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Originally Posted by Dospac
Hey PK! You definitely should get HL2 to play FF. =)
Given my current play-time on DAoC, I wonder sometimes if it would even be worthwhile to me to get back into an fps game, especially multiplayer (yeah, the 11pm est + later crowd is right up the alley of the crowd I was playing TFC with).

Of course, if things look promising I'll try most games for at least a short while, even if it takes a while for me to get going. Since XMas has passed, it will probably be another 10 months or so before I get another chance to buy some games, and no HL2 in the stocking, so you guys have some time to make it look like something I'll want to play
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omg at that screenie! look at my ping!
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Am i welcome :)

Hiya my name is Crosseh im currently a clanned player in the ETF scene .. and have been following all the fortress mods with interest from FF to UNFE and Q4F.

Currently ETF seems to be the most alive fortress mod so i play that after reading quite a few posts from other players id share my views.

Currently ETF is struggling we have a couple of ex TFC clans playing and a few players who have taken to it .. although many do think its pants each to thier own ...

Our new league season is starting up with hopefully 16 clans in a 8v8 style format .. thats enough pimping

Anyway i started back in the late 1990s with Qwtf which i played with a 56k modem man those pings were great lag and packetloss a plenty.

Few years later i moved to Quake 3 Fortress and stayed with that for a while .. i have dabbled in UNF and TFC not clanned only publics but from what i see very different styles of play fun anyway

So with ETF on the way out although were are trying to attract new blood its what to play next or what to play first both FF and Q4F have a great deal of interest and hopefully will be out sooner rather than later.

Look forward to playing some of you in FF
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Depending on the ideal of quality the q4f developers have in mind, most likely Fortress Forever will be out first. Afterall, its been in production for far longer (approx 5 months more? since the hl2 sdk came out).
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I just hope FF goes out before i die
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Currently ETF seems to be the most alive fortress mod so i play that after reading quite a few posts from other players id share my views.
Surely it's not?.. TFC is still quite active, CTFCL public server + several non-clanned public servers, and a lot more than 16 clans playing in leagues.
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Send a message via ICQ to Dospac Send a message via AIM to Dospac Send a message via MSN to Dospac Send a message via Yahoo to Dospac
TFC has been the largest Fortress mod since it was released. By quite a large margin even.
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My apologies for bumping such an old thread, but I stumbled across it, and registered just so I could reply with my own long-winded history.

I'm not sure exactly when I installed TFC, but shortly after its initial release in 1999. I had never really played FPS games before, but recently my family had purchased a new computer (a Pentium 3). I knew very little about computers or gaming, but a friend of mine who was really into games was absolutely ecstatic that I had such a powerful high-end machine, and he brought all kinds of games and demos over to try out that would not run on his machine. At some point, he kept bugging me about this new game called Half-Life. At one point we were in a store and he showed it to me, but I recall passing it up for NHL 99 (sports games were really the only ones that I was into at the time). Eventually, however, I broke down and bought the game. I was absolutely stunned by the single player mode, but never did complete it, because that same friend convinced me to install a new mod called Team Fortress Classic. I vaguely remember after initially playing it calling him on the phone and describing as the greatest thing I had ever seen this map where a bunch of red guys tried to help a fat blue guy with an umbrella escape past a bunch of yellow guys. Turns out that day was the beginning of a severe addiction, as I've been playing this ridiculous game off-and-on for nearly 7 years since.

At some point in late 99/early 00 a guy using the name Casanova something or other asked me to join his clan (Clan Sphere I believe it was), which looking back on it probably reflected his lack of experience as a clan leader, because I was pretty terrible at the game at that point. CS fell apart rather quickly, but the highlight of it was getting destroyed like 400-10 or something by Clan =1=, whom we all regarded as gods after that. I then joined another clan (TDR perhaps?) which also went nowhere, then later talked to Casanova again, who it turns out had actually joined Clan =1=. I thought this was the coolest thing ever, but even cooler was the fact that he told me he could get me a tryout! I joined up, and played with them off and on for a number of years. They were a great group of people, and it was nice of them to keep me on really, as I was a high school kid who frequently missed practices and was on an AOL connection that basically made me completely inept. Eventually we got Roadrunner, and I became the very LPB that I had come to resent previously.

