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I played TFC for 8 years, TF2 for 6, FF not long enough!

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully some of you will remember me. My primary alias in TFC was pcfitness or pc. I ran a few clans and communities for TFC and TF2. =NF= and [HULK] were my most popular in TFC. In TF2 I started [Oz] which lasted for 6 years or so.

Besides streaming FF on my YouTube channel last night, lol, my reason for posting today, over the last few years I've popped in and out of the FF server browser and rarely do I see busy public servers. The only server I see busy now and then is the FF Pickup which is always locked, as it should be. I would like to see some casual traffic in a few of the public servers. FF is such a great game, it's a shame there aren't more people playing it. What can the community do as a whole to help change that?

Besides steam, what other ways could we help promote FF into the public light. I know once more people understand what this game is about they will be hooked. A huge plus FF has over newer fps titles, it runs at incredibly high frame rates and uses little resources to do so. That is a huge selling point for young gamers with low budget PCs.

Too bad the FF Pickup server couldn't be unlocked for spectators. I understand the whole not wanting to be interrupted during a match, I get it, I've been there, but on the other hand, we have a game that easily competes with top titles like TF2 and there are no other servers with casual players, almost ever. Not a good msg to send to someone the first time they install the game and browse for someone to play with. Chances are they will never come back. I think if the focus is attracting new players we would get them. FF Pickups is great fun, but it's never going to take this game publicly to the next level. I think it could easily compete if the exposure was there.

Besides not having the funds to get it out there, or the timing conflict between TF2 and FF 10 years ago, I'm sure there are some valid reasons why FF still hasn't reached stardom. I'd love to hear them.

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