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1 christmas (98 i think) my mom bought me hl and it was awesome i thought. beat that and then we got the internet. i figured hey i can play this bad mofo online! awesome! click on multiplayer and notice tfc sitttin there. i was intrigued so i tried it out. love at first sight. played for a couple of months just surfin around all the servers and eventually started frequenting girlpower. that was where i met scrappy and a bunch of other people and we formed da llamurs (llamur). after that i played with them a few months and then i happened to join a low g server, mikeys playhouse. i was like wow this is freakin awesome. i left the lamurs and along with mikey, cath, siddhartha, and a few others, formed the sunflowers of death [s0d]. back in those days low g was more that 3 servers and had a couple clans, so there was alot of cool people and alot of fun to be had. ended up gettin kicked from the clan after mikey went on a power trip and booted over half the clan.

was clanless for awile then, and frequented frenchy's low g pit(no hw/sniper). had a brief stint in V2.0 before realizing i liked low g better. couple other clans i joined but they all disbained quickly after forming. then 1 day i saw someone i knew with the s0d clan tag on and asked what was up. story short the clan rebelled against mikey and was now its own thing with its own servers and stuff so i rejoined.

left a couple years latter, not sur y, boredom i guess. opened up my own server (low g silver server) and joined the low g clan -=TnD=- (thrust-n-deep). i remain with them as 1 of the leaders to this day though my server is currently down due to lack of interest and the iminent death of the clan if more life is not breathed into tfc. s0d however is still goin strong as is frenchy's, wich is good cuz it means there r still low g players out there.
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I remember installing TFC off a computer magazine CD on first release. Tried a couple of classes like Soldier and Spy... couldn't really suss what was going on (or didn't want to have to learn something new at the time), so played QW and UT online instead.

A friend introduced me to the Wireplay Assault server in '01 and oh how much fun it was that first time playing Avanti and Dustbowl.. especially as a HW. I became a WPTFC admin shortly before it's demise (in Sep 01 or so), and was one of the first members of Team-Smile, a team lovingly thought up by TODave. We played for fun, we were crap (mostly), didn't have 'clan practices', weren't too bothered should we lose (again and again it turned out ). Just a bunch of good friends enjoying the game for what it was - Fun. Finally got to grips with concing thanks to Tonster and some of his demos, and got bunnyhopping OK with his guide as well.

Was a BYTFC (blueyonder/bygames) admin for it's whole term as a fully fledged GSP (around 2 years).. being an admin, Head Admin, Deputy Community Liaison and finally Community Liaison there. Sad times when it ended, but public TFC players were on the wane more or less, though a redirect plugin (Thanks BIGPhil) in it's final month or so almost showed that statistic wrong. Now back as a WP Admin and enjoying Well like never before :E

So, it's 4 years TFC playing for me as it stands now, and personally looking forward to this Source mod to hopefully breathe new life into the game that just won't lie down and die like many doomsayers keep expecting it to. I also think it'll bring many ex-TFC players back into the game as well, with the updated look and gameplay

Keep up the good work
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..Just had to log on and say Thanks!

..OMG, I'm just soo glad to see someone working on a new TFC. Like we haven't waited for eons already.

..Greets to Zouve and Chem, it's been a long time since I've seen or chatted with 'em. It's good to see such highly skilled peeps contributing to the project.

..Me, 37 (Yeah, old school old fart), been playing FPS since they were created. Played TFC since it came out. Haven't played it in about a year because of time constraints. Last clan I was with was PFM. Will play this mod for sure.

..Skills, besides my good looks.. *cough* Mapping. Not that I'd have time to map, I haven't even played with the new Hammer. Will have to see if Chem has some Tuts online I haven't checked to see if the .fgd is on the downloads, but I'd surely get back into mapping if it were.

..You guys let me know if you'll need a T1 server for any testing. We've got one over at Clan Indifferent that's begging to put something on besides *Gag* Counterstrike.


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[DM]DECOY. That was my old TFC name. It seemed like so long ago and I feel like an old geezer when I try telling the new generation CS players about what TFC was, is and will always be.

Quake2 was the first PC shooter that I ever played. A buddy of mine turned me on to it when I was in eighth grade. We played instagib and Weapons Factory for probably about six months before his dad bought the original Half-Life and started playing TFC. I remember vividly his telling me about the huge graphics difference and how smooth the gameplay was. The different classes and thier uses. It all sounded familiar as Weapons Factory is more-or-less a TF clone itself. But what he was describing was worlds better and it was almost everything that I wanted in WF, and then some.

