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It appears to be clean right now - according to a thread on the tf2 section of steampowered, but even then watch out.


Fox150 for confirming NOD32 will kill it and that Firefox, AddBlocker and NoScript will stop it installing. I will also re-emphasise(Fox150 wants this as well): "Look through your processes for "loader.exe". If you have that file running, there will also be one or multiple instances of "iexplorer.exe". If so, You are infected!"

Update:This has been fixed. FPSBanana is safe to use again for the time being. Even though it's safe at the moment, if you plan on going there, make sure you're protected against this kind of thing before you go there to be safe. Also, just be careful on other sites as well - they could also get something similar and it doesn't hurt to be sure.

I'll update this if FPSBanana is compromised again. Untill then though, thank you for sticking with this and thank you to GTFO Gaming for finding and alerting the community about this.

Adiggity claims that FPSBanana is still not safe to use:
Originally Posted by adiggity View Post
FPSBanana is still not safe to use.

ESETNod32 found Trojans in several downloads--including SteamCleaner, ironically--and SpyBot S&D regularly detected spyware after I visited the site.

Play it safe and avoid. And please upload custom content somewhere else so we can enjoy it in peace ^^
This is the only report I've got so far of the site still being infected but keep it safe and make sure you are protected.

Seems FPS Banana is known for this kind of thing. This is one of the sites you'll have to be very careful with.

This is also going to be used as a sort of support thread for the time being now that FPSBanana is safe. This is so users who were affected can post and get help from other members - happening already. Post if your PC was infected(or if you think you may be infected/curious/want to make sure) and you need help to get rid of it. There should be someone around sometime who is willing to help.
D-Moone, no, iexplore.exe is internet explorer, but unless you don't have IE opened, I don't know.
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no. ie8 uses separate processes for tabs. Its normal (assuming you have ie open)

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oke tnx guys
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fpsbanana, hacked, infection, rootkit, virus

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