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Do you like FF/speed/arena shooters/decent video games?

Because DOOMs multiplayer is like the exact opposite of that. Slow pace, lacking advanced movement, and an engine capped at 60fps. It's a slap in the face to PC gaming.

Which is why you should download the open beta through steam, and then leave a negative review. Right now on steam, doom has a "mostly negative" rating. With only 38% of 2726 reviews being positive. With most reviews pointing out that this is nothing like a real arena shooter.

Even if nothing comes of it, this is a good way to tell bethesda they suck dick and that there's a large portion of gamers out there wanting some old school, fast paced, AFPS action.

You may actually have to run the game to write a review, sorry.
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It's made by ex-bungie employees meaning it's a Halo clone.

Hoping the new Unreal Tournament has some magic in it.
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I sincerely hoped this would be the next big thing. ID haven't really produced anything spectacular since Quake 3. I figured Doom could bring back the old school days and revolutionize the genre once again.

Unfortunately I could play the ps4 beta for a few hours. It's meant to be played on the PC, but I have already seen enough..

My hopes are crushed and burnt. I even have saved up for a new PC to see Doom's glorious graphics... so I assumed.

I'm utterly disappointed.
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Reading some of the reviews, the game is complete shit. They weren't reviews like, "Geez, this game suxors mah nutzors" written by a teenager who wouldn't know a good FPS if it walked up and kicked their shin. These were well thought out posts that picked the game apart for it's shortcomings.

30-odd percent good..... out of over 9000 reviews. That says a lot about it.
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doom and gloom
Support FF:
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Overwatch ftw
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