We had started our little clan playing 2v2 matches in instagib. We called our selves the Demolitia Militia, or DM for short. It took a few months before we became good enough to attract other players to join our little team. We were a family. Or, to put it less gay-ly, a group of friends that loved invading pubs and laying down a little whoopass. Eventually the original two became six.

After the little expansion, my co-leader stepped down from his position putting me in sole command(ooo...the power). I made the decision that we should start playing in a league. At the time, there was no better place for a newb clan to start out than the Online Gaming League(OGL). We signed up for the TFC 5v5 ladder and that was pretty much the step that made us an official clan.

I remember our first match very well. It was against Team Neo. Well...they kicked our ass. Flat out. We clearly had a lot to learn before we could go toe to toe with some of the bigger names in the league. It was a wake up call and a learning experience all rolled into a nice little boot to the rectum. From that point on, three of us became obsessed with learning some of the advanced moves that Neo unleashed upon us. Most notably was gliding(not to be confused with bhopping, which was considered cheating in most leagues.)

Our next match was a good one. Our teamwork really came together. We played a clan claled TKM, I dont remember what it stood for. I think we played the map torch2. We had no problem laying down caps and keeping a strong defense up. I owe this mostly to my two main offensive players, Relik and Darkwrath. They kept untouchable communication between each other and the payoff was proof. I was the defensive master or the clan, and our comms werent too shabby either.

Unfortunatly our next match was also our last. Well...technically there was another victory in there, but it was by forfeit(I guess thats spelled right). But anywho, we got our asses handed to us yet again, but I don't remember by who exactly. After this defeat, a few members went thier seperate ways. One guy's connection was cut off, and the other was having family problems. So that took us down to four. Adding to this, I was having some problems in school at the time as well. So I decided to pull us out of the running after only a month of competitive play. And that was more or less the end of our clan as well.

We still played TFC quite a bit, but never really put in the time again to get a full force team together. Also around this time I started to diversify my taste in games and started playing CS, DOD and even a few RTS games. Although I don't really play TFC too often anymore it still holds an irreplacable spot in my life, both on and offline. Even to this day, I have never really learned a game as well as I knew and to an extent still know TFC.
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Started playing in January 2000 when I got a net connection. I joined a clan called BHF on the MORAT servers before leaving with a few members to form 12Monkeys [-12M-]. I co-led that with Spanky, Ciggz and Aristagon and we had such a god laugh. I like to pride myself on 12M being a clan who tried to have fun while doing well, I don't think we were ever lame. We joined the MORAT ladder, GTFCL, UKTFCL and BWTFCL. Eventually we won the UKTFCL division1 and came 2nd in BWTFCL division1 and got promoted to the UKTFCL prem and played in the ETFCL for a few games. We had to fold shortly after as we began struggling to get the numbers for a match. I became an admin of the UKTFCL during this time with Storm as bias pielord head admin.
Storm and I also founded Team Scotland for the ECTFC at this point, though we never seemed to do well in the tournament. We had some good players but could never get our strongest team out.
After 12M folded, Storm persuaded me to try out for [DW]. I passed the trial and joined along with Skins and Eliaz, kind of surprised I got in as I was a backline sol for 12M and I moved to frontline to trial for DW. I was lucky to find it had much the same atmosphere as 12M. I really loved playing TFC at this point. We won the UKTFCL that season and were top of the Vitality ladder for ages, as well as progressing well in the ETFCL. Eventually [DW] went inactive after winning the UKTFCL as we were struggling for players. I left TFC at this point, coming back twice within the next 6 months to help out DW because they were seriously short of players. I didn't feel the game was the same anymore, the spam annoyed me so I quit for good and ended up being a power gamer on EQ :/ I quit that in November 2003 to focus on real life. I've not played any online games since then, and deliberately have no net connection in my flat - I don't have a computer set up either lol.
FF is really tempting me back, though I don't think I'd be putting in the same time as I once did.
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I started around about the time of the release of TFC I didn't have much knowledge about the community surrounding TFC and stuck to obscure German publics and the likes.

Joined a misfit bunch of people who I later lefted to join [HOD] a hop skip and jump and I was on trial for [*DH*] that ended rather bitterly so I found myself trialing for [HK] I got in and was pretty suprised really.

