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Aloha Defrag! ^_^
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Just to think of the first time i saw TFC - Well it was way back in 8th grade haha. In english class. Id always end up reading faster then anyone so id always go back and play on the computers, they have a few games on them, like warcraft and starcraft, and then TFC. So i started playing TFC regular everyday. My favorite class being hw guy at the time, haha. I remember playing on the map bounce. God i use to think i was sooo good.... hahaha. As like a month later, as other kids that saw me play it, wanted to try it out, and it was only on that computer, in the corner, in the back of the room, we would fight over it. Yes. I remember one certian fight, it was with Bryce Babson. I think i was sitting in the chair and he kept begging me, "its my turn, you have been on it all class!!" and shit like that. So then he pushed my head into the moniter, and we ended up fighting haha. So now thats been like 6 years ago, and ive played it every since. Been it lots of loving and good clans.

The main and probably only reason that im still here. Is yes, the community. (and the fact that i suck at every other computer first person shooter game ever made)

Peace out guys, much love to the FF admins and makers.

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Old schooler

Well hello. Iv been playing since 99. Medic of doom, soly when I get bord and feal like getting back at the solys that killed me as med, lol never works out quite like that. Iv been Off and on, just picked tfc up agine this last month after a year or so of off time. Old clan still kicking a little. no matches just forums and some in house fragin. I just found out about this FF mod on my clan bords. I picked up HL2 and was posting that I wish some one would make TFC over agine just like the old days with upgraded modles.. well they turned me onto this site and Im so excited now I cant explaine it. I love this game. To me its the greatest game ever made so far. Lets see if FF can do it justice. I belive it will. Im planing to spread the word to all I know about this mod. The only thing that could kill it is lack of intrest. Let not let that happen.
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I played Quake Team Fortress on the now defunct in 1999 - 2000, back then I played competitively with numerous clans in the community. sD (Smoke Dawgz) and DM2 (Da Mob 2) to name some. When shut down, a small portion of the community moved to Mplayer in hopes of continuing to play QTF. We were met with much scorn from the established community on Mplayer, referred derogatively as "heaters". 4 clans made up our small group, and the clans were beginning to die out. Therefore we established a HEAT guild, open exclusively to anyone who played on DM2 died, and later joined up with LTK (License to Kill), which was the leading HEAT clan. The clan would host their own leagues on Mplayer, like Clan Ladder 1-6 and Pug League. When Mplayer was bought by Gamespy, we had one last match with the best clans on Mplayer vs. LTK and the HEAT guild. We won that match narrowly.

After Mplayer, the group was split to going into QWTF and TFC.. LTK went to TFC. We were not as successful in TFC as we had hoped, the difference in gameplay and attendance problems are the usual plagues. Inner troubles brewed within LTK and the clan split apart. Some joining K}{R, some creating their own clan -]eF[- and myself tried to establish a new clan, but there was lack of commitment. The HEAT guild still very much alive even though LTK was crippled. After a few months of inactivity, the leader of LTK gathered the HEAT guild to play QWTF and played in STA. I played in some matches but that time was a sort of a blur for me. We parted ways after the league season ended. I've been on and off with QWTF and TFC. I joined SLAYER around 2003, been an active community member, I play for fun now. I don't have much motivation to compete, unless its on QWTF

I've had a few handles. Any QTFer around might recognize my nick., Mplayer & TFC in 2002: Zyloxx
TFC in 2003: Koroshi, Exsilium
QWTF, MegaTF and presently: Shurai
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old school

Well just found this site about a month ago finally worked up the nerve to post a message. i started playing 1998 with QWTF was in a lot of clans such as AoD,CFH and void are sign was [ ] name was D4RK4NG3L at the time. well i left TF because most of the servers went meaga TF and i hated toasters and flying scouts. TFC saved me, became ASD and joined a number of clans |eW|, nbk i ended up graduating in 02 and left to the military i got into Q3F for awhile cause a lot of clans from QWTF like 30+ and i'm 12 and whole buch other where playing there but slowly the servers disapeared so now i find myself playing RPG's ack cause i cant find a decent fortress game still out there i look forward to FF and all the memories it will bring back . i am currently trying to reload TFC just to play but haveing some difficulties with the cdkey so i dedicate my time to UT04 and doom3 deathmatches but still need my soldier and pyro classes >
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Blimey, I was just randomly browsing one day and happened to stumble across this little site. I was more than a little surprised to say the least, I thought TFC for Half Life 2 was little more than wishful thinking.

