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First time I hopped on TFC it was right after I first bought half life in 99 (I was 12 at the time) and I was attempting to play online with 56k... I joined an empty Hunted server and was quite put-off by how slowly the crowbar swung so I didn't try again until a few months later. That was when I got DSL It was awfully daunting at first, getting used to the maps and the classes and dealing with all the incredibly skilled people but obviously the more I played it, the better I got. Since then i've been in and out of TFC, usually taking breaks from CS when it got boring/frustrating, from DOD when the Axis kills everyone all the time, or from UT when server modifications got too stupid. I once even took a break from the HL2 single player to ease into some TFC. I feel that all the maps and classes in TFC are well balanced, and the required teamwork has rarely been matched by other games. It's been a crazy-fun 6 years and im looking forward to many more.
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Hmmnn...let's see... The first experience I had with "online" multiplay DM was on DWANGO....played a little qwtf...but did not catch fire until Half Life. I picked up HL early in 99 and, over the summer, I started crossing paths with a few THD Clan members. They were nice and good players. Pyrocat stands out most in my mind. At that time I started getting interested in 3 Clans. Talked with THD, CA and 30+. 30+ was tougher to get into as I seem to recall that it was invite only. After talking with Xarnon in THD and spending some time pubbing with him and a few other members I was invited to join. Played few matches. One of the most memorable was the match against a Euroclan DICE where the lag was horrendous....I was D on the 2fort Elevator. By the time I realized that someone had jumped down the elevator and detted the pipes he was already on the bridge with the flag....nice....

Old story....but THD blended with CA and VYL to form Resurgence. With the dynamic personalities within Resurgence it's days were numbered. Out of it's ashes 404 was formed and I followed my friends and clanmates and have been there ever since.

The old netcode had it's pros and the the best HPB snipers I ever saw was my very own clanmate Arcane. No one EVER sniped like him with a 600 ms ping...

People who's only experience is pubbing or even teamplay on TPF servers miss alot of the experience. There is nothing in this world like playing a match. The Rush of Adrenalin....the joy...the frustration....but when your team is all synced up...there's no feeling like it at all.

I ran a server myself for years and was one of the chief architects of 404-LN....which was the Late Night contingent....whether we were clowning around on a 404 server or invading various public servers (who can forget 6 SG's in the water of 2morfort and our soldiers knocking the flag carriers into the water.......) we always had fun. Along those lines FNF (Friday Night Fights) was formed. A precursor to this was a webpage I crafted after a particular nasty go round with league admins over a clan that 404 did not have any particular love for... I called it the "LFL" or Llama-free was, in part, that upon which FNF came to be formed on...particularly memorable was the night Fisich fell asleep while admining....

Personally, the game changed dramatically with the loss of the Super Powerful concs and the change of the mirvs. There were other things I did not like....reducing the power of the pyro...few things more fun than burning snipers through the roof of the Snipers Deck in fort.... And I did not like the "new" netcode.... Then other things as vALVE seemed to facelift the game to make it easier for newbs (IMO). Part of the fun of the game was the effort it took to master certain things.....back in the day....we could go coast to coast in Rock2 in seconds....exploit the door to the gas chamber and have invulnerability to get us back to the office....annoying? Yeah...we'd eventually run out of concs....speaking of which...I got booted off of Yiffy Foxies for concing with the flag. "It's an exploit and you were warned" was the explanation I received...whatever!

Anyway, seemed like the community eventually turned nastier or maybe I grew less tolerant. Too many mouthy punks running their mouths. I eventually left IRC and online play. I am excited at the prospect of FF but I am hesitant to go back to online play just because of how people behave....or I might build a new server so I can send the jerks to where they belong....permaban....

ok...file this under tl;dr
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TFC was the first game I ever truly played regulary. It allowed me to meet such an incredible amount of awesome people, and an incredible amount of questionable people. But for a span of 5 years or so, TFC was one of the best parts of my life that I can remember.

All of the nights learning how to conc, how to rocket jump, how to do all those things that made the newbies go "WOW! HACKER!", etc. None of it could have been possible for all of the people that I've known throughout my clanning days and my pubbing days.

