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This is a flame freee forum - READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!

These forums are about mature debate regarding Fortress Forever, you can let off steam in the chat forums but the rule remains no flaming/trolling.

Read these guidelines before posting! Failure to do so will most likely result in your thread being deleted, and no one wants this!

I've got this great idea, should I post it on the idea & suggestions forum?
Firstly, consider whether your idea is in keeping with the gameplay of traditional TF MODs. While we are open to suggestion, the more radical the idea, the tougher it is to envision it as part of our MOD. Secondly, search the forum to ascertain whether the same idea has already been posted. If it has, feel free to add your own perspective to the existing thread. If not, please feel free to post your suggestion.

Please try to include some compelling reasons as to why you feel your suggestion should be considered.
DO NOT post a thread with little or no reasoning behind your suggestion. If you fail in this regard, the thread will be promptly deleted / locked. Also: Please remember that it only takes you a few minutes to write a post, but a lot of people will read it. Take the extra effort to make your post as clear as you can and try to keep slang/shorthand to a minimum (i.e. no "i was thinkn about teh hwguy class and u no wot? i think he should b better" posts, please!)

Is there already a thread on the same topic?
Take advantage of the handy search utility and search the forums for similar threads. This will help prevent unnecessary garbage threads that do nothing more than clutter up the forum. Redudant threads will be removed.

Is your question answered in the FAQ?
The faq is there for a reason... to answer your questions It can be found here: Expect the FAQ to be updated frequently with newly added questions. Don't make a thread asking a question until you've read the FAQ. If you do it anyway your thread will be deleted, and you will be beaten. There is also a Community FAQ thread where community members have put answers to questions that get asked here often.

Off topic threads go into the off topic chat forum!
Any threads in the wrong forum will be moved!

Use common sense!
This should be self explanatory.

An addition: If your thread gets deleted, there is 99% chance that your question is covered either in the FAQ, or in a different thread on the forums. Use the search funtion and read over the FAQ to find your answer.

Please note, if you disagree with an idea or suggestion do not flame the poster of the idea, instead give reasons why you disagree and why the ideas are not good ones.

Thank you for having the common decency to follow these few simple rules. It will make the forum experience much nicer for all of us.
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