There's a few familiar faces I noticed on this thread (and an awful lot of unfamiliar ones too!). A big wave to Shin, Bean Rag, Shaolin and Storm if you remeber your old clan mate/rival/fellow admin from years back (Apologies to anyone I've missed, I only skimmed through the thread).

I started TFC way back in 1999, for a little known clan called [CM]. I only stayed with them for a short while before I formed my own clan [HK]Hunter-Killers. We were around for about two years, and played something like 170 matches in that time. We played in the premiership of the UKTFCL for one season, and finished runner up to -12M- in division 1 (and we were robbed Shaolin, Bean wouldn't lie!), and made the semi-finals of a couple of cup competitions. I'd like to think we played TFC for fun as much as the competitiveness, and I think most of the clans we played against would agree with that. [HK] never had a huge number of members, and I think that's partly what made it so fun, that it'd generally be the same team playing week in week out, and you really felt like you got to know the other guys. We built up a good friendly rivalry with -12M-, and also had some good friendlies and joint practices with [FAB] who were a great bunch of guys.

[HK] folded in 2002 when my uni commitments got too much. A number of our members had grown disillusioned with TFC, and it was felt it was the best course of action. I joined [MDB] about a year later, but I wasn't able to give enough time to them, and I ended up going inactive a few months later having only played a handful of games for them. Since then I've not really played the game at all, but I'm hoping that the advent of Fortress Forever may reignite my passion for the game and bring around a resurrection of [HK], which was always in hibernation as opposed to retirement Time and commitments permitting maybe the tag can be resurrected.
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See Shao, I never lie!!
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I bought a warez copy of HL back in 1998, from holland. Somewhere around june 1999 an article in a magazine showed a new mod TFC for HL. I got cable connection around that time, installed the game HL, installed TFC ... and lucky me, CD-key was valid.

Started in august, joined a clan in september, as HW, called SSK, it was listed on clanbase. Joined, and found out it only had 2 members.

After 6 months, i joined a TPF clan on the uktfcl prem ladder called [AD] .. coolest clan i ever played for. Around those days u had allot of clans with a professional gaming attitude, lots of new tacktics & skill developing
SM., DD, ~A~, DICE, Msa,8th, tmcS ...
that first year of TFC just owned.
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well I started playing TF with TFC about 3 years ago and hav never been i a clan before I admit but still I liked it so much because it was both a fun game that also made people work together which I also liked however I never stopped and still play TFC. I found out about FF while playing on a TFC server which is great because I wanted to see TFC updated gfort source.
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TFC is one of the passions of my life

I think I started with TFC probably 4 years ago
I played it a couple of times with a friend and all I did was healing with the medic, being happy people said "tnx" and stuff, it was my first online game and fps game experience since wolfenstein 3D
later we got a modem at home and there was some kind of demo that allowed you to play hunted, dustbowl and 2fort I think, so I played on a lot of servers where they only had this map (like Drippy's 2fort)
started my first clan there [BBB]
later I met someone from America on some server and for some weird reason he gave me a working cdkey so started playing full version
I started playing on Belgian public servers and was recruited by GeneStealer for some clan named Rasta and learned priming grenades the same day
it was a nice time but we lost a match which our cl tought we should've won
half of the members left (including the clanleader) and I was given leadership
6 newbie players and already a bad reputation as that annoying newbie clan, there weren't a lot of hopes for this clan
so messed around on Belgian public servers recruiting people here and there
when we had a decent team we started in UKTFCL
we have a big and chaotic history and most will only remember us for the bad things I guess (not that I care) but I can honestly say that my time with [Rasta] was one of the best of my life
(though I probably spent way too much time on TFC while in Rasta, messing up social and school life)
most of my tfc career I played on a pentium 2 450 mhz, which isn't bad but I never had any edge either which constant fps can give you

later restarted ||PooL|| with Forest (didn't really have to do much with the original pool tho) and joined ERA for a while too when Rasta wasn't active
played for some other clans for short while but can't remember
we still go to lanparties together here (Rasta) and we will be reforming for FF (and we'll be playing some matches this summer for fun too)