I started off TFC just randomly playing from server to server as an unknown player going by the name of p-Nasty. Not really understanding why I was getting my ass kicked constanly by those players that could come in and utterly own the maps. After some time (I'm not too sure at this point), I ended up joining what would be known as my first clan, Xtreme Players, or X-P. Being a total noob clan, it quickly disintegrated and everyone went their separate ways. I was more or less passed off to what would become the only other clan I have played in, Tortured Minds, tM.

Amazingly, I passed their tryout and was let into the clan. Not getting much playtime (mainly due to the fact that I couldn't get IRC working), I spent a lot of it attempting ot pub with clan members. Necrobrain, Arcadion, Twitch/Battery, Dan/Vent, Ally/Celeste, and all of those other resident tM folks that I spent way too many hours getting to know by playing against them, with them, and of course, playing multiplayer notepad with them. They are the reason why I stayed in this community for so long. Playing the game was more of a hassle than anything at the end of my career in TFC.

That is why I'm here. I'm here to see this mod take off much like TFC did and build up a similar base of players that formed the community that is still making this. Judging by the list of people directly responsible for developing this, I can see we're in good hands with old school players such as Schtoofa, Dospac, Mulchman, and FriedBunny. (Sorry to the rest of the team, I either don't remember you or never have heard of you. :P)

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I just stopped by to say that I truly hope this MOD can succeed where TFC ultimately fell short, by having a community that embraces sportsmanship and friendly competition, that encourages new comers to learn and succeed and does not tolerate any bullshit from anyone who thinks that they are above the game and it's players.

Hello to all the old school TFC fellas, and hello to all those who have just found their way here.

The best part about Fortress Forever is that it's a fresh start, we're all "newbs," and I hope that when it's done I will have as much fun learning to play it and meeting people who enjoy the game as I did with TFC back in 1999.

Thanks Dospac for pointing me here, I will keep an eye on this project, for sure.
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Send a message via ICQ to Dospac Send a message via AIM to Dospac Send a message via MSN to Dospac Send a message via Yahoo to Dospac
np, thanks for stoppin by, dm. Looks pretty sweet huh?
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I never really played online multiplayer games. Too busy with consoles I guess. Only briefly tried Quake with a joypad (I wondered how others managed to look up/down so quickly. I found TFC when visiting a friends house at college. After having a quick go (with a mouse) I managed to borrow Half-Life off a friend. I download the HL update and the individual download for TFC (ISDN in college was the shit back then!). I basically lived on Demons servers with rock2 being my favourite map. I didnt get on with wireplay since I wasnt a BTInternet user at the time and also the shit client you had to install. Looking back though I praised GameSpy at the time . After a time I joined a few mess about clans. I finally joined +SA+ which was really my first serious clan. We never really did too well and lost pretty much every match we played
Was fun though and after a very few number of games the clan just fizzled out. I joined BarrysWorld as a public admin after not too long and also joined the BarrysWord TFC League (BWTFCL) as a ref. Season 6 of the league I took on an admin role and sadly pretty much ran the league by myself with the help from some refs. I closed the league at this point since teams were hard to find and others weren’t interested in the league. BarrysWorld got brought out by Game UK and renamed to Game.Net. Shortly after I joined Jolt as a public admin and im still there today. Game.Net disappeared along with my TFC memories. I do miss reffing games as I have never considered myself to be as good as many others. So I do enjoy watching others, being a ref you get exactly this. I tend to live at the viewing every demo that gets posted there. If there’s any leagues that need an active ref/admin then im still around!
I currently run a website which has been quite some fun, I also host a small SvenCoop server which has been the #1 UK server for some time now.
No one tends to remember me but I suppose thats what you get when your not playing the game professionally.
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TFC hooked me because of Dustbowl.

I remember playing Doom DM on the original WON way back in the day, and playing Quake DM on office lans and such. In fact, I've been playing video games since before Space Invaders, and i always dreamed of more of a team game, like storming a castle with a team of players against another team.

in 1998-99 i wasnt gaming much, but a friend of mine bought HL and showed it to me in 2000, it was obviously a great game and I had just gotten a new comp and my first cable connection. He also described TFC to me and I tried it but the CTF gameplay just didnt do it for me that much and i wasn't totally motivated to play.

after i finished HL, in the fall of 2000 i tried TFC again, and my friend showed me a new map called Dustbowl, where one team only attacked and the other team only defended. Now THAT was team-based FPS play the way I'd always visualized it. in those days, DB wasnt the non-stop spam fest, people hadn't perfected those techniques yet.

