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Moosh possibly hacking

This all went down at approx 10:30 my time here in el paso texas on the morning of june 15th

<moosh> hey man
<moosh> what mat hacks did you use
<moosh> and how do I acquire them
<LeadMine> ?
<LeadMine> what lol
<LeadMine> You are severely mistaken
<LeadMine> mat hacks are not a cheat
<LeadMine> like aprogram
<LeadMine> and 2nd
<LeadMine> Get the fuck outa here
<LeadMine> i dont hack and dont support it
<moosh> lol
<moosh> right man
<moosh> whatever you say
<moosh> let's 2v2 some niggers
<LeadMine> no
<LeadMine> You have lost all respect
<LeadMine> from me
<LeadMine> Get the fuck outa my face
<moosh> loll
<moosh> how did you pull it off man
<moosh> the hacks
<LeadMine> wtf are u talkin about?
<moosh> you cheated
<moosh> you said so yourself
<LeadMine> no i never cheated in a pickup
<LeadMine> i just felt guilt for having the mat hacks
<moosh> I don't care where
<LeadMine> so i admitted i had them
<moosh> nah man you used them
<LeadMine> i pubbed a few times
<LeadMine> in talos with them
<moosh> send them to me
<LeadMine> This conversation is over your have gotta be outa your fucking mind
<moosh> and I'll destroy them for all eternity
<LeadMine> ill be talkin to yfni
<LeadMine> say goodbye to your @
<moosh> lollll
<moosh> yeah okay
<moosh> but send them to me man
<moosh> oh wow
<moosh> you are almost as funny as space
<moosh> haha
<LeadMine> im not the one tryin to cheat
<moosh> your parents must be proud of such a smart son
<moosh> oh man and today was a pretty boring day too
<moosh> thanks for cheering me up pal
<moosh> haha.
<LeadMine> your a faggot say goodbye to everyone.
<moosh> I just can't believe how much of a knob you are DDDDDDD
<LeadMine> why because you expected me to help you cheat and shit
<LeadMine> and ruin wut community we have still
<LeadMine> your a fuckin moron
<LeadMine> i dont cheat
<LeadMine> your a faggot
<LeadMine> you got caught thinkin id actually tell you how to use mat hacks
<moosh> hey uhm if a person does shit in high school
<LeadMine> because your a fuckin newb
<moosh> he goes to the army right?
<LeadMine> your now on ignore
<LeadMine> have a nice day

This is highly unbecoming of a quakenet ff.pickup admin and a fellow long time member of the fortress forever forums and i have no respect for you anymore moosh. the fuck were u thinkin.

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7:00 PM - zE: eh tbh i like some stuff in us but a lot of stuff in us messes with my nerves
7:00 PM - zE: like watching fox news
7:00 PM - zE: its like wtf
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