I think it's fascinating how much a game and an online game can mean to a person, and the people you meet online

cba to write more, but I'm sure one or two here will remember [Rasta]

lastly I want to say how much I appreciate you guys here at Fortress Forever for making this mod, this is really like a dream come true
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not fondly!

okmy go! my friend had half life and i was liek yeah its ok! but then i played tfc and i went and bought half life :P
i started out on american servers and stuff in like summer of 99, and didnt really care that i had a 450+ ping, and i used to read up on tfc and stuff as much as i could on the internet, which is were i started hearing about clans and things, and i really wanted to be in one !
after asking around it seemed i needed icq so i got that and had a few false leads and stuff, and really freaky wierd trials involving shooting a wall and running from one base to another, crazy americans! then i realsied european servers were better so i played on some swedish servers for ages, which gave me a nice 250 ping, so i could learn to conc a bit, but with no timer it was a bit hit and miss !
then i found wireplay servers and the wireplay isp which got me crazy 130-150 pings and i got asked to trial for a clan called LTD by Sherlock after he watched me swim a flag all the way fro one base to another on 2fort. trialled on shutdown obivously i got in cause im ace blah blah
learnt how to conc and attack properly off some guy called john
LTD went on till steff joined and was temp leader for liek 2 weeks while hicks was on hoilday, during which time he folded the clan basically :P out best acheivement in LTD was getting knocked out of the wireplay season 2 silver playoffs by HB on rock2 and 2fort.
so i went to PVC who were prem woo! not much really happened there we were kinda just mid table prem, raping shit clans and getting hammered by ones like SHS, but in PVC i improved alot! because me and unclebruce used to dm every night for about 2-3 hours and just mess around on maps trying concs and stuff.
when pvc folded i went to |TC| who were fuckgin amazing, well kinda, i got made cl of TC when we went shit for a month or so and recruited back all the old players, like psy, iso, cync etc, and we managed to get tench from DW cause icepik was not nice or something. we got pretty good at one point, we could beat most clans in the prem, i remember having some pretty amazing games with FLC and Dtm, out best result was a 30-0 loss to BC on 2fort, it was amazing cause it was 0-0 for like 15+ minutes and i was like omgomgogm we only need 1 cap and we can lockdown!! :P
anyway TC folded cause we all got bored and no one could be arsed showing up for matches anymore, so i joined CJK !
CJK were mega ace, my first match for CJK was against BD on bases_r2 and i got 153 or something as offy med, which was RATHER ace. in my CJK time i got even better i think! cause we used to play every day of the week, and two games a night fairly often too, and i was loving it so i tried not to miss any of them !! 1066 in particular i loved playing, i worked out over like 12 maps we had played them my average score was like 102 or something amazing, my ego also got bigger in CJK but hey i was pretty good then !!!!
when we had our best team out i always thought we were one of the best clans in europe, and we didnt often have it out but when we did i think our offy virtually never failed to cap 5 or 6 at least against any clan!! unclebruce gunter me and doe in offy was a MACHINE! and after drawing with DW about 3 times or something we finally managed to beat them on 1 map, which made me somewhat happy, but they did have archerz as lift sol and night as bsp hwguy and ricz was playing wierdly and then their offy were dropping, but whatever we beat them yey !
we came 4th in uktfcl that season, robably wouldve come 3rd behind BC and DW if wed played our two remaining games but cjk was always a bit laid back so we didnt !

