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ridiculous warning II

And administrators will deal with it as they see fit.

Problem solved.
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(TEAM) Aiken Drum [Admin]: spinne drop the bid or u leave
(TEAM) Aiken Drum [Admin]: spinne ? u gonna ignore me ?
[En]Spinne: is it in the rules?
Aiken Drum [Admin]: yes it is
[En]Spinne: url?
Aiken Drum [Admin]: u are abusing the chat
[En]Spinne: lame ban me then
Aiken Drum [Admin]: simple

I have a bind for each class that tells my team which class i am, every time i spawn. unfortunately some ppl get really arsey about it especially on spammy maps like dustbowl! i did not play tfc that much but i`m trying to have fun playing ff and this admin has pissed me off, my idea of fun has just evaporated! you may say that he/she`s the admin it`s at his/her discretion, they have the final say etc but like referees in football they make mistakes.
i don`t know of any rules about spawn spam, i did not see any in the motd and have not seen any "written" rules for it on the wireplay site. it might be common sense not to continually spam mm1 but it was mm2 and it was only continuous every time i spawned, there is no key bound to it. thank you for closing the last thread so abruptly, i could have just sat on the fence, but i`m not going to let it lie. if i was a newbie and this happened i would probably not join that server again or i might think twice about playing the mod again. i have seen this kind of crap before on dustbowl in tfc... before the gates open soldiers rocket each other, it`s a way of "warming up" and even though friendly fire is off up pops an admin and says no team bollocks. i`m the type of guy who runs through the enemy respawn with his medpack out and never infects anyone in there, but i don`t really care, my message is, admins please lighten up ? feel free to flame and or close this thread i`m not really interested. my opinion is my own and i do not represent my clan with it.
nuff said

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so again, why bring it up here instead of the wireplay forums?
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He has done, and SteveP (CL) has replied...

As an aside, you're not even banned
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in which case, the discussion can continue there.
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