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Wow, I just want to start by agreeing on the astounding sense of nostalga this topic has brought up.

The first time I had ever seen TFC was at a firends house. This was the same friend that had shown me HL around 6 months prior, but I had no idea about how MODS worked in HL. I learned how to get TFC working and joined my first server, and was blown away. Rocket launchers with four rockets loaded in them, a class structure, sentry guns, spys faking death. It was just so awsome. The first map I ever got hooked to was Hunted. It was such a fast paced tactical spinoff, I couldn't believe TFC wasn't a standard on any gamers PC. I was totally hooked all the way through High School, and still am.

My first (and only) clan was [PoK]. It was a small spinoff clan from a larger one. I went under three different alias', telekinetic_man, poofighter51, poodle_strudels, and finally the name you see on the post.

My most revered classes will always be the soldier and the sniper, but I like to take my agression out with the mighty flamethrower of the pyro every now and then. I want to see the days when the "Hunted and Betrayed" server always had 18+ people (not BOTS) in it, and snipers possitions were always being fought over. I see this MOD as being the first major step in any direction TFC has made since Neo-TF hit the scene. If there's anyway a lowly gamer such as I can help, let me know.
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^^^^ not wrong about the nostalgia, tell you that. Just lately I've been remembering old LAN parties and clan games randomly when playing other games

'ello Bluntz (I am a cpma addict these days! although new so i suck. i am total fodder to my housemate each time we play, but eh. he's been playing ages)
'ello Fraggle
'ello Georgie
'ello anyone else for that matter =)

aah, I'm looking forward to FF so much it's a pick-me-up just visiting the site.
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Well this should be fun.

*Posting how you got into TFC, why you stayed playing for so long, and what you look forward to in Fortress-Forever.

ANS: I clicked on multiplayer after I beat HL1. I played for so long because I was addicted to it, seemed better than school. I look forward to owning everyone in Fortress-Forever like old times.

*Posting about a clan you joined or created, its history, and what it ment to you.

ANS: My first clan was [BLEK] - Bloody Large Enraged Killers and it was my own. They played their first clan match against [Dtm] while I was on holiday with my best mate / [BLEK] co-leader and got owned something like 350-10. They then split up when I got back from holiday and I joined a whole series of clans like this... *b2b* [TDS]... Team Don't Shoot was my first clan that I enjoyed being apart of and we played in the UKTFCL, we were rivals with [F2C] in divison 2, until they went to CS exclusivley. While there one day I merced for [SnD] who were in division 1 simply because I was browsing servers and noticed they were a man down. When I joined the server they (SnD) didn't object and that got me hooked on higher divison play. I shortly left [TDS] for -EF- who were in Wireplay at the time, in the ladder. The clan leader recruited me as defence but I was rubbish so changed to offy after being ridiculed for a terrible TSP performance on 2fort We started to do well and got to the premiership but after a while Merc (the engineer) left to join =BC= and punkbuster wrongly accused me of cheating so -EF- split up.

Next I went to the UKTFCL side of league play. I joined [Dtm] but that was quite unstable and we split up after we beat [DW]. Although that was one of the best times because I think I joined them in divison one and when we gradually were able to compete with the best we all felt we achieved a lot. Dunno why we split but we did. Then I joined another whole series of clans such as (CW), [DSE], and |4D|. |4D| had a brilliant soldier who used to play for the French team called Nightmare and I was the deputy but although we were ownage I have to admit now at least two people were cheating in that clan so that was probably why. Then after some time and some more clans I joined -Sf- with a player called DanS who I first met in [Dtm] and saltz who I knew from the start from UK~A. This was another underdog clan but we gradually got to the top of the premiership in the UKTFCL and again just as we were starting to own like mad =BC= stole DanS and saltz. I then joined =BC= after some "negotiation" and ended my TFC days there. I think at one point we were undefeated for over a year and I only remember loosing one match in =BC= and that was against <|187|> when it was 6 vs 8 and that was close ;p

*Introducing a CS type person to these forums and show them there is a new world outside AWP's and kevlar Wink

ANS: cs is a totally different game. Its definitely not as challenging but I love it as well. In TFC you need more concentration and there is more emphasis on skills and performing those skills at the same time i.e. bunny hopping and conc jumping, conc aim and pro-longed death-match whilst trying to remember the objective. If you think you can cut it, then its far more rewarding in terms of community because you have to put more effort in so I guess the saying goes you get out what you put in.