ok this i s getting long er, when CJK folded i went to USCMr, who were all fairly good but yea, i didnt feel right there so after averaging liek 40 frags per game not including caps (there IS an i in teim) i went to the magically reformed LTD, where i was for the last 2 years of tfc, gradually getting worse and worse through lack of games and quality opposition and general i suckiness untill i became too shit to even bother playing, that was about 5 months ago, since time ive only done like 3 matches.

ff bring me back go
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I was going to post a big long post about my TFC days, but then I realized that it is all just a drunken blur.
I was told I had a lot of fun with the mod though
Glad to see the FF team is going to once again spark my interest in online gaming and get me off of this god forsaken guild wars addiction I have!.
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ive been playing tfc since about 1999/2000 pretty much on and off between counterstrike, at first i really didnt get it so most of my time was spent on cs, but then as soon as i saw my mate genocide playing it i was amazed at what you could do with the classes, up until then i only played engy... it did all the work for me..

then i became dedicated to it all the way up until today and play for 3 weeks just one class, the swap to another... that way it beats the boredom, as is why TFC is the only game i havent got sick of.. i still play in the AU servers... (very thankful they still exist), but have never clanned.. mainly I just play in the semi-private offy vs deffy servers(if their not p/w), public is good sometimes to have a lil fun.

im hoping to join a clan for the first time when FF is released... ill have a lot more time on my hands.

looking forward to FF, and hope it meets all of our expectations
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I forgot how i got into TFC :P but im hoping for a new refreshing play with more people playing, Im hoping that u can still juggle and HH in FF

I joined TLM which is a clan with great ppl

The reason why TFC is more fun then CS is becuase its WAY faster and u need more then just 3 hits to kill somebody fights can take a while in cs not longer then 5 seconds.

my 2 cents
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Originally Posted by SaltyDog
I was going to post a big long post about my TFC days, but then I realized that it is all just a drunken blur.
I was told I had a lot of fun with the mod though
Glad to see the FF team is going to once again spark my interest in online gaming and get me off of this god forsaken guild wars addiction I have!.
What's your character name? I go by Arisa Nubrux. Send me a message sometime in the game
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I started playing TFC when it was released to the public in 1999 (first week it came out) and I played till late last year in some form or another. I went by this name 99% of the time.

Let's see here...

I started out in the WON chatrooms doing the odd tech support and joining a new clan every night. Later I moved to the Death Squad, and then Drop Squad, and then after I left them, I joined my first (and last) serious league clan; Lust for Armageddon. I stayed with them for probably about six months. After I left, I joined a couple guilds, one of which was |x (a mulch guild) and later a sniping guild named The Headhunters.

Eventually the servers dried up. Couple that with the fact that a lot of my friends were getting out of the game, and I too left.

Non-Interesting Facts:

- I started playing TFC when I was 13 years old.
- I played in a grand total of one league game (LfA vs ELB in OGL (not the title match where Makyla owned himself)).
- My favorite class is Sniper.
- My favorite map is Well.
- I never downloaded or installed a cheat of any kind in the five years that I played.
- I was actually a pretty damn good Soldier, Demoman, and Scout at one time.
- I was banned from The Catacombs twice.
- One of my clan leaders liked furry porn (I'll leave it at that).

TFC will always be my favorite game because of my history with it, and I'm glad to see this community is still alive and kicking. I doubt I'll be very active here, but I just thought I'd say my piece anyway.


edit - Oh and I can't do this without mentioning [CS]. I've known some of them since late '99, and they've always been good people.
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WOW reading this thread has brought back a lot of fond memories Being bored at work the last few days Ive been reading up on FF and reading these forums a lot, and thought I should finally make a post.

Firstly I Would just like to say hello to some of the people I havent spoken to for a long time who have posted here ! Its nice to see some familiar names.

I havent been playing seriously for over 2 years now I would say, but I started soon after TFC was released. Ive been in clans such as VVV, LTD, DA and MUF (hello georgie, tay !! ). I also played in many of the ECTFC's for Wales. But my longest time was spent with CJK and perhaps I would be best remembered as the poor guy who had to bring some resemblance of order to that gang of misfits for a long time.

