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Lt Llama
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Social networks for communities! Solutions? Technologies?

I'm trying to find out the best way to combine our little community with communities with similar interests. But I am drowning in the social networking solutions for individuals.

What I want is a modern information gathering and sharing solution for small communities, a bit like the old web rings, but less random. Let's say you have 4 FF clans. They all have a webby. One of them is the community server and the rest are clients.

In this way you could have shared RSS feeds. All news posts from all of the clans would be collected and shown in a module.

Or a shoutbox where a shout on one of the clan's webbys is shown on all the webbys with a shared shoutbox module.

The main point is to find a solution to gather related communities in one information system.

Is this possible with any of the available social networking softwares ot there? Anyone got any experience of using anything like this?
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stray kitten
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Most BBS systems will let you frame in an RSS feed. Or you could use tritter plugins. You look for a web based solution or some local software for a web server? Or a full on CMS system?

Google alfresco open source or cms maybe?

btw web ring is still around and better than those old links imbedded in pages.
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Colorless FTW
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If you run all the shoutboxes via the same database, they will all be the same. Having all the sites talk to the same database may be dificult depending on the host.
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Lt Llama
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I have access to all settings for the web server we are using and sql and php and anything else. So we could be the host. Also for remote connections to a database Euroskillz would host is no problem.

We moved to Joomla not long time ago, but it must be a system independant of what web solution people use.

The sad thing is that a lot of people don't use RSS on their sites. I found an RSS aggregator here It could probably do the RSS job.

Thx for the Google Alfresco info, that looks really interesting.
I'll also upgrade my web ring skills.

Thx for the help
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