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This thread is about giving the Pyro a little more depth than his linear "run at people and burn the hell out of them" standard of play. The intention is for the Pyro to be an offensive class, so keep that in mind. Here are some reasons as to why I think the class is not very sufficient:

The Pyro is a very straight-forward class, and I mean that in the worst way possible. He is reliant heavily on falling into a situational advantage instead of merely adapting to the situations he finds himself in, mostly because his weapons are absolutely useless outside the special situation he has to seek out. He has no depth.

His primary weapon is the flamethrower. It's not at all fun to use the flamethrower nor is it ideal to have to run in a suicidal manner at an enemy while holding down the first mouse button to deal any damage. Even in this situation, you can't maximize the damage or better it. It's very linear. Deal damage until the enemy drops or until you die from having to play your class in a stupid way.

Let's compare this weapon to the Engineer's railgun. It has a magnitude of uses for varying situations. If the Engy finds himself unable to address a risk directly, he can bounce the railgun off the wall and try to hit his mark in a different manner. He can deal huge damage at a slow rate of fire or deal moderate damage in quick bursts. The weapon can be used to give the Engy a movement boost, and it also is used in producing cells for building.

What can the flamethrower do? There's only one way to deal damage, for one situation, and it's not fun at all for the person getting burnt and the Pyro who has to play in a stupid manner (run at threat, expose self to fire, etc) to get anything out of the experience. Besides the jetpack (why does the Pyro need mobility?) the flamethrower is useless.

What about his incendiary cannon? It's great for harassing the enemy with the lingering flames, but its arc, the slow rate of fire, and the weak damage make it an inefficient ranged weapon. What does that leave the Pyro with? A pitiful single shotgun as his primary weapon at range. Those playing this class make a choice: 1) Run at enemies with the flames going and hope for the best or 2) Rough it out at range with two lame weapons until an advantage pops up.

The Pyro needs to be able to deal damage in multiple ways and at multiple ranges. These damage outputs need to be entertaining and fun to use while being effective. The class needs to be able to, like other classes, adapt to any situation that he finds himself in, instead of merely hanging about until the one particular situation where he can do something comes up.

Sorry for not explaining my distaste fully. I am tired and getting beat up by a mild case of writer's block. I've been writing this for an hour now, trying to get to the point. I don't want it to sound like a weak argument or miss out on anything important or something like blahahahblahblah. You get the point. Pyro is boring, he has no depth, he has no role, no job, no alternate way to be played, and the only way to play him encourages you to play like an idiot and yeah.
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