At my peak I was playing every night pretty much as clan leader of CJK during the time tomos (better know as drtom by those of you fortunate enough not to know him as well) speaks of above. That was hard work and I burnt out and didnt play so much after that. Ive played with DA and LTD since then, and also reformed CJK when I was bored but it wasnt quite the same level of commitment from any of us.

Id like to think I made a lot friends through TFC and it brought a lot of enjoyment to me when I was younger. Living in the remote parts of Wales (Im finally able to upgrade from ISDN to broadband!!!!!) it gave me something to do in the evenings as there certainly wasnt much else. But since starting Uni 2 years ago and working down in London for a years placement this year I havent had as much time, but Im hoping I can play a lot when FF comes out because I feel that buzz again reading about it and seeing all these familiar names.

Keep up the good works FF dev's it's looking impressive so far! Theres a lot of peoples hopes pinned on this to recreate the good old days and from what Ive seen Im sure you will deliver. Its reassuring seeing the likes of rebo and defrag in there working on it as you always had your heads screwed on from what I can remember back in the day.
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I like this thread, ill try make a decent post....

I started playing TFC a few months into its release i (5 years ago? ish) I was the typical 15yo noob, i played on publics and always tried to get the highest score, i made a few clans, some people like ICE_COOL who were in my clans are still in tfc, i think. My clans include [CORE] [TNP] =FP= [MP] and [LTD], i have been in [LTD] by far the longes of all clans.

Sadly when my mom/stepdad broke up i had to leave my pc behind and the internet, i made a new pc for my new house and i never had the internet, however i had LAN and TFC so for about 2 hours a night i played tfc by myself on lan, for about 6 months...just concing arround and then examining maps finding lag points and such, when my mom/sdad got back together and i move back into my old house i instantly had the internet back along with my TFC however i found concing constantly for those 6 months brilliant as it made me quite a good scout.

Today im 19, and i still play for [LTD] as a scout, possibly not as good as once i was however this is largley due to the fact my pc is now not that great, however im still having fun and enjoying myslef, i have made a few friends and its amazing to think ive been speaking to some people for 5 years now, watching people grow up, geting jobs and just getting older...
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Back in the Day

I haven't been to active on these forums but have been eagerly anticipating the coming of this mod more and more, so I've taken a new interest in reading some of the old posts and such. Per the suggestions of the first post in this thread, I'm gonna touch on my own TF beginnings and see where I go from there.

I started playing TF way back before MegaTF came out for Quake 1. I was turned on to it by a close friend from school who went (and still goes) by the name R0CK3TM4NN. At the time Quake was what I believe was the only FPS game available for the Mac (the family computer) and after having to find alternatives to all the essential PC progs like GameSpy and QWTF and such in order to play online, I took to playing in public TF servers- I think it was like TF 2.9 or something? Anyway I wasn't too interested in clan play, but a few months later I discovered MegaTF and it became my new religion.

In all I played MegaTF for close to three years, mostly as Medic and Sniper, even after I bought/built my first PC (not a Mac). For the duration of those years I went by the name Bazooka Joe, Baz, Oso Vega (for a short time, inspired by the Clancy novels), and finally Summit, the name I use even today. I took to competitive clanning almost the whole time I was in high school, and became a bit of a clanwhore representing the likes of SYP, CTP, r337, and a few others, and even took to starting up my own clan with my brother (Deathgrip), which played a few solid matches over the span of about 5 or 6 months bearing the name Havok & Khaos (H&K).

I didn't play TFC for long, as I found it to be less fulfilling than MTF, and there was not as strong a sense of community, with so many new/temporary members, but I did play for about a year as Summit and joined a clan that I can't even remember the name of, we even maintained a #1 ranking in the TFC bracket of the OGL for about a month at one point.

Through all the years the most memorable aspects of my TF experiences have been the friends I've made. Specifically those who have literally influenced my life are:

Red Devil
and most importantly, Darkstar and Brightstar.

If any of you guys read this post, please reply because I'd love to get back in touch with any and all of you again.

Fortress Forever! (literally)
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