Later that year [-12M-] robbed us of the Division 1 title (thats right Shaolin robbed!!!) and we came runners up. We played a season in the Prem and were demoted just as quickly

After playing out the SSK Invitational tourney we pretty much parted ways occasonially sufacing to play a Cup. AphexTwin told me to join IR after I was asked after (why did I listen to him?) I got in and left not so long after. Dynamo and TMA man handled me into FAB and thats pretty much where I stayed.

Played for some random teams after the split but never really stayed anywhere for long.
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Pfft we were owning you till Barnz' cat took him out!
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Can't remember when i started , played for quite a few clans as engi and wasn't too bad i like to think even with high ping. RNK , B-A , FUNK and others . Only game I really cared about enough to not only get a better comp but also run up huge phone bills . Not bothered with pcs much since because everything else seems pale in comparison . Classic
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Hi I'm pud
My first clan in TFC (KoD) was pretty infamous back in the day.
I started playing around 2 or 3 months after it came out and I heard a guy playing video games in my dorm. He had the volume turned up quite loudly so I came to see what he was doing, because I was just getting introduced to onling gaming(Tribes). The game ended up being HL and I played on his computer alot b/w classes and downloaded TFC on it and taught him(FluffyHamster) to play and we learned together.

That was best part of TFC for me was learning the classes and their abilities and weapons. All the tricks and maps to learn and teach others new sg spots.

Then we joined KoD and had a great time in it.

other clans include Karnij and Final Vision.

Because of college is the main reason I wasnt active and played off and on then retired after CPL winter 02.

Cant wait for FF, I'm here to help in anyway possible
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been playing since summer 1999

joined [-DI-] end of 99 / joined [*I-G*] summer of 2000 and took over leadership begin 2001. in [-] now and will stay that way for quite some time to probably. Dont know if [-] is gonna make the transition to FF yet though

Tell casual players on public servers about our mod and give them the url if they are interested( please dont spam tho ) )
bit late for that, been spamming it all over DoD servers
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Well i played TFC through my teens tbh my older brother formed a clan called XsD about 3 years ago , and i just never stoped playing tfc since then
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Well i have finally found where axlan has been hiding.

I have been playing tfc since 2000 for about 4 different clans. Some of which died off while i was a member. -SIN-, Vendetta, ASL?, and now i am currently in decepticons. Most of the people you run across are nice people some are complete asses just think of tfc as a microcosum of life. I have really enjoyed playing the game and being part of the community manily because it fills my need as a compettitive person.

I started off playing tfc and cs on my roomates computer. I liked it so much and he was tired of me using his comp that i finally broke down and bought one of my own. Ive played prolly every class in tfc in matches competitvly cept maybe pyro, that was reserved for when we where gettin our heads handed to us.

Its great to see someone has takin up the flag that valve left behind a long long time ago.
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I repeat, robbed!!!
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Pfft, I thought it was Barnz' mind that went, not the cat ;p

Been playing TFC since 99 and up until about 2 years ago it was the only game I ever played, interest has waned a little now though, mainly due to peoples attitudes in games. I just hope this will be a like a brand new mod people wise and not just the same old faces.
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We owned you first map :P

Was a great game though, probably the most stand out game in TFC for me. Loved playing HK

Gun: I think the cat attack emotionally scarred him and started the whole thing....
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I love you guys for reactivate the greatest game on PC as a FPS ever !!!

Either Q3F or Unreal Fortress are as good as TFC was for more then 5 years. TFC was the first online game i have ever played. At this in 1999 i used ISDN and didnĀ“t knwo anything about letancy or ICQ. I spent every day more then
6 hours playing TFC. Learning concs ----> learning hand concs ---> learning rocket jump ----> learning bunny hopping ----> lerning defence on every map and position new. Every CW i played it was a highlight for me. My mates from school all played f****** CS. Not me. I hope you guys make FF as good as TFC was. The movement, the aim and the atmosphere.

Please make me happy and let the spirit of TFC never die. Hope the community will be good as in TFC.

P.S. i am from Germnay and i apologize for me bad english speaking

Hope see guys on FF servers soon !!!
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Greetings and hallucinations to all! As a long time TF/TFC player, I was excited as could be to find out that someone was doing a TF mod. I am eagerly awaiting it's release and from what I've seen so far, I like it. It seems to me that you all have made a great deal of progress. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more as the project continues!

A little about me...

