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adapting technology for idiots
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Since consumers are the ones who purchase most technology and use it, and considering most consumers just want the tech to work, and don't care how it works or how long it took to get it to work or how much money it took to fund to get it to work, as an engineer, you have to look at technology from a consumer point of view when designing how to use it. And that is something that most engineers lack. The ability to see anything but their own point of view. That's what makes successful companies and engineers. It can be difficult seeing something from someone else's perspective, and that is why you need testers. Not people who are enthusiasts, yes you want genuine interest, but I think it'd be more objective if you were to just take people at random, pay them if necessary, and have them tell you what's wrong with the technology you are creating. Have them tell you your fuck ups, because if they don't, or if you don't take criticism well, the product will not work or will not sell.
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Who the fuck is this guy?
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At least we aren't adapting humans to fit existing technology.
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