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Old 03-18-2005, 10:40 AM   #121
o_moo`s mingery show
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Still Playin

Well hello all, im glad your making the mod, im more than glad, im in a frenzy of TFC-ness

I started playin about 1999 & am still playing now on & off..... i have HL2 yeah it looks good graphics n stuff.... been playin the CS.... BUT i have to keep going back to TFC for the gameplay.
I like the NEO-TFC with multi-guns, helecopters, trip mines, spy air strikes & all the other stuff... highly addictive... game play is great.... HL2 may look good graphics wise but aint got no where near the game play of NEO-TFC

Maybe you will consider having some kind of neo-tfc stuff in there??? or will that be too much going into the mod.... nightmare to do???

Even without the neo stuff i love the game.

I hope this mod really does come together & is NOT like the halflife rally mod i kept an eye on for about 2yrs...The mod never came out just got screens & models & told how good it was with beta testers.... made me think they where just getting people to go to the site for hits & game was never gonna come out.

Anyways, glad to be here & hope everything goes well with the mod, i will definitley be here regular to see how its all comming along.
good luck
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Old 03-19-2005, 01:26 AM   #122
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I wouldn't expect there to be any realtion to NeoTF on this mod. And honestly, though I'm close with the Neo community, I wouldn't want there to be. I love NeoTF, but this is classic here.

I don't know that the coders have the slightest intention. Also remember, Bill Door is the lead coder.

Sorry to topic hijack by the way... ignore me.
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Old 03-19-2005, 05:02 AM   #123
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I don't know why but for some reason ever since FF started to get advertised TFC pubbers # went up. i still can't figure it out

this thread shows the lifeblood that fed the beast that TFC is. Let it never be deleted.
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Old 03-21-2005, 06:16 AM   #124
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I remember a friend at work told me about half life when it first came out.
I had a Pentium 1 133 on a 4 MB video card and the game played OK.
That same friend about 2 weeks later said to me "have you downloaded TFC yet?" I said TFC wtf is TFC he said you'll love it download it and play it ,so I did.
That was about 7 years and two clans and two teams ago.
Like it was yesterday I remember the map I was in when I first tried TFC it was "well" I said to my self This game is freaking awesome.
I started to ask how to questions to the peeps I was playing with and most all of them helped me.... the community was/is awesome.
I've met some real good Friends threw TFC and clan and Team forums.
I'm 36 years old now and I have played with 50 to 60 year old people and all of them love the game.
I am however starting to venture into CS and I am playing a lot of CS:S.
Playing in the source version of CS just makes me drool even more in the anticipation of Fortress Forever...I can't wait till my old flame is re kindled again.
Though I play a lot of CS my first gaming love is TFC and well is still my favorite map.
Great Job to the Fortress forever TEAM......Thankyou so much for going ahead with this MOD.
The only question I have is...Will valve allow it to be a third party game in the Steam interface ??
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Old 03-21-2005, 02:02 PM   #125
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old timer... it's been that long?

I hope FF is what TFC was all those years ago.. I think I might actually start TFC again until FF comes out..

Don't quit, guys. FF will be a hit if you works hard enough
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Old 03-23-2005, 12:45 PM   #126
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my first ever map was 'rock2', which put me off for a while
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Old 03-25-2005, 05:13 AM   #127
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my capslock is b0rked.

i can still remember the day i got my quake1 cd. got it bundled up in my xmas pressies when i was a kid. made a change to playing snes, or doom modem to modem with my neighbour (or any other classics), or playing duke nukem online where someone would host on their ip whilst everyone else had 60secs to get into dos and load duke.exe with some paremeters, back in the mid-nineties or something. i can also recall my disbelief when the cd played music when i stuck it in my cd player, great soundtrack, NiN?.

so yeh, q1, the first online fps with servers on could join willy-nilly, and 3d characters, that you could see the back of (or was that doom?). had this program called mplayer, can't remember why i got it, possibly for duke3d, but maybe it was for q1. so i played q1dm, learnt the levels, then played a mod called qball, some hide&seek/domination/kingofthehill-type mod where the guy with quad only had an axe, and that was the point.