*Describing a certain skill or concept in TFC and why it makes the game style fresh and exciting.

ANS: combining all of the skills mentioned above makes the game more fluid and much faster than other games. Theres no time to get bored and theres no let up on action until the map changes. But its also very newbie friendly, I sniped for the first two years I played, indeed I was [BLEK]'s sniper ;p
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First, I apologize for my poor english.

I'm an old TFC player, my experience in this game date back 2001.
I first played in a "start up like" website called
Like many players here, I found some people to play with regularly
Then the common story (I'm lazy to write in english all my virtual experience on internet).
Clan, League, success , defeat, death, reborn, success, over succes, death ect.

More than one years to play over 3 h per day.
I keep a lot of good memories of this experience.
I expect a lot from fortress forever, maybe by nostalgia. I know some old players from my clan =XoR= continue to play this game. i would like to play with them on fortress forever

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This is truely a godsend. I want to thank the FF team for rekindling my interest in the first team game I truely put time and effort into.

I started playing TFC in 1999 under the handle "The Incredible Flying Ass". About a year later I joined Jagged Alliance, and had a blast with those guys. My Clan experience really took my game that much further.

My Clan introduced me to Voice Communication, cooperation, and all around insanity. With one exception, I've never had such a positive Clan experience as I did with TFC.

I want to thank all you old hands out there who weren't in JA that still helped me when I was a noob. You guys showed me the ropes, and instilled some confidence into my game play. I could not have gotten the same level of enjoyment out of TFC had it not been for you.

[JA]Flying Ass
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Ummm since georgie pointed me in this direction I thought I better say summat.

I started TFC prolly a few weeks/months maybe I dunno after georgie started (See above) late 99 early 2k I guess.

I used to chill on public till I got molested by barenakedlady and another....I just wanted to blow things up with big mirvs and stuff, but they made me wear a tag and made me run a voice comms system.

Never really looked back [MUF] was the only clan I really spent much time in (hence my nick - mainly cuz I put the wrong email addy down and never got the confirmation for Tay - Mods pls note ), had tons of fun in MUF made some great friends and still play with some of them today even though I'm an old git with a bad temper, yes, wrong side of 40....hence the old school siggy.

Played in lots of leagues in TFC we always had fun, which was the key to our game play, I can remember back to 400-1500ms pings on netgames and the sub 50ms UKTFCL days, did some admin stuff for UKTFCL and the euro leagues before I just ran outa time for it all.

Since I left TFC to follow in the dodgy footsteps of georgie to DAOC I've played maybe 3-4 games of TFC and thats it, prolly about 2 and a bit years ago, although I still love the game/mod (I say Game cuz I have to this day never played Half Life 1, I am however playing HL2

I got bored of DAOC after 2 years and started playing EQ2 recently and I am really enjoying the change of pace.

Really looking forward to seeing this puppy in action..

oh and the mandatory shout to all that know me....a la LS stylie, and lo to all I know...

PS I still cant type for crap after this many years...
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Woah, lo Tay.
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I've been trying to lose him for years.. but he just keeps on finding me again.
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Originally Posted by rebo
Woah, lo Tay.
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A friend of mine had bought Half-Life and I was over at his house looking at the box when I turned it over and saw TFC. I fell in love with the game, that to my suprise, he hadn't even played yet. I can't remember when but this had to of been just about a year after the game had come out.

