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Arrow gaming laptop?

there are some gaming laptops ive seen on web.. i wonder if they are worth to buy as main computer

i am looking for a specific type atm
well, iam not big fan of maximum details in games. in fact, i play them on lowest settings possible most of the time, coz i only like to play multiplayer fps games (such as warsow, quakelive and ff) and all i seek is performance.

so i prolly wont be playing 'the most recent games' (especially not on their highest settings). but id like it to be my main pc (coz i wont have another) and its gonna need to run some average games like ff

btw im currently into 3d modelling/animating software blender and i am gonna need to run such programs

i have read that led screens have less delay (and i guess higher refreshrate) than lcd screens. i think playing fast paced games on lcd screen sucks hard. guess theyre stuck at 60hz. (my 10 year old flat monitor does better than that.)

im clearly no expert about this but i have no clue if i can find a suitable laptop with a 'better than lcd' screen(ideally something with no/least response time like CRTs).

need suggestions
yeah i am pretty noob at this

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when it comes to LCDs, you want something with a fast pixel response time. It's usually done in 'grey to grey' (GTG). For larger monitors the average seems to be 5ms. I'd recommend 2ms or below for gaming if you can find such on a laptop. anything higher I can notice when playing quake, it gets that blurring effect that was super bad with older LCD monitors.

To give you an idea, 16.7ms is 60hz so 2ms is quite good and acceptable for gaming. if you're a hardcore 800x600 @ 125hz CRT quakeworld gamer you'd probably notice but otherwise you're good. The BAD thing is most laptop specs dont list the response time of their LCD monitors so you might ahve to do some digging. I think it'd be safe to bet they're at least 5ms though.

Personally, I think trying to find a gaming laptop is an oxymoron, either too much of a sacrifice / too expensive. But its certainly an option especially if you play not the latest freaking games.

It all comes down to a ridiculous budget in the end. If I had the money I'd go for

or comparable if you want an ATI mobility card. some of those cheaper laptops with Intel integrated video can probably run source mods fine

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I actually bought a gaming laptop off newegg This summer because I didn't want to move my desktop for the summer. $700 will actually buy you a decent gaming laptop... Don't expect a name brand for under 1.5k though.

As for delay... I don't have any issues on any modern LCD screen, but then again, I'm not the best person to ask. Really it's your call. Some people claim to be able to notice a drop from 100fps to 80fps (impossible since you only see at about 60fps) so who am I to say that any LCD will work great?
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this is a very weird one
11 inch gaming laptop lol

do u guys think will that replace a desktop pc with these additional specs:

Intel® Core™ i7 640UM (4M Cache, 1.2 GHZ with 2.266 GHz Max Turbo Frequency) - Overclockable

4GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 800MHz

320GB SATAII 7,200RPM"

(1250 usd)

they seem to be just upgraded "core 2 duo" cpus with i5 and i7 ones.. although i cannot find them here yet. waiting for "i" cpus would be worth it am i right?

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I've never personally owned gaming laptop but every person I've known that has, always complained about overheating. Dell XPS and Alienware both would go critical, the XPS hot enough to leave burns.
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