but i had read about this thing called team fortress, with forts and snipers, and i could just imagine the sniping long range, something that i hadn't yet experienced in any of the games i had come across at the time, not to mention teh spies and teh leik, but you know. so anyway, something was up with this mplayer page i read it no, it didn't seem free at all.. so a week more of qball, and then i was ready to become a nub at tf.

quake.exe -game fortess.. with that awesome intro video, with the pyramid shaped nails, and the classical music, and the fattie. 2fort4, what a fun map... that really long narrow corridor leading to the flag in the basement, i spent my first week or two tryin to keep up a sg down there, wouldn't dare attack at the point.. but after watchin the spies tricks, i thought i was ready, not. :> launching flares from your sniper rifle to under the opposing sniper deck (not battlements at the time) to light up the place, and possibly lag up the server a tad. scout with his radar that used cells, quake-type lightning bolt effect that would shoot through the wall and a console message telling you the distance to the nearest enemy. not to mention the uber flash bang (cs u saw it here first), who needs to bunneh when u can flash.

then there was quakeworld, ditch mplayer and get gamespy3d, qwcl.exe was teh way to go. many different version of tf went by, until 2.44 or somin, including shortlived concs that would make you stagger like a drunkard, and you would actually have to prop yourself against a wall to see straight. 2fort4r, 2fort5, 2fort5r, ones at night time, 4forts, well, ... ;o i played, and played, and rocketjumped, and pipejumped, and concjumped, and shotgunjumped, and spyknifejumped, and sniperfilejumped, and strafejumped, and played some more.. pilaged every tf script resource on the web and put together a cfg for every class, with those fancy quake characters for a nice console output, made a grenade bind that would stick with me for life (bind mwheelup "bind mouse2 +gren1", and the oppposite for the 2nd)....

then q2 came, which did not feel quite like its predecessor, but neotf had hit the scene and being er, oldschool, i couldn't really be bothered with it, floating zepellins and airstrikes you couldn't see, it was overkill, and was ruining my favourite game. so 6 months later i am bored with q2rocketarena and q2rail, but my occasional games of tfc are always filled with fun....

enter tfc, teeeffsee! yeh so, that screenshot of the new 2fort on the half-life engine, liek wow!`1one have you seen it ?! how did they make the battlements curve leik that, i can't wait to play zomg. the rocketlauncher wasn't quite the quake rl, but the splash damage was good, and there was 'the hunted'. i played for a while, ending up in tds (team dont shoot), but didn't hang about for long.. can't remember the reason really, although i did go back to playing qwtf for a bit, but got pwned by people that had suddenly became way better than i had previously remembered, new tricks up their sleeves, wallstrafing the bridge into bunnyhopping, and possibly a bit of wallhacking too. everything was a bit faster anyway, too much of the old soldier in tfc ;p

sooo, back to tfc, scout this time lol, practicing conc jumps (post-patch) on the old ign servers, 'dropconcs' as i termed my invention back then. not a handheld, as i was 56k, nor the noobstyle "lets try and get up this lift" type conc. you all know the one, jump over any patch of water in well and chuck the conc under you as you do. great fun thoses servers, nice people, met a few regulars, creed, thewarden, thedr00g, pingchowchi, skorp, co33ie, infy, okenora (who was just startin out, but learnin fast :E). it was at some point in those few summer months i was invited to help form a clan that would be called reaver. what can i say, best, online, experiences, ever. :>

clanned tfc was great, as was pro tf. so many gg's, vs. [ir], [dw],, [dtm], =bc=. <|187|> to just name a few. i can still remember my first match against dw on well, so guys, lets play the best clan we can find on the most lockdown level we could possibly play atm.. 30 mins of trying to conc past the soldiers either side of the flag, about 20 midairs to them + a few craters thrown in just for kicks, and then there was both at the same time. ;p who knows, by the end of it all (2yrsish), i may have been one of the few prem hpb scouts that could handheld near-flawlessly on any uk server, or we can just leave it at 'hpbscout'.

anyway, not really got much to say about tfc itself now that i've got this far, lol, but i'm sure most of you will already know enough about it as it is. :>

oh yea, then there was life, gf, booze (well, the 3k i was meant to spend on a car), uni, firewall, no online games so resulted in some lan cs (and 200gb of music/tv/films/games/apps, shh), now my own flat, 2mb bb, and dun-dun-dun, now... FF :E