Clanning was fun, and I had some great times doing it, but by far the best memories I will take from TFC, or from any game ever I would bet, will be the afternoons and evenings I spent playing on The Slaughter House, owned and operated by WDK. I have a very full life and gaming is merely a diversion that I make time for every now and then to entertain myself, but it speaks to the power of that server that I still get sad from time to time when I remember it and begin to miss it. My memory is a bit shaky on this, but I believe my first experience with it was when the map cj2 used to be played frequently. It was the first custom map I ever played (I *think*), and I thought it was just so awesome that this server would play a map outside of the standard ones. One night some of the regulars hosted a "cz2 golf night", which I thought was the funniest thing ever (of course now we have actual minigolf maps!). The Slaughter House developed into a fairly renowned custom map server, and in the later years Zouave would stop by often to play, as his maps were in heavy rotation. A simply fantastic community of regulars developed from that server, many of whom (although not myself unfortunately) even gathered together on a couple of camping trips. We had a friendship with clans like KoB and BnBL (I think that was it), although [SHR] (Slaughter House Regulars) never actually became a clan itself, and most of the members were not interested in clanning. It was a very sad day when The Slaughter House closed; a tribute page at Planet Fortress (I think the video I made is even still hosted at File Planet) can be found here: I have kept in touch with a few of the old regulars in the years since then, and TFCMaster ran a TFC server for a short while after The Slaughter House closed. I remember we all used to talk about playing TF2 together so long ago, but I don't think anyone ever thought it would be the year 2006 when TF2 (and Fortress-Forever) came out!

I didn't play TFC for a while, and then when I decided I wanted to start playing again, I discovered that Steam had replaced WON, and for whatever reason, Steam determined that my CD key was invalid (it certainly wasn't). So, I was unable to play TFC for a while, but when Half-Life 2 first started taking pre-orders, I bought the package that came with the old games, and was able to play TFC again. I thought the engy teleporters were a server-side mod for the longest time, and then eventually to my surprise realized that they were official. I was also surprised to find that Axl's TFC, a server I had played infrequently on in years past, was still active. I began playing there, and it really re-kindled an addiction that I thought had died. I was amazed at the fast-download servers that made playing custom maps so easy, and I often wonder what The Slaughter House would have been like if we didn't have to go to a webpage to download any custom maps (which deterred the average player from staying in the server). I still play TFC, mainly at Axl's (now called Impulse), and I am very anxiously awaiting both Fortress-Forever and TF2. As a TFC purist I guess you would say, I am more interested in Fortress-Forever, but will try TF2 as well; it looks like it could be really fun. Thanks to everyone who still plays TFC, and to everyone who is working so hard to make Fortress-Forever a success.

And, oh yes, I still use the old TFC models. I tried the new ones for about 5 minutes the day 1.5 was released, and that was enough for me.
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Originally Posted by bokko
Surely it's not?.. TFC is still quite active, CTFCL public server + several non-clanned public servers, and a lot more than 16 clans playing in leagues.
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jolt dustbowl... lives!
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jolt dustbowl ftw....

totally unbiased opinion
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A friend of mine, AgentX, introduced me to TFC. My first map was mulch_trench and I got completely schooled. The thing that gripped me first was the challenge and learning curve. It was fun, but not easy--there was always another step to things.
I quickly became comfortable with the soldier class, having passed through my "snipers are so 1337" phase. One night, at about three AM, I got picked up by a guy named Itchy and his clan CWC (Cuz We Can). We were a really, really weak OGL guild that died not too long after being formed.
While I had been advised by my friend to wait and get into a "real" guild, I found out that I liked teamplay a lot. After CWC, I moved into KEA and started to learn about league play.
Around this time, I also joined .ch, or Code of Honor. For those who don't remember (or had the privilege), .ch was a soldier training guild. You joined without requirement and took lessons from some of the more experienced players. The whole deal was run by MadDog, who put in a lot of time helping everyone out. There I learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and moved on to a new clan.
The years passed and passed, from team to team and ladder to ladder. At the end of it all, I joined a team called TAU. We were the TFC division of this uber leet CS clan we talked shit about, but had fun like nobody's business. The group was actually an older clan, SMR, that had been alive since 1999.
I've been with SMR since 2003, even though we don't game anymore.

As for SMR, we might play FF, or we might not. Here's the history:

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hi, i got to the prem@uktfcl

i decided to register because i want to be in the closed beta lol

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Right on BullUrine!

Whiteboy is still running people off. 10 years of bliss? Don't think so. Happy Anniversary HBA! LMAO!
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Waugh! New people! Change makes me uncomfortable and grouchy!

To be serious: Welcome. There's coffee tea and refreshments on the table. The trolls will be along to haze you presently, and from me: Doyooo!
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I started TFC back in 2000 I believe. I lived right down the street from my cousins house and one day when I went over there I saw him playing this game and sat there and watched him play and thought ''damn this game looks pretty cool''.

He eventually let me play it on his computer, the first map i ever played was Hunted,at least from what i can remember it was. Needless to say i got my ass handed to me pretty good, but i tried out every class to see what everyone was capeable of.

The next week I picked up Half Life for myself so I could play TFC too along with my cousin. After I practiced and got beat by him dozens of thouands of times he told me about this league that he was in that played matches every week, it was called Area51, he was currently on the team [PG].

