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Class Guide: Civilian

Class Introduction:
The civilian is by far the most unique class in the game, but is only playable on a select few maps. The Civilian's most prominent roles are playing as a goalie in Waterpolo and "The Hunted"/Blue Team in the map ff_hunted. There are a few other maps in which the civilian is playable, but those are few and far apart, and will not be metioned.

Civilian Details:
Max Health: 75
Max Armor: 50
Slot 1: Umbrella.
Grenades: None.

Weapon Description:
Umbrella: Being the civilian's only weapon, you literally have no other options for fights (not that you'll be fighting much). This weapon is melee-ranged, so no long-distance fights for you. The most unique thing about this weapon is it's spectacular ability to deliver a 1-hit kill to whomever you hit, whether in the back or the front. Believe me, there's only a few things better than scoring a kill with an umbrella.

Because the civilian is only played in two maps, I will divide this section accordingly.

Hunted Strategies:
First off, if you don't know how this map type works, too bad, I'm not explaining all of it, just the role the civilian plays in it (That includes the map layout).

Goal: Escape, don't die.
Vulnerabilities: Sniper Rifle, Knife, Sabotaged Sentry Guns, Sabotaged Dispensers.
Strategies: NEVER, I repeat: NEVER, EVER go ahead of your bodyguards at any point in this map, you're just ASKING to get sniped in the head as soon as you turn a corner. Always be diligent about snipers, ALWAYS. There are many times when I sniped the hunted from the third floor of the ruins and the body buards hardly noticed because they were certain that they were in a 'safe' zone. Let me tell you this loud and clear: THERE ARE NO SAFE ZONES IN THIS MAP ANYWHERE. Remember: Always be wary of the spy. The spy probably gets more assassinations than three snipers put together. Tell your team to do spy checks at any break point you get (When you have a moment, check the names of all your teammates by pressing TAB, if a name doesnt match, whack them with your umbrella). Familiarize yourself with the speeds of the classes, that will help out a lot when the spy thinks he's "blended in". Here's a few things to look for when spy checking, if ANY of these things are used by a team-mate, he/she is a spy 95% of the time:
1. They always have a crowbar out.
2. They're a civilian (I shouldn't have to say this one, but oh well).
3. They're a spy (also a given).
4. They're a Scout.
5. A HW or Soldier are moving oddly fast.
6. A medic is moving very slowly.
7. They have their slot 2 weapon out (this applies mostly to Medics, Soldiers, HW's, and Pyros).
8. They're infected with a medic's virus.
9. They run away from medics with a medkit out.
10. They're name doesn't match anyone on your team.

And that covers hunted.

Waterpolo Strategies:
NOTE: This section assumes you know how to play waterpolo and all the rules to it, this information will not be covered in this section, nor any other.
In waterpolo, the civilian has a much more active role: The Goalie!
Goal: Protect your goal, return the ball when possible, and kill anyone in your area.
Restrictions and Vulnerabilities: The Civilian (referred to as 'goalie' in this section) cannot go out of bounds or in enemy waters, or you will be returned to your spawn point on top of your goal. You also move even faster than a scout, and when you are bunnyhopping, you go about at fast a a scout doing a hand-held grounded conc. Another important note: you are immune to any damage AS LONG AS YOU STAY IN YOUR AREA (you will still be moved by explosions, powerful guns, etc.), but there is a downside; you take TRIPLE the normal damage while in the midfield, so offense isn't that much of an option for you, but that doesn't mean you can't do any offense. You can still bunnyhop to the midfield to kill a HW guy with his back turned, an engy setting up a sentry, a demoman setting a det, or, most importantly, a scout setting up a JP. As usual in this game, bunnyhopping always helps out, because a bunnyhopping civilian chasing any class (even Scouts) means that you will catch them and make them face the wrath of your...umbrella?
Anyway, back to the important stuff,

Ptotecting Your Goal
As a goalie, it's obviously your job to protect your goal and occasionally your team. First of all, let's cover the "Don'ts" of being a goalie. Don't:
1. Stand inside your goal, it's completely pointless.
2. Stand behind your goal, again, it's pointless.
3. Return the ball if a friendly scout is about to get it.
4. Get blown sky-high by friendly pipes (occasionally, a demoman will lay 8 pipes on the ground, and when the round starts, he detonates them when people jump, sending them ridiculously high), this wastes time, and many times I have done this and the enemy scored a goal before I reached my peak height.
5. Spend all your time in the midfield, you'll die. Fast. The midfield is like sky-diving. It's fun and exhilerating, but sometimes the cord malfunctions or the parachute gets tangled, and you die.

Now that we got that covered, Let's go over the Do's.
1. When you see a member of your team setting up something like a JP, sg, dispenser, etc. (On YOUR side of the field) stand in front of them, you're a perfect shield to your allies while they're defenseless.
2. If a sg is getting pounded by nails and the engy is trying desperately to repair it, block the nails! Your engy will probably thank you and you feel better inside.

**UNFINISHED: Please don't close this thread, I will finish tomorrow, but please post comments, suggestions, etc.**

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