</nostalgia time="6am" bed="true">


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Old 03-25-2005, 05:39 AM   #128
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that was an interesting read but plz use paragraphs
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Old 03-26-2005, 06:25 AM   #129
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I started with QWTF 2.5
I got hooked on Team Fortress after that. To this day, I can't say that I've enjoyed anything more when it comes to online gaming. The competition was great and pubbing was really fun. After QWTF died out, I tried some TFC as well as a little Q3F. The game just didnt feel the same. ETF was getting close to being there except for the whole bh thing. Don't get me wrong, each TF mod had some great ideas but there was something major in the gameplay that didn't make it feel right. Now I'm hoping that FF will keep a good balance and it already seems like this community will get big. I hope for a TF that's as fast and balanced as QWTF at the same time add some new features to the gameplay like TFC and ETF did (as long as it doesn't mess with the class balances).
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Old 03-28-2005, 06:58 AM   #130
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hiya, i started playing tfc as my first game, like 3-4 weeks after it was released, and well as you do, i was HWGuy, mostly camping outside on well

but eh after about 3-4 pretty clueless kills with HWGuy [-RvR-] recruited me as a medic ^^

played with [-RvR-] for about year or 2, trialed for the welsh team, and got in, cant remember how far we got in the euro cup but, we did pretty well for the welsh

retired from tfc and started playing those evil games, DAoC/cs:s

playing WOW atm, but i acidently stumbled acros this link this morning, and i must say. i am VERY excited about FF, will get my brother to play also, some of you may remmber him as Wai (defense soldier(spammy cunt)).
also i see a few fimilar faces here, and some clans that used to play us alot, really nice to see you guyz again, and hopefully play you guyz in a pcw or something

and as Shin sed, i cant draw or model anything, but if u need any testing help, ill be 100% available and willing to help
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Old 03-28-2005, 08:54 AM   #131
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What server and realm on daoc? I used to play alb galahad and hib lance.
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Old 03-29-2005, 03:20 PM   #132
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Oh man so glad to see a MOD like this being made. I used to be hardcore into QWTF right as it came out. Actually started playing TF on Mplayer *cringe* then moved over to QWTF heh. Belonged to a few Clans over the years and involved in several leagues. Man those were the days lol.
Then HL/TFC came out. I didn't really get into TFC it just wasn't the same and I didn't enjoy it as much.
Then EQ came out and that was it for FPS's for me for the most part lol. Can't wait for FF to be released!
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Old 04-01-2005, 03:26 AM   #133
o_evil zer0
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before i start this let me just say i am horrible with years so im not gonna bother trying to remember how many

a long time ago when qtf was really popular (in australia) i played it 8+ hrs a day for year the qwtf and megatf

i didnt play mega that much i could never find a low ping server for it i continued to play qwtf for a few years. i used to love playing sniper and spy but i could play any class ok but after a while i became one of the best snipers around unfortunatly a few months later so called cheats and aimbots started surfacing and i started getting accused of cheating even banned from some servers for it

it started to kill off my love of qwtf but i kept playing i kept saying to myself fuck them if they arnt as skilled as me.

anyway finally i stoped playing because of stupid admins banning me all the time so i started playing halflife for a while then tfc came along and my love for tf returned the game was a bit diffrent but i could adapt i continued to play it for a while (not sure coulda been a yr or 2) then i started playing the evil mod that i wont mention which at that time was beta 3

