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[RELEASED] ff_nameless_b1

So I worked on another map for a bit and found out that I did a bunch of stuff wrong for optimization. So, I decided that I would rather start on a new map than remake that one.

Anyway, here's ff_nameless.

As you can see, the outside of the base is not finished, but playable. It's also irrelevant to how well it plays. I'm unsure on how I want the outside to look currently. The yard is in a similar state. Barebones. Takes a conc to get across.

You can ramp slide on that tiny bridge from a conc, but good luck. I'll be adjusting that later.

As you can see, there are a few lighting issues, but again, irrelevant to how it plays. I'll be rounding everything out as the map gets tested.

The above is the flag room. It's got 4 ways in to it. Yeah, 4. Not sure how that will play out. I may get rid of the water entrance if it's much easier to get the flag out than it should be. We'll see. I've got some ideas with triggers and lights to give players in the flag room info that a player is coming through the water if that's a problem.

Trying some different lighting techniques out with this map mainly. Trying a mix of natural and artificial. Some parts of the map are much brighter than others. There are some texture mishaps, but I would like you guys to point them out for me.

Essentially, I want you guys to test the map out for me and give me your opinions on how it plays. Again, I'll be rounding everything out as I go, but the most important thing is to play test it.

Things I need to know:

Bag placements. Are any extra needed? The respawns have instant resupplies similar to aardvark. Just pass in to the respawn and you're back to full health, armor, and ammo.

All in all, just play the map. Try 2v, 3v, 4v, and 5v formats... or just pub it up for a short period. Find as many issues, balance problems, lighting issues, and other problems that you can. Give me your idea of what the yard should be like as well as what you'd like to see in a 3D skybox.

Links: <<Use this>> <<Avoid this>>

Edit: The pictures are much darker than the map actually is. The flag room is amazingly bright.
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A Good way to test it will be by running a pickup on it

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Originally Posted by GeoKill----->
A Good way to test it will be by running a pickup on it
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clever name

but yeah, lets play a pickup on it
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