But at the time, there was no other avenue for that different style of play, there was one map for it, and it was basically ignored by all the leagues. so over the next two years, along with perhaps a couple of dozen other instrumental people who really liked this attack/defend style of play, i directed my efforts toward getting it recognized and played.

i became the leader of the premier a/d clan, 3v. I was in on the creation of the first two a/d leagues, including the Attack-Defend League which became the main (and now only) league for a/d play. i did two popular .avis which displayed attack/defend play to others.

now, a/d is a popular and recognized sub-genre of TF play. when UT2K4 came out with Assault mode or when FF announces a/d maps on their initial map list (thanks to Zouave, another tireless champion of this different style of play), i feel happy that my efforts were not in vain. a/d play is a TFC innovation and keeping it going is what will motivate me to be involved with FF and getting it played and popularized.
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I FAILED highschool because of TFC. but anyways, i started in my freshman year and im still playing now as a freshman in college....first clan was XW..damn good guys. Its all about the community and finding new ways to get better and have that dream of being better than that top clan.
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Oh god, i love TFC

I started quite some time ago, i guess maybe 4 years ago. I remember it was the first time i got the internet, and i bought a half life pack which had like opposing forces with it, which had tfc.

I remember saying to my friend how, "that team fortress thing looks good!", but i was such a noob at the time and had alot of trouble getting it to work, it first wouldnt install properly, and at the time i didnt really understand the concept of patches, although im sure the error messages in the console werent that helpful for noobs

Anyway the first time i played tfc was old wireplay team assault, dustbowl. Ah man did that rule. I remember spawning for the first time, and i was literally in awe, we were at cp2 on attack trying to get through the tunnel. And just watching explosions, gun fire and gibs flying everywhere. It was chaos everywhere, it was so overwhelming, and i knew this game was ownage. I remember at the time, having PAYG internet access, so i was waiting at the computer for 6 (off peak) and then desperately dialing up and rushing to the server. Unfortunately i suppose hundreds of other people were doing this too so it was pretty hard to get onto the server! I remember everyone being so friendly and supportive for noobs, i sure as hell was one, and acted like one.

Unfortunately, there was no way i could afford to play after a while, i was 15-16 and it just wasnt affordable so i stopped for around a year. I then got a job :P And i thought hey lets play, i remember going to a wireplay server, recognising one of the guys i played with before, and i asked where everyone else is? "Blueyonder" i was told. I was then told to post on the BY forums, i was like wtf is a forum?

I then eventually got more and more involved with BY learnt about clan style play, become an "e-admin" and eventually an admin and later a forum mod. I remember trying so hard to make the servers work, some will say they were crap but hey, i had fun, and i know loads of other people did too. The admin team there was ace, and there was a definitly a huge community spirit within blueyonder, so it was quite sad when it all had to end

Ive basically played in 2 clans, both of which i feel i have put 100% into, and i still do now. There has been a lot of highs and lows, but all in all very ace. I had a year or so without tfc when i went to uni, i thought i was over tfc and wouldnt play it again, but how wrong i was! I still play tfc now with CiC and still trying just as hard as i did when i first started clan tfc, although i am div 5 noob now Its amazing how crap you can get in a relatively short space of time. I wouldn't describe myself as pro, or old-school clanner, but fleh, whatever :P

TFC is just a fantastic game that is so much different from any other game, seems like developers are just obsessed with releasing generic realism crouch and shoot fps' with not an ounce of originality. Bunnyhopping, concing, all good

I look forward for FF
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TFC is the world's best online game ever, hands down.

My TFC life started in the fall of 2000. I had just bought a brand new beastly PC, a 533mhz Packard Bell. At the same exact time my neighborhood just recieved DSL, so I figured I would go online and grab some game demos to test out my new connection and PC. Well the first and only demo I downloaded was RealNetworks demo of Team Fortress Classic. I loaded up the TFC compleate with three maps, and I was submerged into a brand new world.