i still play tfc and qwtf to this day but i enjoy jump maps mostly now
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Started playing Half-Life when i bought my first PC in Nov. 1999. Started playing TFC in the summer of 2000.
got into it cause a freind [NFK]Kronos kept telling me it was more fun than HLDM. I was the one that gave him my copy of HL so he could try it. He went to TFC b4 even finishing the HL SP.
I then created =|DkZ|=Digital Killerz, while waiting for my application from [S-R]Striker to go thru. Started playing in Leagues, first OGL then UGL.
Went on to play in lots of clans and started a guild .2xL that got to number 1 in PG.
My TFC days came to an end when I left [RzP]. Hard to make practice and go into matchs cold when u get home from work at 9:30 est. I now play mostly Hostile Intent mod. I love pubbing but love to compete. Haxing kinda ruins competition though. Never knowing if that top player is legit or not (Thanks STA for capping so many cheaters).
It be fun to compete live against players with no binds or scripts or hax. I still play TFC with all default keys, settings and just one bind (det dispensor).
Hopefully FF will renew my interest in TFC.
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Old 04-05-2005, 09:06 PM   #135
o_frost burn
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Half-Life was the first game I ever played over an Internet connection. Team Fotress Classic was the reason I wanted to play online so badly. I was young at the time, we didn't have AOL or anything but I got NetZero back when it was free along with an Ad hack to get rid of the banner just to play TFC. The DAY Valve released that patch with TFC I could not wait to download it and play. Back then with all the busy servers and no lines in Fileplanet it still took about 5-6 hours to download the larger patches for me. I still remember the first time I ever played TFC, it was on the Hunted escort map. I played for a very long time and was a member of a clan that I had a blast with, I'm not sure of the name of the clan, wish I knew... great group of guys too. Wow, online gaming... first TFC then CS... and ever since they've been advancing CS I've hoped for TFC 2 to come out. Now you guys are making Fortress Forever the way its meant to be remade and I can't wait! No more leading sniper shots just to hit something because of the 56k lag. We've got The Source engine and everyone's on broadband. I just cannot wait! Keep up the great work it looks amazing so far!
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Originally Posted by Frost Burn
No more leading sniper shots just to hit something because of the 56k lag. We've got The Source engine and everyone's on broadband. I just cannot wait! Keep up the great work it looks amazing so far!

Uh, didn't the new hl netcode do that?
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I started playing TFC 3 yrs ago because I have no patience to wait
for everyone to die like in CS. Tfc also has so much content that its not easy to see at first, it can take years to perfect any class and master
the movements examples being concing, rjumping, nade jumping bhopping and avoiding death. learning to play is half the fun, the first time you capped a flag it felt good, the first time you sucessfuly HH conced was fun too. The cartoonish stuff that happens during gameplay also adds to the fun of TFC, whether its a charecters feet wiggling when they hop or bodies flying threw the air at mach 2 when dets go off, these are the things that make you want to play more, to see what funny thing will happen next and to learn the maps and the fancy moves.I look forward to FF and hope it stays true to what made TFC fun.
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Old 04-09-2005, 12:09 AM   #138
o_comrade tiki
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CS would be more fun if you got to choose a weapon without buying it, and you had instant respawns. It would be an interesting suicidal bullet-fest.
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o_what the hell?
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I started playing TFC as soon as it came out as a free add-on during the original patch for Half-Life. ( what around 5 years ago? dam it seems so long ago...) back then the idea of a low ping bastard was indeed a sweet thing, not like now a days where most peps are LPB with broadband.

First server i played in was the Dawg pound, where i met people like Xris, Apoc, SnakeEyez and Caffeine & THC... good guys ( and gal) all of them...

I Joined IKK back in December of 2000, and proceeded to clan in TFC until basically 4 months ago...

TFC was for me a total adrenaline dump every match, until the game stopped evolving... that with the lack of keeping the older players in and not enough fresh good blood to compensate.

I tried other styles of TF, and yet to have found the same pull that TFC did for me. Have to admit, I’m looking terribly forward to when this Mod comes out.

One thing I can see how this will be a winning mod is that when Valve decided to dump the loyalty for TFC players towards the CS group, any innovation for TFC died right there. This mod will now be driven by the TF fans themselves. This is the key point for this mod. All I can say is Thank you all for your attempt to keep this Genre alive. I hope you are as successful as you hope to be.
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First started playing in 99 or 2000, took a break in 2002, got back in 2003, and retired in 2004.

First clan was gXd - later broke up after one of the members was caught cheating in league play. effing tow!

I then got into the sniping community, and joined the SniperLeague. Remember Clan Dot [ . ], and AutoAim -AA-???
Formed my own clan {CFH} Cowboys From Hell, - had a good run, and then I
retired from the sniping league.

Had a brief encounter with tfc again, and then got into the graphic design community. Still friends with Wilco3d, if any of you guys recognize that name?
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