I of course went out and bought HL to play TFC... and I've never even beaten HL, I just bought it because of TFC on the back of the box. Anyway, I read that html manual that another poster talked about and I was just amazed at the number of classes you could play as. It was daunting to say the least. For the first few months of my TFC career I was quite the newb, just trying to learn all the classes and play with my friend who had the game. I just randomly went from server to server, having a good time. I played a lot of different classes but primarily played sniper, like a lot of newer players do.

I eventually lost interest in the game and left for about 6 months until cable came to my area and I picked that up. I started playing again and got more into it and the community.

Part of the reason I keep coming back to TFC after "retirements" is because of the community. No other game I know of has such a great community. And back in its peak, TFC had a gigantic community, as you all know.

I played for a while, taking advantage of my LPB status, which used to be a common acronym in servers that's no longer used because everyone's now LPBs. I finally found a server that I liked and because friends with the administrator. I soon found myself an admin of the server. I put alot of effort into it. 2FORT KINGDOM, which was primarily a 2fort map to attract players to but, after a while under my tutelage we became fairly popular and began playing mostly custom maps. Players on the server became regulars, began posting on our forums, and started coming in day after day. Everyone on the server knew everyone else, and the server was almost always full at ANYTIME of the day. We played a lot of crazy maps that no one else did but we also got our fair share of 2fort in. When I came back the 2nd time I started playing as a spy. I played as spy for about a year, and I have to tell you playing as spy is one of the most rewarding classes ever. Its such a great feeling to stab someone in the back, and no other class requires so much thinking and planning as being a spy does. To be a good spy requires a lot of practice.

After the server died I moved onto dustbowl/avanti/cornfield style of play with a decent dose of hunted too. Then I mostly played as an engineer and occassional soldier. I finally grew tired of TFC again and took a break.

I came back here and there to play but finally settled on a new server called -[U]- Clan server for my 3rd return to TFC. I met the people and eventually joined the clan. We had some fun on WON and were undefeated for awhile before we switched to STEAM which had come out just a while before.

We joined STA and had a lot of fun. We didn't win very much but we practiced all the time and had a lot of fun learning the game. The league community and my clan kept me intrigued.

Eventually our clan disbanded and I left TFC again because of boredom and real-life reasons.

Just last week a former clan member contacted me about TFC and I've started playing again in a server where an old-friend has hooked me up with admin. I'm mostly pubbing now, not interested in clans... and just getting to know all of the former players who have seemed to come back to TFC now.

TFC's a great game with a great community. No other game requires so much practice to learn the various techniques and is so rewarding. Learning to conc-jump, rocket-jump, pipe-jump, strafe-jump, bunnyhop, etc. All the techniques I learned I now find myself teaching newer players.

All the custom made maps made by the community. I could go on and on. I'm just hoping that FF rekindles not only my interest in this great game, but everyone elses because I'd love to see TFC become the popular game that it once was.
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I think it's great that you guys are re-vamping TFC!

I downloaded TFC within a week of release. Played a lot and asked such n00b questions as "how do i upgrade my gun?", "how do you place a detpack?", etc. Loved the game, and there were many great folks who were willing to help me out.

I turned a couple of friends on to the game (we had been playing HL team DM for a while) and they were hooked as well.

Joined an OGL clan, ]GPS[ and played scout quite a bit. A couple of us were recruited by .Sf (Shadow's Fist) and I slowly began developing my skills. Left .Sf for [SC] (Shadow Company) and really learned what skills were all about. We played some awesome clans and I had a great time.

I remember when Valve were about to release the 'megapatch' (1.5?) and whining about their plan to reduce the effectiveness of concs.

Quit clanning when it became a chore. Began pubbing as [UH]1337 PWNER and continued to play for several more years.

I love TFC and really appreciate the effort you guys are putting into TFF.

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I guess I might as well add my story now that the thread is a few weeks old, lol.