There were people with rocket launchers and chain guns, snipers with high powered rifles, medics flying around defying gravity, and a fat blue man. Of course I was playing the classic map hunted. Well I played the same map over and over for almost three months straight, thats how hooked I was into TFC.

I met so many people in those three months. I became so close with some that I even called them "friends". I still talk with some on a regular basis. Since the year 2000, I have only played one online game: Team Fortress Classic. No single game can compare in gameplay and overall enjoyment.
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Originally Posted by CiRe
I FAILED highschool because of TFC. but anyways, i started in my freshman year and im still playing now as a freshman in college....first clan was XW..damn good guys. Its all about the community and finding new ways to get better and have that dream of being better than that top clan.
Holy shit you were in XW? What was your name? XW was one of the best TFC clans that I was in
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In 2 weeks I have created 2 new TFC addicts.
and got a UT2k4 player going from TFC sucks to I WILL CONC FROM BATTS TO BATTS!

ok so the 2k4 player only started because he was bored out of his mind but I still introduced him to the game.
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Originally Posted by D
In 2 weeks I have created 2 new TFC addicts.
and got a UT2k4 player going from TFC sucks to I WILL CONC FROM BATTS TO BATTS!

ok so the 2k4 player only started because he was bored out of his mind but I still introduced him to the game.
Get them coming here
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Started in TFC with friends just running around being kamakzi engineers. Was playing only semi serious until I decided to found a clan with a friend/neighbor who is now in -=ES=-. We played in UDA for awhile (3-4 months) until we were approached by RoYaLe and asked to merge with [WU]. The Notorious Wu Tang of TFC was born in 2000 and held strong for about 2 years.

Prior to being in TFC, WU began in qwtf in 1997. Eventually switched to TFC in 2000. Disbanded for 2 years until I and the other leader decided to start it back up again for HL2. We have gotten some of our old members back to start anew and are simply waiting for Fortress Forever to be completed. None of us at WU can wait for this mod to be released
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ah....tfc! God I cannot express myself enough, I think.

How I started to play is a very weird story. When at junior high school, I bought my first console, an N64. At some point of time I got hold of Goldeneye, to which I totally sticked for 2 years. Meanwhile, I was battling with my friends' opinions that playstation was better than N64. I was one and they were many, so I developed a "passion" for this console in order for my opinion to "survive". Meanwhile, there was a guy (I consider him leet now) that was sticking to half life, but I didnt pay him much attention.

When Perfect Dark came out, I sticked to it too. I loved it so much that I wanted to prove it is better than half life. But, in order to do this, I had to play half life. And so I did, I finished it on easy setting first, hard thereafter. I still was blinded by my N64 passion.

Till my computer freak cousin told me "Yes, but HL's multiplayer cant be compareable to a console's". That made me think, because I had always loved multiplayer gaming much more than single-.

The same day, I dont know how it happened, it was such an old time and I was such a noob then, but is happened that I spawned in 2fort. I played only a few minutes and then slept for night. The next day, I didnt really realize that actually HAPPENED, and I thought "That was a nice dream" But there was that little bright hope inside me, and indeed, that wasnt a dream. That was real.

I am saddenned by the world's follishness(cs and steam) and my pc's low "constitution" and my country's poor internet thats disallow me to play tfc at some points of time, but I doubt there will ever be any other game for me.
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Started TFC late 1999 i think! was introduced via a brother when visiting, and thought OMG this is how I have imagined gaming since I was 11 (IM 35 in March).
Recruited the first time I went online via my dial up by Chief into [MDB] and went on to lead the clan with him, for probably the next 4 years... him playing good cop me bad cop. Had a few others help DCL over the time such as GreyWolf, Shadz and prob others.

