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Ideas for promoting the game

2.4 is on the go, and once out I think it's a great opportunity to try to increase the playerbase. Anyone got ideas on what can be done here? Spam gameforums? ;P

One thing I think is important is how "newbies" (that might have played public for a while) are welcommed in pickups; I've personally seen how there can be a bit of grumpiness because one team "has to have the newb" = loosing. This could of course easily be avoided by having the newcommer play with all the best players of that particular pickup, which then balances the team. Something every admin should think about frankly... If we ever hope to have leagues again, the transition from pubs to pickups (clanstyle gaming basically) needs to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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Seriously, how's that the FF shirts were never made in the end? I wanted one =/
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What I'll try and do is post some flyers (Nice glossy ones) up in Fullsail's buildings, I gotta get permission first though.
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