Anyway, I got started with TFC and all of HL's online mods by playing on I started in HLDM and played TFC sparingly. When Opposing Force came out, I had a run with its multiplayer, as it was really really fun. It was around this time that I figured out how to use the HL server browser, which gave me a whole lot more options in terms of servers. This is when I started to play TFC exclusively. Just to give a time reference, this was just before the 1.5 patch.

I started out as your average pubber. I wasn't incredibly good, but I had a pretty decent grip on most of the skills involved in the game. One day when I was pubbing a guy started asking people in the server if anyone wanted to join his clan. I asked him if I could join and we exchanged ICQ numbers. Apparently the clan (clan Banshee) was made up of a bunch of Rainbow Six clanners who had a decent run and decided to make the change to TFC. We joined OGL, won our first match and thought we were hot shit. Then, in our second (maybe third) match in OGL against clan 2sM we were thoroughly dominated. By the time the second round started, I was the only person left on my team still in the server. Even before I got heavy into clanning I was a good sport. What my team did aggrivated me and I quit the next day, and didn't want anything to do with clanning.

After I quit, I got broadband shortly after. TFC took on an entirely new perspective. Everything seemed a lot easier to do. One day I was pubbing on a Warpath server and got into an arguement with some guy. He kept calling me a newbie for running away. We were the only two people in the server actually killing things, and at the start of the next map we ended up on the same team and started talking. He asked me to try out for his clan, clan "Fishy." I tried out, made it in, and played my first match in an organized clan a few days later. It was simply awesome. Unfortunately, due to unstable leadership (the leader was a fucking nut), the clan folded.

Me and the guy that recruited me were prety good e-friends, so we looked for a clan to join together. We eventually made it into [JS] (STA silver at the time) and had a good run. After a few months, the clan started to lose its appeal, and we quit sometime over the Summer of 2001. About a month later, me and my friend joined mH (Misdirected Hostility) about a week and a half before they played their first 9vs9 match. The clan was made up of no names from STA silver level. We all clicked immediately, and we went on a great run in our first few months together, knocking off great old-school clans like DO, cDD, SD, |{, DIE, RiCE, 404, and TDA. In our first TFL season, we also knocked off two great newer clans (aO and Jell-O) on or way to what would be our first and only big title. Our title match vs Jello on Pipezone was probably the most exciting match I've ever taken part in. About a minute before the match ended, Jello was pounding us. They had all points captured but our home. I was running flags and as I exited my base I saw a scout running towards our home point. I conced up and landed on the capture point immediately after he capped it, denying them the all-cap bonus of 25 points. We won by 24 points.

Experiences like the one above is what made TFC so special. Matches were incredibly competitive and fun. The people I played with at this time I still talk to today on IRC, and I've even met a few of them in real life. It seems cliche to say, but to myself and many others who had the pleasure of playing competitvely at this time, TFC was much more than a game.
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I am not a pro or "old school", but here goes:

When I was on dial-up, I was checking out HL mods (offline, the dial-up minute costs too much), I thought CS was good with its weapon arsenal and 20 bots running in circles.
I got ADSL in 2002, after moving into town, again I tried out those mods, this time online, fortunately my computer performance was so bad, it couldnt run CS anymore, and I guess it is the reason I am not playing it. I decided that, TFC was best of them all, I started frequenting on server Royston Vasey, just spamming stuff - though unlike other "n00bs", I didnt pick hw or sniper as a first choice ¬_¬

In 2003 spring, I joined a first real clan CRH (Caught Red Handed), it was awesome, and I was perfecting the ways of engineer, lasted 3 months, after which I landed in [DA], and as an offy too, pretty hot clan for me at the time I suppose, I couldnt do anything useful in matches. I happily left the clan after 3-4 months, and a 2 month inactivity period - during which I hoped to blow some life into "estonian tfc community", not succeeding.
I thought I was "pretty good" in lower divisions, and I saw this guy with [R-Nx] tag "hey maybe you guys need help?", so I got to join them, turns out they didnt even need my "helping".
After folding of this, I have been hopping into various clans, and always left after they died - mainly because they used to depend on me too much, I was in some of them as a WA and deputy leader, so if I left for a bit, or didnt want to play, something bad would happen :[, or others just didnt want to play any games.
Occasional sniping on a public is good from time to time, doing roughly 90% of headshots at all times :>, other than that im clanless and just playing WoW, saying that im a woman who likes other women (its true really, I have undergone sex change operation, well on irc at least)

Right, its 9 am, time to go!
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I'll try to make this short.

