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The Looking For Team Thread (4v4 Cash Tourny)

I'm starting up this thread for any and all players both Team captains and Team hopefuls to form their teams for the 4v4 Cash tourny.

Just list your name, state your looking for team and post the classes you can play for the team. Example below. Team captains can post their team name and post what positions they are looking for. Example Below.

Drakonal<-----Looking For Team

Offense: Spy|Scout
Deffense: Engy|Demo

Team Radical seeking 2 who can fill roles.

Offense: Scout|Medic
Deffense: Hwy|Solider

You can also see the League Information as well as rosters at

IRC #ff.pickup on Quakenet

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FPSMoto looking for team

Offense: Scout/Spy
Defense: Soldier/Engineer
Moto's Funhouse | Dallas, TX -

ff_plunder - Complete
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remove this post if possible :P

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homie in reboks'
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Looking for team: ME

O: Medic
D: Sol

Willing to play anything, though.
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