I joined the league shortly after he told me about it and got put on GK, which was short lived because the leaders of that team were total assholes and was aked to be removed from that team and asked to be switched to the newest team in the league, [LRC] Little Red Corvette, Which turned out to be the greatest decision i ever made in the world of TFC.

We started off as a total noob team but stayed together and got alot better as a team, working hard with eachother every season and eventually we won the league title in Season 5. After the Area51 finally died i decided to try out the STA clan scene.

Starting out in STA 5v5 with a bunch of friends from the Area51 league, we formed [iF]. We lasted a few months,we didnt do too shabby but eventually we broke because of members running into RL issues. I finally then decided to try my luck in 9v9 with tM. which lasted short too before it ended up dying.

I eventually got good enough to play at higher levels of gold/plat level as soldier and stayed clanning at that level for awhile,eventually dropping down to Bronze here and there to play with old friends as i did in a clan i formed called [gOg] Girls on Girls..even though we had no girls in the clan lol.

I retired from TFC shortly after being on [D.v.S] because of real life issues with my family. But in the end I started ''getting the itch'' to want to play again and did come back, ive been back for 4 months now,still trying to shake off the rust,currently playing Sundays to Thursdays for CbK,BoA and iE.

Hearing about FF excited me,basically just because of the way it looked. I had always wondered if TFC was polished and had better graphics, what would it look like? Well I found my answer. I even bought HL2 last week so id be able to get FF as soon as it comes out. If my anticipation for a new Fortress game wasnt enough, Valve announces TF2. Now people can say what they want about ''omg sucky cartoony graphics,ITS NOT TFC!'' but I for one think the game looks really good and am excited about both Fortress games.

Plain and simple, the reason why i still play TFC is because of the community. I'll always say the Area51 community is better than any other gaming community ive been in and im sure alot of other members can say the same. That community was like one big family to myself and i'll always remember my time spent there and the friends i made.

I look forward to continuing Fortress Forever and TF2 in the revived Area51 League in due time SUNDAY BRUNCH WILL BE BACK
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Its kinda funny, I started pubbing shorty after TFC was released and have been clanning in TFC since Jan 2000 and I only heard of Area51 just before it died. I had heard of Andy Hodges but really didn't pay attention to the threads devoted to him. Anyone care to inform me on how Area51 worked? I don't know many people that played it in.
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Bandare from [BH] is the guy that bought the domain and he's told me he plans on starting up A51 servers when FF/TF2 comes out. Apparently he's a big time gamer dude in the UK and can get the servers free through his work or something...he also intends on keeping the league the way it used to be: you "tryout" (more like shit around for about an hour) and strut your stuff for the admins, and they place you on a team based on your skill level with the goal being to keep all the teams fairly even.

Every sunday the league would hold a ''Sunday Brunch'' Which is basically a full day of new/fun maps for all people in the league and random people who just happened to join the server.

Community was together so long it was more like a family community because of how long every single one of the players were together for seasons/years. Those who took part in the league loved every aspect of it, the only thing everyone can agree on is that Andy Hodges was the downfall of the league.

I like most other people, am going to support this league 100% and do whatever possible for it to be the great community that it used to be
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[DSE] Dark Shadow Empire

yo BullUrine i dont who the hell u r but u should kno me
r u the guy name [DSE]paginho-BR
well i'm [DSE]SuperDragon the one who is annoyin as hell
if u r paginho-BR then u should listen
u the one who ban everyone the whole server
ok u ban me for no reason cuz of [DSE]PrOsNiPeR words
n besides dat time i dunno how to use admin command
the reason Prosniper gave me dat cuz wen he's not in the server i can in charge at anything
also one more thing u kno the clan [HBA] well its gay
i join dat in past 3 months n i got ban for no reason at all cuz i help [HBA]3LeggedDog if u kno who is he
well he got ban too
i saw ur comments bout HBA well thank you for ur comments about dat thing
but wen u said bout Pro's brother dat annoyin i dont forgive u n trust me u r [DSE]paginho-Br
cuz u ban me after wen Pro took my admin away
Dark Shadow Empire was a good clan until u show up n started to ban ppl away
anyway if ur not paginho-BR then who u r
then maybe u r [DSE]SON_GET_OUT_OF_MY_LAWN
cuz i remember i ban u by accident so srry
well thank you for readin this comments
n plus it happens like 4 yrs ago i think around there so can u stop actin like [HBA]Whiteboy does
talk bout him he's just mad cuz [DSE] have more members than his
n now he still complain bout it cmon 4 yrs ago n still forgive wtf
well i hope u read this comments very clearly!!!
FROM: [DSE]SuperDragon
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