I started playing TFC late in '99 when my buddy brought it over to a LAN party. I loved the way the game played, and the first time I played sniper, I was HOOKED.
I pubbed around mostly with some freinds of mine who had formed a for fun clan called [SPLUTCH]. we goofed around for a while, and then I wanted to compete so I joined a clan. We weren't very good, but mostly because we didn't have people consistantly there to fill out the roster for matches.
I then joined the darkness in early 2000 and we rocked it out in STA and other smaller leagues.
In this time, I pubbed ALL DAY, every day. I was in the Army at the time, so I would work 24 hours, and then off for 48. In those 48 hours I would manage to get around 6 hours of sleep when not playing TFC.
This was the point that I got to be number one on that quake stats page. I was playing murderball for days at a time, taking naps at the computer.
I then joined =NCG= in august of 2000 and have been there ever since. Five years in the same gaming
after the community started going away on the competitive side, our TFC squad disbanded in 2003 after being #1 on PG for a LOOOOOOOONG time. I then went to DoD and now I play in the CS:S squad.
Thanks you guys for keeping the dream alive. If the game is anything like the screenies, I am super dorked about this game.

if you ever see
=NCG= #9-TPF-[+SUF] on, give me a shout. I still play.
I also played as =NCG=UnIcrOn-TPF-[+SUF] back in the day as well.
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A friend of mine convinced me to get Half-Life, soon as I did I loved the game. Naturally I soon migrated to playing TFC, and though I was a hardcore n00b at it, I quickly gained some strength. My n00bish behavior is sortof why I try to help any newbies I see, primarily because the community isn't always the best ones to seek for help.

After playing for a while I was a generaly mediocre player, but I held my own. When Neo-TF came out I joined the forums, hung with that community for a while. Eventualy I volenteered to be a forum Moderator, and eventualy was asked to be an administrator of the Dev server. They gave me the NeoTF tag and so I went. I got much better at Neo-TF for some reason.... who knows. It carried over to regular TFC so what I figured is that I was playing against better people. The community that plays Neo-TF is filled with incredibly skilled players, most of them clan players so you have to step it up if you don't want to get blown away.

Computer died, I was out for 6 months. Rebuilt it, with a new graphics card and a spankin' new monitor, a few months ago. Back and roaring, I love the game and am happy to see FF continuing it's tradition.
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I played doom, got into quake, quake got boring, and i found tfc 3 days after it came out(i was 8 when tfc came out)
*My Dad got me into Doom*

Ive created [L.O.T.B.], died shortly... decided to kill it, couldnt get into a league...

To introduce someone to tfc, id give them this avi : TFC Forever
it is really good

i think everything about skills makes the game interesting, Concaim, Rocket jumping, Conc Jumping, Caltrop jumping, airshots (prediction), and all of that other stuff..
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I got into TF when quake1 was "THE game". The cool intro drove me nuts and me and my friends spent lots of hours playing that mod.
Then when Q2 and stuff came around I kinda forgot about TF... didn't see it till HL came out.
I didn't play it too much really (mainly coz I sucked). Most of it was playind on LAN -parties and so (and then only assassination maps) CS took up too much of everyones time.
I never got into TFC really but my feelings for quake TF is still there.

