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Made an xmas edition of openfire, can dl from here

Happy Xmas everyone

Compile error:
Leaf portal saw into Cluster Phuck
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Nice, I really like it. Except for, you know, the whole open fire being the worst map ever thing.
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LOL nice. Did you decorate the restroom?
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Great job headzy!
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Cool !... Literally

Support FF:
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Looks like a real chill map.
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snopenfire lol it pun based of snow and openfire lol it so funneh lol i just died of rofl

Uh, yeah.
I really need to get back into mapping as soon as Chrome decides it wants to not do this:

Originally Posted by "stoopid chrome
11.0KB/s - 161MB of 896 MB, 12 hours left
But then again, I probably shouldn't be downloading L4D2 at the same time (holy shitu it at 97% !!1!11).

I can't wait to rampSLIDE on the ICE. (HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH)
Or to. uh. fuck. my great jokes are sno joke (HAHAHAHAHAAHHA)

No, really. i don't know any more snow jokes that relate to ff.
How about: that scout is sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiding. oh. thats only slightly funny.


edit: that vid sucks it doesnt show what actually happens on the map which is me go "boom headshot, you dead noaw beech"

hey, while I wasn't here did anyone ban snipers and pyros yet
gg ff not ded
ff very much alive

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