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Soldier and HWguy too much armor/health?

I'm pretty new to this game I play a lot of TF2 .there's just one thing that bothers me. The health of the soldier and HWguy. I mean, 80% damage reduction and higher health? I calculated, it takes 21 close range shotgun and 10 close range super shotgun hits to kill a soldier or heavy. For other classes the maximum of super shotgun hits at close range to kill is only 5.
I'm sorry, but isn't this a bit too much?
There's also another thing, the pyro. The only reason the pyro is fun to me in TF2 in my opinion is the Airblast/compression blast mechanic. but in here, all you can do is shoot a close range rocket and burn with the flamethrower. The standard shotgun is pretty damn weak, so that doesn't help much.

I don't really want to complain, but I'm just trying to give the perspective of a new player(I've known this game for a longer time tough, but it's just that EU people barely play, but when I did play it was really fun).

In TF2 I main scout and pyro,but in this game the pyro can't airblast and the scout is just a flag capper with a shotgun that barely does damage, so instead I'd rather play medic. But is that really all the scout should be? a class where you just cap the flag and try to dodge/defend yourself, but never attack anything?

What's the reason the heavy should have so much HP/armor? It's not like it's hard to kill anything as him, it's probably one of the easiest/most boring class to kill people with. Also, what's the point of the normal shotgun if it's that weak?

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