I was introduced to QWTF by a close friend in 1997 after playing months of Thunderwalker CTF (say it with me.... SPOOOON!) and Rocket Arena. It took a bit of getting used to it, but I soon fell in love with it. I joined [P] (The Pact) in 1998 and played in a few memorable matches against the fellas at PlanetFortress. Unfortunately, we disbanded not long after I joined, but several of us took up the torch and reformed the clan for TFC.

For the better part of three years, we played together. We weren't 404 or PF but we could hold our own. We had our share of good times and bad times. After a merger with KoB, most of the original [P] decided to hang it up.

I spent most of my QWTF time as a sniper and a medic. Having the work connection didn't hurt me there. I would drive in to work (one hour one way) after hours to participate in matches. I had a blast! When TFC came out, I started as a soldier, but fell victim to a poor cable connection at home and became quickly discouraged at my drastic decline. I then decided to take up a new career as an engineer and that seemed to be the answer I was looking for.

My clan was one of the classiest clans around. We didn't break any records, take any league by storm (#20 in OGL, STA Silver, TFL Division 2) but we played with honor and won or lost graciously. We didn't believe in trash talking, complaining about other clans, or badmouthing the dirty players. We have had three meetings of our members in Chicago, Florida, and Washington DC and we have developed an almost brotherly bond.

That's enough waffling....

Keep up the good work! If you fellas need some late night testers... I will gladly help!
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Originally Posted by Michael
Well i played TFC through my teens tbh my older brother formed a clan called XsD about 3 years ago , and i just never stoped playing tfc since then
I was in XsD too but at that time I used the nickname Ortz. Unfortunately for me, all the other players became better and I regret now that I complained a lot at not being picked to play

Before that I was in a clan which used a pyro, spy and medic on offence so the enemy flag room often became a pit of spam, but most of the time I played engineer or sniper on casbah and well. I remember a bug on Well where you could see enemy snipers through one of the battlement walls, which I used shamelessly to get those "fast reaction" kills.

After XsD I played CS and DoD, which is when I started using the nickname frontovik, as I thought it more fitting for a second world war game. Recently I've started playing TFC again and I'm still crap
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It's a freakin long story , i was 12 ( now i'm 19 ) awww , QuakeTf was awesome i played a few months before HL got released , i played some DM until TfC came out , played it until i steam came out , i quit and i came back for a few months then the community was crashing down sooo i took a break and that's when i flipped out , looking at PlanetHalflife , i was like , OH NO , YOU ARE F***ING KIDDING ME , and since then , i visit the mod's website everyday.
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I got my first glimpse of TF way back in 1999 when i went down the street to my brother's friend's house. He was playing on 2fort and was the sniper. It looked like so much fun i couldn't wait to get the game myself, but because of my crappy 85Mhz Macintosh i couldnt play it at all. I finally got it in 2000 after getting a sweet 800Mhz comp and have played it on and off since.

I played hardcore for 2+ years. Going mostly freelance onto any server i found interesting. I first joined the clan -=ES=- for a little bit, then I eventually settled into clan [HBA]. they were taking almost anyone who would show up at the saturday practices, so along with me came a bunch of newbs and unskilled players. I fragged for a while, getting my ranks up to one of their top most active members. Then it all went downhill from there.

About 2002 we decided to join a clan match league. By then our clan leader Whiteboy hardly showed up anymore. Conflicts on who would be on which team along with no one taking control created chaos within the clan. Fed up with our divided clan, me and pal Billastrilla left the clan to make our own. The Dark Shadow Empire was born.

Clan [DSE] had a rough start. Our goal was to get enough members and join a league. With the help of our website and a fellow clan member with a server we finally established solid ground. We joined a league but didnt do too well. We constantly had problems getting enough people to show up. The clan went on for a few months until our clanmember who owned the server had his little brother start playing in his place. He was annoying as hell and he even closed down the server! our strongest assest was gone and we soon disbanded.

I still play on occasion, taking breaks every once in a while. I haven't played in proly 6 months. Im sure once FF is out ill play for another solid 2+ years. this mod looks extremely promising. Probably the main thing that kept me interested in TFC for so many years was Custom-TFC (cool site) they always came out with new and interesting models to intise me to download and test it out.

The TFC community rocks and i want to become a more active part of the community than i was before. TFC was always more entertaining and more exciting to me than CS. lets hope FF does the same! When i first heard of this mod, ive been addicted again ever since. Thanks guys and keep up the awesome work!
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