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The Fortress Forever League The Community Wants

Ok so in lieu of some recent posts I have seen and the general feel I get from the community I feel compelled to post this.

There seems to be a bit of confusion as to how I plan on running this League, because I have noticed that a lot of Clans are not wanting to join because they don’t want the competitiveness of the league to destroy their clan. This is a valid argument and I not only respect that but agree 100% that that is generally what happens, however this misconception has given the UGC 5v League a black eye before it’s even really started.

United Gaming Clans – The Fortress Forever League the Community Wants.

That is the UGC way of life, so to say, for FF. And I’ll be the first to tell you when we say “The FF League the Community Wants,” that we mean it. There are a lot of people who say things like “Clan gaming is stupid b/c of the class restrictions,” or “I hate that stupid no OvO rule.” Both valid points that have valid arguments on both sides of the fence. So why should it be up to UGC to decide, implicate, and enforce rules that obviously stir up controversy? Why would we take rules that are being enforced in TFC and port them over to FF when, as we all know, FF is not and wasn’t meant to be TFC. Yes there are many similarities, but respectively there are also plenty of differences.

So who’s place is it to decide weather those rules should be included? Well, who better then the community itself? And that’s the plan. Of course there are some procedural and organizational rules in place to keep things running smoothly but anything relating directly to game play (hacks excluded for obvious reasons) is going to be decided by the community. We have decided to run off of a completely fresh slate for FF similar to our ban list. It’s a completely new game and that’s how we are going to treat it, as a completely new game.

There will be no class restrictions or yard D limits or anything of the sort. All we ask is that you help us mold this game as a community. My plan is to run for about a month and then we will sit down (we being me and any other UGC Staff AND the Clan Leaders / Capitan’s) and together decide if / how things need to be changed. Clans will be given the chance to discuss it with their members and gain feedback / insight and there will be debates and votes alike. We want you, the community, to shape this gaming experience to your liking as opposed to attempt to enforce rules / restrictions that, for all we know, may not even work well with FF and may turn out to be disastrous. If the only thing keeping you from joining the league is that you or most of your members don’t like the rules you have seen in TFC or TF2 or any other mod for that matter then I say let that be the reason you DO join the FF League. Who knows you might be right, those rules may be stupid and we together we can all find that out.

I have also made a personal commitment to be in contact with ALL members of ALL Clans. You will see me in IRC and not just in UGC’s IRC but in YOUR (public) IRC, there if you need me for any reason. Granted I can’t be there 24/7 but I am on the computer very often and am usually available. Yes I have a life outside of the computer, but I am committed to see this mod grow and will do anything and everything in my power to help it on it’s way.

So please take it to heart when I say that this is going to be a different league experience then any before it. Do not allow past experiences or previous leagues get in the way of you joining. Don’t just assume that because the leagues in TFC or TF2 were / are so strict that it’s going to be that way here. I have personally contacted a lot of clans out there, and a lot have come back with the same response: “Our leaders formed this clan as a “fun” clan and we don’t want a league to destroy that.” And yet I see those same clans scheduling scrims and playing in league type matches. Well I say DON’T, don’t let the league destroy your clan let your clan make the league stronger. Bring your insight to the league and help me make this the best league anyone has ever played in!

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