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Anyone pick up DiRT2?

Game is fantastic imo. Would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys racing games.


Me, failing with style:

Anyone fancy a race?

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its pretty fun, played it a few months back
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I played through it twice. Fun game for sure. My latest offroad racing game is MX Vs. ATV. Very fun as well and you can do some sweet tricks on the MX bikes. Career mode is a bit short though.
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Good game, but I still prefer Race Driver Grid.
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I got it when I got my video card (came with it free).

Its a good game, a few things lacking thats annoying but still a fun game. I even made a couple of videos for it.

Dirt 2 - I Did It My Way (V2)

Dirt 2 - Another One Bites The Dust

I haven't actually tried it online yet. I don't believe I'm all that good, though considering I am only using a keyboard to drive I think I did ok.

I've beaten the game on single player and jump in now and then to do some passes.

Dirt 3 is on its way and from what I hear its going to have longer races, more races, more cars and a few other things. I just hope they support that game better then they did Dirt 2.
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