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Brush and Lua

How do I make a brush that you cannot shoot through. But, you're able to move through?
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imagine a day when we have a working trigger_ff_clip...

I guess that was the idea of it in the first place... but yeah dunno
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Next patch we will have a fully functioning trigger_ff_clip, and this will be entirely possible (thanks to hlstriker!).

For now, it is possible, but it is a bit buggy (the team that can walk through it can also shoot hitscans through it). See ff_dalequandary for an example (Mushy uses them in the spawns).

Here's the Lua dalequandary uses:
-- Clips on Spawns
clip_brush = trigger_ff_clip:new({ clipflags = 0 })

blue_block = clip_brush:new({ clipflags = {ClipFlags.kClipPlayers, ClipFlags.kClipTeamBlue} })
red_block = clip_brush:new({ clipflags = {ClipFlags.kClipPlayers, ClipFlags.kClipTeamRed} })
Create trigger_ff_clip brush entities and name them blue_block or red_block to use it.

Note: The syntax of the Lua might change a bit once the fixed trigger_ff_clips get released.
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