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[idea] secondary fire for indiviual weapons?

with the issue of having to remove weapons such as single shotgun on most classes, I believe ive brought this up before a long time ago but i think revisiting it at this stage would make sense. As i feel this would make it easier to adjust the classes in the future and now.

currently FF is removing weapons to lower the amount of weapon slots. the problem i see is your losing alot of functionality of previous weapons they had a purpose after all. this idea should help alleviate that and make it possible in the future to keep weapon slots down without losing functionality and the ability to add functionality to a class without having to make a whole new weapon or completely change an existing one. it will open the door exponentially to how much firepower or abilities you can pack into 3 slot or 4 slot system. instead of having individual weapons for everything. and since shift is a key that is unused i think using it here would be a good idea.

so ill explain how basically the current class specific specials will move down to shift while the weapon specials will move to right click this is to make it easier to use. each weapon would have the potential for one though not all have to have one.

for those that don't unique a secondary fire option immediately or ever. we can either make it so nothing happens or they have soldiers current class ability. which you can just do with q anyways or maybe it could be reload for some weapons either way its more a placeholder to make it so the button does something no matter what when you press it.

super shotgun since this is probably the most obvious change im going to start with it.

weapon: super shogun
primary fire: 2 ammo
secondary fire: 1 shot (the equivalent of the single shotgun)

that means soldier, medic, heavy, engi, spy, all loose 1 weapon slot without losing the functionality of the single shotgun. thus making the the classes more versatile without adding tons of weapon slots making it harder to switch between weapons. pretty sure they all had a single shotgun before this even if they didn't i don't think it would be a bad thing that they now have one as they still draw from the same ammo pool and it is a niche weapon to begin with.

class sniper

]now lets move to one that requires some moving stuff around.
ideally id like the sniper rifle changed from what it currently is but for now lets talk about implementing it how it currently is. you could add a secondary fire type but that would force shift to scope and could also make the sniper even more powerful so think the best thing for now would be to make the sniper special ability something else and make the sniper rifles secondary fire zooming in.

weapon: sniper rifle
primary fire: regular fire
secondary fire: scope

Heavy weapons guy

this is another change i see when you added over charge you had to get rid of reeving the gun secondary ability well i miss that so what this would allow is to have both overpressure and revving of the gun at the same time. while the overpressure would move the shift because its a class special i think honestly it would fit better there its never really felt like a secondary fire ability but rather a side ability anyways so pressing shift wouldn't be a big deal.

Class: hwg
shfit: overpressure (aka fart)

weapon: Heavy assault cannon
fire one: regular fire
fire two: reving gun

the demoman

the demo man is simple to remove 1 weapon slot that is currently taken up by 2 weapons

weapon: pipe and detonator launcher
Primary fire: pipes
Secondary fire: detonators

this is just the stuff off the top of my head you could probably come up with all sorts of crazy ideas for each class to make them more unique and functional. an airblast (like in tf2), tagging shot, burst fire for nail gun, could even give the spy a wrist tranq instead of having a sperate weapon slot, etc...

theres my idea what do you guys think me personally i think it would add so much to the game though it would be a bit of a change the long run rewards are very high and worth it.
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