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A Call For FF media

Hello everyone I’m Undecied. You may have just seen my general post talking about problems I feel FF has and how to help bring it a new player base. I said that the most important thing that we could do to bring FF a new one is to make videos to give FF more attention. I myself have made a video (unlisted at the time of this recording) which you can see here (
). The video itself isn't the best I will admit, as it has no commentary from me explaining how to do everything that is done in the video. However, it is an example of what I think videos on FF could be like form the community. A video like mine is meant to show someone how to finish the tutorial in FF itself. Some may say that making a video on that is redundant, and i will admit it is somewhat so. However, it could draw someone’s attention that the game actually has a tutorial in the first place since they can very easily miss it on the start menu (it really does blend into the background and is a bit too low on the list for my taste to be easily seen). The point of my video is to try and help those who may be stuck in the tutorial, which is a real thing that can happen to someone coming in since the style of FPS FF is hasn't been popular for a long time now. It could possibly bring in people just randomly searching or could help someone in need, and that's what I want to see more form the FF community. Videos about how many frags you got or videos with game play and music in the background are all right, but they won't really help the new FPS crowd get into FF easily and want to stay in there. I hope that you understand where I’m coming form and hope that this media section which has visible videos from 2013-2015 will be buried under a wave of high quality videos giving FF an image and FF a new player base that can understand the game.
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Nice job on the training video. I've seen some people post in the steam forums how the bunny hoping part was too difficult. I Should refer them to this video if i see anymore posts like that.
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nice one! Will put this on facebook

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Thanks for the feedback guys; i'm really happy that my example is liked so far. Also I am cool with you posting it where ever. I think I will keep it unlisted (for now at least) since I do think it's just a very basic example and that others can make far more in depth videos that could cover things like the tutorial in the future. This post is just meant to get more people in the mood to do videos and to show a simple example of one.

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