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Small attacking trick on ff_aardvark.

I haven't seen anyone else bar me do this, and Obtuse Rubber Goose spectated me and said he's never seen anyone do it... so I'm going to share it with fellow attackers as a great way to get past defense at the top of the aardvark ramp, as it can be painful when it is heavily defended, I use it often to get past soldiers, get security, evade SG's and other defenses.

I do it as scout but I think other classes can accomplish it.

In basic: Trimp at the very top of the ramp up to the second floor.

Video I've just recorded and uploaded to youtube that shows me doing it twice so you get the idea. It's just a small trick to help people out, you can see from the video that it's a good move to have in your arsenal.

For anyone interested, I record a demo or multiple demos in game, close FF, then open Fraps, open FF, play the demo(s) one by one and record using Fraps at 40 FPS, half the size, (fraps saves the video as quite a large file size), so I then open the video(s) in Windows Live Movie Maker (WLMM), do any editing like combining multiple videos together or adding text/screens. Then I sign into Live (through WLMM), and upload the video directly from WLMM to YouTube at 720p resolution which allows for an HD option on my video for better quality. And WLMM manages to save and upload the finished video at a considerably reduced file size than what Fraps saved it as while keeping all of the quality. (one video went from 500mb Fraps size to 32mb WLMM size) And then without even opening YouTube in my browser, my video is already uploaded with a full description, tags etc... Windows Live Movie Maker saves a lot of time... and really takes care of a huge chunk.

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