What I liked:
* The community - although testing at time, was amazing, this was something new and everyone just wanted to get better and better. Clans and clan members helped each other, yes argued... but thats life, but mainly supported to make the game level rise higher and higher. Never forget rebo showing me how to HW (sorry never managed it , and operations how to conc jump! No one ever managed to teach me BHop
* Leadership - was important for me, [MDB] was a dedicated clan, we practiced probably most nights for a couple of official praccy hours, + most for another 4, bringing in other clans and people to learn more. Recruiting, Networking, Training, Motivating, and even doing the bollicking and firing were all part of it, and amazingly similar to what happens in RL. Ask any1 from the clan, and all would have a story of me having "a quiet word"
Watching members get better and better and better
* The game - WOW - i mean WOW , this was actually a game where people through practice got better and better, where when you thought you were good, or the clan was good, you went out, and some1/clan.... brought you right back to earth and inspired you!
How to explain this?!?! - I think the best way to explain is that In my experience I ahve never seen and online game, where by just the movements of a player, the style of someone... you could actually tell who that person was!!! I mean WTF everyone looks the same (classes al told) yet you could tell a player!
* Clan Matches - I mean FFS, hoe many games, make you want to pay £60/month to play, drive home from work for 3 hours at 999mile an hour so your not late, fall out with your wife/gf, kick the cat and have a heart attack just to play.... and then .... and this is the real belter, sit and watch your demo and every1 elses time after time!!
* Skill & Team work - just watch the avis& demos - people like AFX always going further in level.

This is another funny one, I have never had a good shotty aim, never really been able to Bhop, never really been skilled as such, but always reckon I have earnt my place... through team work - pretty myuch how I play most game in RL !!! how many online games could that apply 2?

* As probably can be seen from above - took way to myuch of my time up, GF is only just forgiving me, work suffered, back suffered, and belly grew
* Cheaters - Why!?
* Tag name changes.... people like me got confused, didn't know who my brothers were half the time - I personally believe everyone should just stick to 1 name only - but hey thats me
* Clan hoppers - created bad atmospheres, lack of loyalty, and mucho work for the leaders!! :P loyal clan members that drank their milk at night are what were/will be needed


Loads and nearly all good.
The people/friends From [MDB] CHief and co + [TsK] (played with later)
The lans and meeting in RL (you weirdos )
The chocolate Supradyne brought over from Belgium (ayup m
Loads online especially the rivals XXX LOG etc.... lots


Sounds like this will be a great new game, good luck to all doing it.
*Leaders - create a forum, leaders community - help prevent cheaters, reduce time wasters, help each other
*Time limits on clan hopping strictly enforced

* DOnt spend your lives on the game :

Would love to come back to play this.... but I fear I wont have time.... Need a Part Time League setting up for like of me
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heh, good old times.

I started playing TFC a couple of weeks after it came out when I was 13 or so under the name *Wiz* . My stepdad *Orion* was the one who introduced it to me, I used to sit and watch him play in [Unit 7] Later to become [dB4d]. Well, I moved in with him and my mom in January of 2000 and finally got my own computer, a whopping 333 MHz processor and a 16 MB Gfx card.

So, I pub around, and change my name to ^Magus^ in the spring of 2000 (even back then I was confused as another Magus, maybe it's the same one, |SR| ?). I remember not being able to wait to get out of school to play. I remember getting all giddy about the gibs exploding, it was a game unlike any other (except maybe General Chaos on the Sega Genesis ) I decided to try and join my step dad in [dB4d], since I was also friends with Chinaso, Diehard, VanSmack and Watchdog. So I got into [dB4d], more or less because I was *Orion*'s son though, lol.

From there, I played in [dB4d] for a few months and then my computer went down in 2001 some time. I didn't play TFC again really until 2002 when I built my new comp, then I started clanning in {TSA} which I became leader in, we never were anything more than bronze. After a couple of years in {TSA}, I moved on to other clans... was in -SIN- for a while, Xt., and my own clan I created uE. In uE. we were never really all that good as a team, just individual talent... so after some frustration in both bronze and copper I quit, since I thought TFC was almost dead anyway.

Of course, the addiction came back to me so I played in ip for a little while and now I'm in a new clan, ii-

Almost 6 years and still playing. I'm REALLY hoping that Fortress Forever will totally rejuvenate the TFC community and bring in new players. It will be the sexiest game to ever cross the planet, minus Chrono Trigger
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My first run at online gaming was back in 1998 with Quake2, though a fun game to play it was a team game I was looking for. Then around crimbo 98 I found TFC. The game that was to change my online gaming experience to the present day. Eye candy TFC aint anymore and without doubt looks tired but for shear game play there’s still nothing to touch it imo.

