in the US.

Homicide is down 65+ percent by the FBI gun homicide data. I haven't run the numbers in a couple of years, but since 2014 was once again a record low, I believe the US is down 70+% since its peak in 1993. This is also with 13+ years of record sales in firearms(65% of those sales going to first time buyers who are Democrats).

As far as the UK is concerned. The UK banned semi-automatic firearms in 1997. Their homicide rose from .81 per 100k to 1.2 since that ban. It is actually much higher than that, but the Constabulary has been busted lying in the statistics since 2003, and has admitted to doing so. Much of their homicide either doesn't make the data because no one was convicted of the crime, or the police place the homicide in the unclassified death statistics to hide the increase. No homicides make the statistics unless someone is convicted of a crime. The actual homicide rate for the UK is 2.6 if you add in all the homicide deaths. The UK has seen increases in its crime across the board since its gun ban. It out does the US in almost every crime statistic with a populace 5x smaller. The US has a gang related drug war problem, not a gun problem. 80% of all homicide in the US is committed by adult repeat offenders. 15-18% of the last 20% are committed by adolescent gangbangers. This leaves 2-5% of gun homicide annually being committed by those who initially purchase their firearms legally. These homicides tend to be crimes of passion such as a jealous spouse or significant other killing their partner.

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democracy Innoc

Do you believe in democracy Innoc?
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Originally Posted by moobtak View Post
Do you believe in democracy Innoc?
Yes, I believe that it's a generally accepted to be a word and it is a label used to describe one of many concepts of government.
Mooga on Obama: He can cut taxes. Actually do something useful. Punch Nancy Pelosi in the face. Just to name a few.

You eventually run out of other people's money to spend.
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