Now when HL2:CTF came out I found a new way to throw away some time (love CTF) and just days after the HL2:CTF debut I heard about this great place, and I've been caught to the idea of having a TFC-like mod for HL2 ever since. Can't wait to play it But I guess I will have to do with CTF until the release of FF

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Ello, am really interested with the thought of an updated tfc for HL2 you know and if it could emulate anything like the community over the years ive played TFC i cant see how people wouldn't be interested to join in.
I started off in [UKKA] and learnt the game abit with them but my first "better" clan was [HK] in about uktfcl division 1 (when it was high quality div 1 in those days ) hehe and was good in there met alot of new people and became better, i was sad to see them fold and with that i joined a few lower division clans and got 2 know alot of cool people. I floated around abit then joined <|187|> and bein successful was good. But cant beat those good old days of havin a laugh, shootin some bitches haha

I am 100% behind the project, i cant program or draw or do any clever stuff, but if u need any other help just gimme a yell
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Started playing tfc around 1999-2000 when I was fixing peoples computers in my spare time. Didn't have a computer able to play tfc at the time (!) so I used bits from the computers I was fixing

Started playing with clan =BELT= before finding my home with clan [X.G.K] (who I think are still active to this day). Joined a few other clans along the way, such as =T.C.1s=, ILP and =fp=.

Played for around 4years but just lost interest, never given enough thought as to why I didn't like it anymore...just got...boring tbh.

Now play CS:Source leading clan #playnice but keeping an eye on 'fortress forever'. Can't wait for this mod, and I have complete confidence in the development team as they have all produced some great work throughout my tfc days and all seemed sound enough when I played with them on the odd occasion, even met a couple at i10 (i23!!!)

Can't wait to play as the medic/solly, always my fave classes but have a soft spot for all classes when I think about it Really hope enough changes so I'm not thinking 'its tfc with a couple of changes'.

If I find anyone from the development team doing anything other than working on this mod, theres gonna be fireworks

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I played TFC for probably less than a year all told but it still hasn't been surpased by any online or single player game.

I started back in 99. Loadsa people i knew from HLDM had started playing it and loved it. I gave it a try, didn't really like it at first but gradually got into it over the course of a couple of months until a found myself logging in at 6 on the dot and not logging out again till gone midnight.

My first clan was a wireplay only clan by the name of horny beasts [HB]. Nothing special, and didn't enjoy my time there that much, (but at the time i really enjoyed it cos i didn;t know it could be so much better).

Joined the newly reformed [DW] over the christmas period of 1999 and never looked back. I don't know about the rest but i never really expected that much from DW. I only knew one player in person, and the rest by reputation. But when we started playing clan games in january 2000 we ht the ground running, beating the previous season's UKTFCL champions iD. Within a couple of months we'd beaten all the competion in UKTFCL including most peopls favorite, and a rather arrogant ~A~, and had become the team of the moment. I'd also got to known my clan mates and got on with them famously. It was my perfect clan. All the players loved the game and took playing it seriously, for a period of several months we had more than enougth players willing and able to play a game every night. They also didn't take winning too seriously. We never cherry picked clans we wanted to play, we would just play whoever was able to field a team against us. Some of us (ahem me) did get a bit arrogant (and trust me we where a damn site more arrogant in private than public) but damnit we where the best .

After valve butched my scout class in the infamous update of 2000 i wasn't willing to re learn my class or a new class, especially considering at the time i was playing CS alot and had high hopes for it. Then of course CS went down the shitter and i regretted not staying with TFC and DW. I tried to come back a couple of times but it just annoyed me cos it was never quite the same so never stuck at it. It's been a good 4 years since i've played TFC seriously and 3 years since i've played it at all. I'm really looking forward to fortres forever, being a new engine and the time gap being so long i should be able to avoid making unfavourable comparisons with my time playing TFC with [DW].

I'm really looking forward to FF as there are no online team games around at the moment with any sort of speed or arcade feel. There all realism realism realism, Which can be good, but variety is the spice of life.

O and hello Defrag, hows tricks? And i hope you've inproved your map making skills from old if your the chief mapper. :P
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