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Neighborhood Watch

Be on the lookout for hackers. If you see suspicious activity, get demos, screenshots, and a copy of the console - we need those STEAM IDs. Also, give us the date/time and sever name/IP. We can get server logs that way.

** We CAN'T just ban anyone who is suspicious we need proof. **

Forum admins, here is a confirmed hacker to add to your banned lists.

"-I_Shot-Biggie-" STEAM_0:0:13339580

I copied the title from a similar thread at the Dystopia forums

-edit Input from Scuzzy
Originally Posted by Scuzzy
First, I am all for banning individuals who use hacks. However, I believe it would be a disservice to the community if people believe they can post on someone without proof to get them banned all over the world. I'm sure that there are people that will try to abuse that. If it has not already been done, it would be good to lay down some ground rules. Here are some ground rules that have worked very well in other forums for steam games:

* Create your post with the subject line: <steam-id> <alias> <type of hack/offense>
Example: STEAM_0:0:13339580, "-I_Shot-Biggie-", - Using Aimbot
This really helps server admins and prevents multiple posts for the same offender.
* You MUST post a true demo that includes the odd activity and a view of the console/steam-id. Without that proof, DO NOT POST.
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Server owners, please drop me a PM for added information.

Players: There are no hacks especially for FF, so be on the lookout for what you'd see in other games for hacks:

Shaky Headshots
Random Locking On
Shaky View in General
Repeatably freezing and reappearing in another area

Follow 4ests guidelines, and consider this:

The founder of myg0t is 40+ years old. All senior members are in their 30s. Almost all subordinates are either preteens or young. The leader poses as a teenager or young adult, and demands pictures from people wanting to join. Anyone else thinking of a word that starts with P?

Regarding their website info, if you think you can trust that, then lol.
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Err going out of your way to point out or bring up myg0t only provides them with happiness. There are other "groups" who are already developing private hacks specifically for FF and TF2. myg0t is just a group of dumb kids. The real threat doesn't have a name. I could provide you all with a list of steamids from some of these groups but the proof restriction would prevent me from doing so. The real threat has many steamids.

For example:

This is all one guy who also has a blog talking about using his hacks in FF and TF2. Should he or his friends ever decide to grace themselves with their presence on your servers you'll just find banning them will become a daily chore. These steamids are just when we caught him and were banned over a period of two weeks. It would literally take me forever to post the steamids from a month or two months. This is from CSGamer. Feel free to add them/delete as you see fit but I can assure you they are all real and legit.

Google "campstaff" if you need further proof. He is a pain in the ass and doesn't have a static IP. Sometimes he tags up as cheat project and sometimes project mayhem. Either way he'll always play as campstaff because he likes to post screenshots of when he wasn't caught.

So you see myg0t isn't so much a worry. This is just one guy I'm talking about and he is a part of a very large group without a name.
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Beetle's mod automatically kicks myg0t members
It has a list of names and if it spots them in the players name they get kicked. And in the list has a handful of myg0t tags. It will also kick youif you say "myg0t" more then twice in a row or something like that.
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