Joined my first Clan at the end of 99, [HoL], and still with them to this day. We might not be the oldest running TFC Clan but we’re damn close. I’ve also been lucky enough to make some real good friends both online and RL, due to the “i” Series LAN events and now our own HoL LAN’s.

If I had to give anyone who hasn’t played TFC b4 some advice, it would be… Don’t look at the game… *PLAY IT!

*clan server not public to truly experience tfc gameplay ;P

As a defender I found this poem by Catalyst a good guide to the defenders role:

The Unnoticed
by Catalyst

I am the person you always see at your home base.
I am the one that never sees the enemy base unless I respawn there.
I am a Defender.

I am the one that gives you my ammo when I really don't have enough as it is.
I am the one that saves some health for you, instead of taking it all myself.
I am a Defender.

I am the one that defends our flag with an axe if I have to,
and I don't complain when I die doing it,
even if you get a bonus for capturing and I get none for defending.
I am a Defender.

I am the last one to complain about my ping times.
I never get upset when I get killed due to lag or typing in console.
I am a Defender.
I do not hesitate to put my body in between a rocket and my flag carrier,
and it gives me pride to do so.
I am a Defender.

I apologize when I capture the flag,
because it means I did not do my job
and protect the one originally carrying the flag.
I am a Defender.
I never care if my frag count is low,
it's the team score that I live and breathe for.
A small ego have I.
I am a Defender.

I am the one that tells the team constantly what I am doing,
what condition I am in and what the status of our base is.
I am a Defender.
I am the one that you can always depend on,
the one you never enter a map and wonder what position I will be playing,
or who will be watching your back for you.
I am a Defender.

I am the behind the scenes player.
I am your most valuable ally,
yet the most often overlooked.
I am a Defender, and damn proud of it.

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some really cool stuff posted guys, will post my *history* with tfc when i have some free time :P
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Well, I wasn't going to post a reply as I haven't played this game in about 2 years, but reading all these stories has made me a bit nostalgic.

I had Half-Life since the week it came out and spent my time playing deathmatch. My friend a the time was all in to QWTF and I played it a bit too. Didn't like it THAT much but when TFC came out I became addicted. My two friends and I tried to start our own clan, but as we were all 12 at the time, it didn't really work too well. I was on a 28.8 connection and spent most of my time being a sniper because everything else was too laggy. I played CS for a bit too but once the downloads started getting too big I stopped. I started trying to clan eventually and my first clan was IOU-NA-. It was a good time, some good people. Unfortunately, it didn't last all that long after I joined (it wasn't my fault) and once we broke up I joined |UAF|.

|UAF| was an awesome time. Met some great people and it's what REALLY got me hooked on TFC. The friendships made in that clan introduced me to how awesome it could be to play online. I was in UAF a long time until they eventually disbanded too, to form [NiX]. I was one of the original 6 members of [NiX] and that clan was awesome too. When they eventually disbanded I joined [eXeL]. I was in [eXeL] for a long, long time, and only left when I started getting too busy in real life to be able to keep my duties as a Captain. After a brief time off I came back to clanning (it was impossible to stay away) and joined a lower-tier clan in which I could dominate at my friend's house, FINALLY on high speed. Yes, all that time before joining this clan I was on dial-up (except for a brief stint when I got my friend to join eXeL).

Once my friend and I had a falling out, over a girl no less, (girls=satan) I sort of felt out of touch with the TFC scene. You can't go back to dial-up after highspeed, it's impossible. So that was the last of my tfcing. I was never one of the top tier players, but I played a lot and was made captain in a couple of the clans I was in. The TFC community was always awesome back in the day, the rivalries between clans, the friendly scrimmages, everything was always so fresh and interesting. I can't wait for Fortress Forever to come out. I'll be right there alongside everyone else that first day, even though my college's network is quite possibly the worst one in the United states. Good times, good times.
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