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His intended mode of offense is not anti-sentry though. I don't think anyone wants to give every class the ability to do everything, as you become less reliant on your team and can 'do it all' yourself. The Pyro is supposed to combat front line defenders which paves the way for his team mates to take out sentry guns and rear-base defense, which paves the way for objective based classes like Scout or Medic to go for the flag. Each class should have something that they do that contributes to 'the greater good' instead of packing all that versatility into one class and having everyone go about doing their own thing.

I'm just pointing out that I think the Pyro is not sufficient for the intended role of taking out front-line defenders. Which classes play front-line? Soldiers and Heavies. Both of them have weapons which keep the Pyro at bay. The Soldier will juggle the Pyro and the Heavy will outright kill him before he gets close enough to do any good amount of damage. The Pyro only does good on public servers because he can take advantage of the mass confusion.

In any serious and organized match, he becomes useless. There is not enough confusion and everyone is alert. He can't get close enough or he gets absolutely slaughtered, and he has really pathetic weapons (IC and Single Shotgun) to serve him at range. The point of this thread is to fix that. We need to make the Pyro effective against front-line defenders. Medics and Spies fare well against the front-line classes, but they are expected to bypass them to do what they do better: anti-sentry.

If you can't get past the front-line defenders, you get a Pyro to combat them. if you can't get past the sentry guns or rear-base defenders, you get a Medic or Spy to combat them. Then, the Scouts roll up to take the flag if the Medic or Spies have a hard time taking off with it once they neutralize the defense there. See how it all rolls into one neat organized package?

NOTE: The Pyro works different from other classes. Other classes have powerful weapons that deal powerful damage immediately. The Pyro has really weak weapons that are terrible individually, but ramp up the damage the more he uses them in combination with one another. Now, there's nothing wrong with this, it sounds like a good idea and is fun at times, but I just don't see how he could keep up in an organized and structured game against classes who don't have to go out of their way to kill people like he does.

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