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I think he's fine. The pyro is, in essence, a support class - not strong enough to equal a soldier or medic on his own, but in the right hands, can really help turn the tide. On maps like ksour, he shines.

How about he gets "burn assist" points? 25/50/75, depending on the flame level. It'd encourage working with your team more as a pyro.
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Originally Posted by eomoyaff View Post
There is nothing wrong with the Pyro. If it were me I'd make him do a *little* less damage, and change the way his combo system works:

A)Pyro hits enemy with Incendiary Cannon - Lvl 1 burn


B)Pyro hits enemy with Flame Thrower continuously - Lvl 2 burn


B2)Pyro *TOUCHES* enemy with Flame Thrower - Automatic Lvl 2 burn.


C)Pyro hits enemy with explosive Mirv -Lvl 3 burn.


C2)Enemy walks around in Flaming Mirv -Lvl 3 burn.

My argument here is in B2 and C's.

In B2, after being hit by a flame thrower for half a second, you maintain a Lvl 2 burn. But I believe this should be changed to B only. The more you apply flame to any flame, the hotter and more flame you get. Thus Lvl 2 burn should be achieved. But if touched by a flame throw for a second, Lvl 2 burn should only be applied for that second. So in conclusion to B, The Flame thrower should only apply Lvl 2 Burn (after an IC hit of course) for as long as the flame thrower is hitting them. This would also give the Pyro better use in Pickup games because once the flame thrower touches a scout or medic on your team, it wouldn't continuously burn your teammate. And if hit by an Incendiary Cannon from a Pyro on your team, it would burn you, but it is just as likely as being hit by a grenade by your own teammate.

In C, The only time you would take damage is if you would be standing in it or walking through it. Once you leave the Mirv, you should only be in Lvl 3 burn for the next half second / second. But usually by this time you're practically dead anyway. Level 3 Burn does a LOT of damage.

Everything above only applies to getting to Lvl 3 burn.

If any of these weapons were to hit you before Lvl 1, It would apply Lvl 1 burn for the same time amount you get now.

And that's pretty much a wrap for me. Let me know what all of you think.

Also What the hell was Lady Badass doing in here o.o! This is a MANS forum sweety :P (also Gwar said silly lol... Glitter moment)
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