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Originally Posted by Skanky Butterpuss
not really. ive noticed that halo only seems to be a big deal to people that arent pc gamers.
I'm a PC gamer, and I enjoyed Halo a lot. While the first one didn't do much new, yes, it was that it did so many things extremley well, such as AI. Not to mention it was the first FPS game to have truely enjoyable vehicles. (Co-op with a friend+Warthog= one hell of a good time!)

However, I really hate Microsoft for making Halo 2 PC Vista only, I mean seriously, they don't need DX 10 to do new stuff. Someone will probably develope a hack though to play it on XP, though. I also would like to see the level editor they have planned for it.
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Nezumi nah it's crap on PC. The FOV is totally wrong so it feels really ugh to play it, I just can't play with the crappy fov. What is it? 70 or something? The graphics look average, the game feels 'laggy' when looking around (not due to fps either...) and the reason why it's good on console is because there are hardly any decent console shooters which makes it more impressive.

Originally Posted by Nezumi
You've got that backwards Agret. Halo is only good on the PC. As PC gamers, I'm sure we all understand that an FPS can only truly be played on the PC.
That's right, that's why Halo isn't a true FPS. Yay for target lock-on and 'whoever shoots first wins' style gameplay. The guns are pretty balanced in it with the exception of the sniper and rocket launcher which just destroy everything else. In the original Halo (the one that got released on PC) the pistol just owns everything in multiplayer (yay, overpowered).

Originally Posted by Nezumi
The Halo SP is really fun and realy easy on any but the hardest difficulty on the PC.
Really fun and easy? No way... If it's easy it's boring. The only reason I loved it on XBOX was for the co-op and messing with the warthog jump and such. The glitches & secrets in Halo/Halo2 are quite fun to play with.

Originally Posted by Nezumi
The multiplayer is crap any way you slice it.
Haha yeah, on PC the netcode is terrible.

Halo was a decent shooter but there's not many levels I bother to re-play. I play Silent Cartographer on Halo1 and New Mombasa on Halo 2. That's about all I can bring myself to play unless we're doing a run through the entire game in an evening. DEAR GOD I HATE THE LIBRARY IN HALO 1. WORST. LEVEL. EVER. Even the concept behind it is stupid "Hey i'm 343 Guilty Spark, I want you to activate this icon for me so i'll try and kill you by sending the Flood at you."
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I meant in terms of multiplayer I didn't like Halo 1. I heard the 1player & coop were pretty cool. I didn't think the weapons or maps were very good at all in multi, and the vehicles got old after a couple days once people learned to whore them.

Speaking of RTS's, Blizzard needs to stop making these stupid MMORGs and get back to work on Starcraft 2... and Diablo III!!!
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I'd qft the last 3 posts but that'd be a waste of space. Anyways consider yourselves seconded.

Halo is one of those games where the way you fight, especially since you have to beat different enemies in different ways, is actually fun. It's not just running and shooting. Seems a lot like Fear in that respect. And you can't do that on a console properly.
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